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75 Muscle Cars For Sale


For nearly 40 years, Dave’s Goldwest Auto Wrecking has been buying and selling wrecked muscle cars in Southern California. Sadly, after all these years, they are closing their doors and are selling off all their inventory and land. They have about 75 project muscle cars up for grabs that need to go. If you’re in the region, we would recommend stopping by, even if it’s just to roam the yard. More information can be found here on Craigslist. Special thanks to Robert M. for tipping us off to this one.


This wrecking yard is full of Camaros, Firebirds, Corvettes, and a few Mustangs. Some of the cars are solid enough to make great projects, while others will be best used as parts cars. At one point, Dave had several yards in California, but as environmental and city laws became stricter, they had to consolidate to just this one yard.


Times are getting hard for salvage yards and there aren’t many left that specialize just in muscle cars, so it’s sad to see ones like this close and lost forever. Hopefully most of the cars can go to new homes instead of the crusher. If you’re in the area, be sure to stop by and look at what’s left in the yard before it’s all gone forever.


  1. Clay Bryant

    I see quite a few pony cars but is there 75 muscle cars on the sale?

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  2. Horse Radish

    posted 5/16.
    these are pretty much picked over, but if you need parts, lots of parts
    I would look them up…..

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  3. Jeff

    Nice collection, probably picked over pretty good. The stock fake vented Camaro hoods are nice (67′-69′?). I remember the hood off my 70′ Nova SS350 in HS and my Gr uncle’s 67′ Camaro RS/SS427. The vents were all fake (non-functioning), but looked great.

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  4. Dolphin Member

    I see a first, at least for me: a midyear Corvette Sting Ray in a modern-day wrecking yard.

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  5. Blindmarc

    Lived a couple of blocks from this place for years. Got allot of good parts, it’s his prices that killed ya.

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  6. twwokc

    Even if some of these are just used for parts it beats going to the crusher. Surprised that the mid year Corvette.

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  7. Noah

    I’ve seen this place every now and then for the last year, but now that they’re closing I might go take a look. The only problem is that these cars have been parts cars for awhile so using one for a project would be tricky due to the fact that it will be missing many common and rare parts. But as @twwokc said, please save and classic like these from the scrapper.

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    • Joshua

      Do you have a willy’s for sale

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  8. rancho bella

    I often wonder how many folks actually have done a full restore or even a partial. It can be a pain in the arse. We are doing another Lotus Plus 2 partial, just to get is safe to drive. Every step of the way is like wearing lead shoes. The last Boss 302 we did went smooth as butter as it had all the parts intact. So you get one of these and it is missing parts…….BAM, money and lots of it….gone.
    Time, and lots of it……gone.
    My buddy just bought a 270Z………holy smokes…………a blistering bit of power and it needs no resto……..that kinda action looks better to me all the time.
    The romance in ones mind to restore quickly fads when reality sets in…………

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    • dj

      I know what you mean. I did a 64 GTO for myself several years ago. When people didn’t think it was the freaking first GTO. A lot of folks don’t know but parts are one year only. Like the tripower cam for the auto transmission. I had to give up and put a 65 one in it and then a stall converter. I’m like you. People start a restoration and then the fun fades. It’s put on the back burner and then someone comes along and it starts all over again. It ccsts a lot of money for one off cars.

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  9. Connor

    When I saw all of those firebirds my heart literally skipped a beat so I’m going to get a buddy of mine who lives in California to check them out for me

    So many firebirds, so little time

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  10. brent seibert

    Do they have any 1957 chevys

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  11. JCK

    Jeeze. What a waste. The corvair truck, the ’70 RSes, and *gulp* my fave- elcaminos… all going to the crusher. figures. always when you’re at you’re brokest….

    I really want a ’66 chevy panel van.

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    • Connor

      I know how you feel. It’s the same for me with all of those firebirds. If I had the space, money and time I would buy them all and restore them.

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  12. George Becker

    There’s original parts vendors now. O.P.G. Is one. (Original parts group) . You can buy dam near a hole muscle car in parts , on line, shipped to your garage.

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