$7,500 MonzaVega: 1978 Chevrolet Monza Wagon


If you like unusual wagons, they don’t get much more unusual than this 1978 Chevrolet Monza Wagon. It’s on eBay with no bids at the opening price of $2,500! There is also a $7,500 Buy It Now price if you’d rather just get it over with and get this one ASAP. It’s located in the 4th largest city in the US: Houston, Texas.


This car is in amazing condition, the odometer shows 11,258 miles, and from judging the condition of this car with the photos provided, it may be correct. What do you think? The Chevy Monza didn’t start out looking like a Vega clone, but when they came around to making wagons, that’s exactly what they were. Although, from this photo of the grille, it looks more Monza-like than Vega-like to me. The underside looks like it could possibly have under 100,000 miles on it? The Vega ended production in 1977 and the Monza line carried on the tradition, and looks, for a couple of the body styles, the hatchback and wagon.


A two-door wagon is a pretty desirable body style in my world, I don’t know if anyone else likes such a design or not? This Monza is in great condition, but of course it was “Protected with Polyglycoat” so how could it not be? That’s probably an ingredient that fast food chains use to make their food look appetizing.. My grandpa had a 1976 Buick with a “Ming” finish on it, sort of a dealer-applied protective coating, I’m assuming that Polyglycoat is a similar product. I don’t know if I put too much stock into such “coatings”, but maybe some of you have had good or bad experiences with them?


This is such a cool interior, well, other than that power-zapping automatic. I don’t really see any flaws on the interior, other than some odd fading or staining on the driver’s door panel, which I think is fading. You can see a better fading pattern on the passenger door panel. Those could be redyed to look almost like new again. The backseat looks like new as do both front seats.


This is not a 305 V8 or the 196 V6, which would have been available in the other Monza models. This is the tried and true GM Iron Duke 2.5L, 151 cubic inch, in line-four with about 85 hp. Combine that with the automatic and you’re not going anywhere in a hurry. And, as you can see, this car has AC, which is always a nice option to have. But, once you have that on and you’re heading uphill, you’d better stay in the right lane. There are no overall engine photos, which is weird, but the two partial/detail photos show a pretty clean engine. Have any of you owned a Monza Wagon? I know a few folks have had Vega wagons.


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  1. Luke Fitzgerald

    Love the condition – can we transfer that to a car we want?

  2. Rock On

    To all the people who thought that the low mileage V6 Malibu Wagon with the 3 speed stick was too slow. Please take note of this slow station wagon. Yes, a small block would fit and that is what would be in either car if I owned them.

  3. Joe M

    Two door wagon is cool. This mutt looks like it has a little bit of Vega in it and the steering wheel looks like it is off a 1978 Monte Carlo.

  4. mark

    Buy it now for 7500 bucks? I think the opening bid price of 2500 is about a fair price for this, 3000 at most. 1978, 4 cylinder, automatic, with air conditioning………..better have Fred Flintsone with you to make it up that next hill.

  5. Paul Hudson

    I’m not a Chevy guy but I love this two door wagon look. I think it is worth keeping as a occasional driver. Unless you are in a drag race who cares how fast it is? I’m sure the gas milage would be pretty good. It would be pretty useful on Lowes or Home Depot trips of even the occasional swap meet. It would probably get more attention than a Corvette of the same year.

  6. David Montanbeau

    Love these. Here is one of the most famous wagons.

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  7. David Montanbeau

    Another all fixed to run.

  8. geebee

    I thought I’d done a pretty good job of keeping up with cars over the years, but this one sure slipped by me. Give it the SBC it should have always had, and it would be a pretty cool car.

  9. Howard A Member

    Now, now, let’s not be too hard on the Vega,,oops, I mean Monza, it’s probably the most refined Vega to come down the pike. See? That was the trouble these were up agin. Americans had a heavy right foot. When I mashed this gas pedal, the world used to come apart, what is this? We just weren’t used to 4 cylinders. These weren’t as bad as some make it out to be. A Subaru 360, yeah, THAT was slow. The iron duke was a good motor, but there was no way in heck you were going to change peoples minds from the original Vega. I agree the price is a bit out there, especially with 111,000 miles. That’s a new lower A arm on the front, so this car has been around. Be a neat car for 1/4 the price.

    • Paul Bellefeuille

      From the ad copy:”New A/C Delco gas shocks have been installed along with new Moog Cargo Coil Rear Springs and NOS front lower control arms for a 76-77 Vega GT with the sway bar mounting towers. Also included are used sway bars – Front and Rear – from a 76 Chevrolet Cosworth Vega (the cars tend to “wallow” down the road with out them).” I think that the seller or previous owner wanted to improve the handling. As far as 111,000 on it it doesn’t look it. The upholstery in those cars would really show the wear when mileage was that high.. so would the carpets.

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      • Howard A Member

        Hi Paul, well, I’ve gotten in trouble before for pointing out the flaws of an alleged low mile car, and I don’t think this has 11,000 miles. I look at the mechanicals, paint missing, “skotchlok” connectors, grease build up on the ball joints. Again, I don’t want to rip on someones ride ( guess I just did). I just want someone to know, that’s interested in these cars, just take a closer look. I don’t think it’s a low mileage car.

      • Mel

        I bought the car, It drives and handles nice, I’m getting almost 30 mpg, I’ve had a mechanic go through it and he agreed that the mileage is correct, I get a lot of comments almost every time I take it out, I had plates made for the front that say MONZAHH since a lot of people think it’s a Vega.

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  10. CapNemo

    I like wagons. Here’s mine. :))

    • tstout68

      Great looking wagon, would love to see it when it’s finished… what size is the power plant.? Really nice to see it powered by Ford.. the way it should be….

  11. JW

    Now this wagon deserves a SBC engine and that will be one less put in a Ford.

  12. Luki

    Fiat sellers take note.
    This is what a low mileage original car SHOULD look like.

  13. boxdin

    The Pontiac Astre is the same wagon .

  14. Vegaman_Dan

    Swap the grill out to a Vega grill and you have some appeal. Same for the headlights. Thankfully all of that can be backdated to any production year easily.

    Interior is clean and original, just not desirable.

    Good little car, but even if can’t get excited over a Monza.

  15. 68firebird

    Nice looking. But, $7,500?? For a Vega? A Vega, really? Ha ha ha.

  16. Rich S Member

    Looks like the same color as my mom’s 72 Vega hatchback, but by 78
    much better built quality, and engine then the 72. Would be a fun car to own, but
    not too exciting.

  17. grant

    I had one of these about 10 years ago for a work car. Yellow with fake wood paneling. Dang thing blew oil out the exhaust and we had to rig a soda bottle to catch what came out of the pcv valve. That car was a dog. We planned a 350 swap but the car was involved in a fatal altercation with a deer. Fatal to both the deer and the car.

  18. KeithK

    Having worked in the car biz for 30 years I can tell you that the “polyglass” paint treatment is pure BS. Not that you thought that it wasn’t already. These treatments still sold today under many catchy names are huge money makers for dealers. Most detail guys just put the bottle near the car and apply the sticker to the window. Your really buying a paint warranty that is nearly impossible to make a claim on.

    • Howard A Member

      Hi Keith, reminds me of the rustproofing scam. I worked in the body shop supply industry for a while, and I’d see panels that were removed for replacement, that were claimed to be rustproofed, and all there was, was a thin strip, about an inch wide, running the length of the panel. I believe, “Rusty Jones” was the worst, Ziebart, the best.

  19. Les Altgelt

    I had a ’78 wagon with the 151 iron Duke and 4 speed standard. Trust me it wasn’t a Vega. Is far as I was concerned it was my truck at the time. I put a few custom touches in it for camping. Dual batteries with isolator system, rear cigarette lighter, cargo light in rear lid controlled by dual control switches and for some reason someone installed a class 2 tow hitch.(I know “WHY?”) But as long as I could stop it I could tow it, plus the rear deck was big enough for me and my ex to sleep in comfortably. I miss that car.

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