Garage Find: 1971 Chevrolet Camaro


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While it’s not a Z28, Rally Sport or other fancy model, this 1971 Chevrolet Camaro has some unique qualities of its own. To begin with, it only has a little rust, probably due to it having been in Arizona it’s entire life (except for the last month, the seller tells us). As a matter of fact, the Camaro has now migrated north to Milton, Wisconsin and is up for sale here on eBay, where early bidding has been very enthusiastic but the price is still quite reasonable as I write.


This basic Camaro/Firebird F-body style appeared in 1970 and continued through 1981, albeit having grown some plastic additions along the way. Personally, I like this clean and original styling the best, with a particular favorite of mine being the clean rear with the tunnel tail lights. Easily identifiable as a Chevrolet, this has to be one of the most successful styling jobs ever. And this praise is coming from a long-time Mustang fan. This car in particular looks really nice, with the thin bumper accenting the styling nicely.


According to the seller, the only corrosion issues on this 145,950 mile car are two golf ball sized rust bubbles, one just in front of each door. As the seller notes, it won’t take much to bring this body back to near-perfect condition. Based on the overspray on the trim in this picture, the car has been painted at least once previously, so to me there’s no qualms about a future repaint as the original paint surface is gone. Compare the rot on this car written up by Josh in January to see how near-pristine this body is.


When I first saw the interior pictures I was thinking that it was in spectacular shape for 145,000 miles, but then I read the ad more closely and realized it’s all new. The black headliner still has to be installed, apparently to complete the color change from brown. I have to admit that I wish the color scheme had remained original, although the black inside will compliment the black vinyl top very nicely.


In the engine compartment, we find the ubiquitous 350 small block Chevy V8. While it could stand to be cleaned up some and the unfortunate choice of aftermarket fluid reservoir really stands out, as a whole the under hood area isn’t too bad. I’d go back with original appearing spark plug wires and battery cables, but the operational R12 air conditioning negates a lot of underhood issues in my opinion. There are a lot of other new components, such as tires, shocks, a clutch fan and thermostat (make sure you investigate to see if any cooling issues still exist). I like this car a lot, and keeping it largely stock in appearance will actually make it stand out at most events you would attend. Can you find a place for this Camaro in your garage? How much do you think it’s worth?



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  1. JW

    I always like the second generation Camaros, be interesting to see if it hits reserve and what it is. Now I have a question for you power ebay users. How do you remove bidders with “0” or few feedbacks??? I have never done this and if I decide to put the wife’s car back on ebay for another try at selling it I would like to know how to do that just in case. Thank you.

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    • motorrad

      Why limit your potential buyers? I’ve bought 2 cars off of eBay and I have zero feedback. It’s just not something I care about.

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      • Doug Towsley

        The reason to limit low feedback buyers is multi fold. Newbies, or scammers tend to be low feedback or zero. The whole idea of feedback is trust and reputation. I look closely at the entire profile of both buyers and sellers to gauge whether i wish to do business with them or not.
        There are a lot of scammers who will try to hustle you and its a lot of work to establish a 5 or 10 year reputation just to pull a scam. At one time, feedback was both directions. A bad and abusive buyer could get a negative feedback as well. So, both parties worked hard (*usually) to make things work. Sadly, FeeBay got rid of that. Now, and abusive jerk or someone with an agenda or grudge can easily set up an account and make a sellers life miserable.

        I have multiple people I know who have been victimized as well as extortion. Buyers come right out and say “Do this or else” and say they will set up multiple accounts, bid on all your items and leave you so many negatives your account is destroyed. If you rack up less than perfect 5s on the DSR, you lose best match visibility. If you get bad feedbacks, you lose DSR visibility. So a seller is very vulnerable and has a lot to lose. One of the ways to limit risk is NOT sell to zero or low feedback bidders. Especially on high risk items like vehicles.
        Now that being said. I have had a lot of good transactions with zero and low feedback bidders. But it is SMART to make a low feedback buyer jump thru some hoops and verify they are legit.
        Many people have no understanding how difficult it can be to be a seller and find this all baffling until you try it yourselves. IE: Walk a mile in my shoes.

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  2. Roselandpete

    For it being high mileage and not being original paint, I can’t see the reserve being much more than the $7,100 where it’s at right now. Nice car though.

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  3. JW454

    Not a fan. Only the first gen and fourth gen F bodies ever did anything for me. However, I’ll go out on a limb and say the reserve is most probably north of 10K. So many people are optimistic/hopeful they’ll find that person that just can’t live without it.

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  4. Mark S

    I’d say at that mileage that engine and trans will be tired and worn. cylinders, lifters and timing chain just to get started. If it’s on its original ball joints they’ll be due all the bearings in the rear axle will be worn out back brake wheel cylinders will be due as will the back brakes if there not already done. What I’m saying is at this mileage this is a loose worn out car that is going to need a lot of mechanical work. I wouldn’t be surprised if the piston rings weren’t collapsed do to over heating. This is a $5000.00 car at best.

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    • Al8apex

      You have not tried to buy a rust free 70-73 f body shell lately have you

      The ROLLING SHELL is worth what the bid is now …

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    • Bobsmyuncle

      LOL what do you think the brand new interior is worth?

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  5. JoeW

    Nice car and I like the subdued original look of this car.

    JW- it’s pretty easy, put a note that anyone with low feedback score is to contact you before bidding. that way you can speak to them, ensure they are for real, or weed out any potential flakes. Then, if you are not satisfied with any 0 feedback bidders you can simply cancel their bid from your listing page.

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  6. sparkster

    was this Camaro originally Brown ? Brown headliner ?

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    • TomMember

      Just wondering where you are getting the BROWN headliner from?……all black interior in this car headliner to the floors. dome light throws a cast on it but it is all black unless I am going color blind……

      Anybody else think its brown??

      could not be a better interior color than black to paint the car any color you want. my opinion.

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      • JW

        The seller states the car has all new black interior except for the headliner which is DARK BROWN but he will include a new black headliner with the car.

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    • Utes

      @ sparkster…..
      Did ‘ya read the eBay listing?!

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  7. Rock OnMember

    If only this car went a bit further north to Milton, Ontario, I would be all over it!!!

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    • Bobsmyuncle

      Milton Wisconsin is the same latitude as Milton Ontario.

      Great excuse for a road trip pick me up in Hamilton on your way and I’ll teach you all the geography you want along the way! ;)

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  8. Evan Wells

    thirteen thousand AZ cars are dehydrated time capsules sometime in a prfectvsecerio know to reoccured b4

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    • Bobsmyuncle

      Oh yeah?

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  9. Van

    Perfect sleeper.
    Add bigger brakes. Retain 15″ corvette rallys.
    All the power you can stuff under the hood without giving away the truth.
    Factory tack and gauges.
    “Traction we don’t need no stinking traction.”

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  10. The Chucker

    Looks to be a solid car and it’s cool that it survives without having been turned into an SS or Z28 clone along with all the others.

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  11. Woodie Man

    Hey Jamie…grammar and spelling Nazi here…”, as a ‘ hole’ the under hood area isn’t too bad”…… where’s the hole? But as a “whole” the car looks pretty good. :) Back on topic, back in the day I thought these second generation were bloated looking. The subsequent forty years of absolute bloating of every make you can imagin, has rendered this sleek in my mind! Funny how time changes one’s perspective.

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    • Jamie Palmer JamieAuthor

      Dang it, read and re-read and still make mistakes! Thanks, Woodie Man, I’m a stickler myself, so I appreciate the fix. BTW, I corrected it :-)

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  12. JD

    Man. There’s just something about white muscle cars. Looking good!

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  13. Little_Cars Alexander

    Yeah, there is something about white muscle cars — “yawn!” 😂

    I think the interior choices for 71 were in the dozens. Shame the owner decided on a bland white over black combo. There is a premium for cars with the saddle (sandstone?) vinyl surfaces.

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    • JD

      I’ve seen a lot of white muscle cars that look incredible – much better than they do in other colors. I’m sorry that you feel that you had to express that don’t agree with me. I don’t think it’s “bland” at all.

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    • Little_Cars Alexander

      Just a general comment, not pointed at you. I guess what I really meant was since the seller kept the white outside it would have been cooler to have retained the brown interior.

      And is that a power brake pedal on the car that is described in eBay as having “manual disc brakes” up front?

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      • Roselandpete

        About 12 years ago, I bought an unmolested 71 RS with 26k miles on it that, much to my surprise, also came with manual disc brakes which I had never heard of up until that time. Growing up, I always heard the term “disc brakes” used with the word “power” in front as if it were one word: powerdiscbrakes. I just took a look at my 71 Camaro dealer poster that lists disc brakes as standard but has power brakes as an option so I’d have to say that manual disc brakes on this car are entirely possible.

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      • Utes

        Whether or not P/B’s were an option, the brake pedal was identical on auto-trans. cars.

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      • Russ

        Just an observation, it’s funny that in general, cars with power brakes get a big wide brake pedal, while cars with manual brakes get that little squarish brake pedal. I had a 69 Chevy Kingswood wagon which was generally well-equipped but for some unfathomable reason was built with manual drums and boy did that thing need a bigger brake pedal.

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  14. Doug Towsley

    Camaros used to be so common, first gen and these 2nd and 3rds etc used to see them all over the place. Then one day, all the early ones just up and disappeared. Inever cared for them because they were like an overplayed hit song on the radio,. Sick of hearing/seeing them. Now,.,, this equals BIG $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ I dotn follow these that closely like I do Chevelles and others, but i know they get big money. I have seen buyers at events shipping cars like this overseas.

    To block low feedback bidders, just add the language and keep an eye on your auctions. But, it MIGHT have changed because ebay has recently done a LOT of changes recently and I have not kept up but it used to be when creating a listing (I use Turbolister) you can select preferences. You can limit how MANY items a bidder can buy at one time (There are reasons for this) and you can limit buyers in certain locations (Such as out of the US and certain markets) and you can limit low feedback bidders.

    My advice is the flake factor is very high on vehicle sales. (I Have had auctions cancelled and blocked for using the old standard term “Deadbeat Bidders” as apparently thats offensive to deadbeats) So, I strongly recomend an MANDATORY NON REFUNDABLE DEPOSIT via paypal instantly if BIN, and within 24 hours at end of auction. $250-500 is standard. If they flake out, you keep their money and a lesson to not be a flake or deadbeat. Your status and rep is damaged when people see the same vehicle up for sale over and over. Makes you look suspect. (Shill bidding?)

    Then wire transfer or Cashiers check or best is cash for balance. Make SURE the payment clears. (Lots of bogus Cashiers checks) before you release the vehicle and make sure that is in the terms.

    In God we trust, all others pay in cash!

    We overcharge every 3rd customer to pass the savings onto YOU!

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    • Russ

      And never agree to ship the car, especially overseas!

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      • Doug Towsley

        On shipping, Including overseas thats not always the case. I Will acknowledge that many people dont like to see classics leaving the US and for that reason alone dont want to deal with people overseas. However on the flip side, I know some Canadians who are none too pleased when folks from the US come up to Canada and ship out of their country some of their classics. Same goes for guys in Australia and over in Europe.
        However being helpful to a buyer will ALWAYS help make a sale, and often times raise the amount it can sell for. I AGREE, as Seller it is not YOUR responsibility to arrange shippers, get bids or do any of that! Never fall into that trap. But you clearly state the shipping arrangements are the buyers responsibility BUT you will work with them, and even possibly meet or drop off the vehicle to a shipper. In my experience being helpful and willing to work with someone to buy a vehicle from a distance makes a huge impact

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  15. stillrunners

    What was said earlier the 70 1/2 to 73’s bodies which are different – like glass and some stuff – are rarer…..maybe because the 74 to 82 body had such a long run….nice car – is this another flipper putting some wheels on (interior ) and sell ?

    And I’m not a good spellar eyther….

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  16. moosie Craig

    Bid is $8300.00 and climbing, reserve not met yet. In the picture of the VIN # on the dashboard you can see the brown dashboard. Nice car !

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  17. AMCFAN

    Nothing muscle about this Camaro. Like many have said were everywhere. GM made a ton of standard 350/automatics like this as it appealed to women drivers and those on a budget. GM ran this body style in the ground from 1970-81. Unless an early car with a big block they were too heavy and underpowered. Very prone to rust.
    As far as ebay you can not block a bidder with 0 feedback. You can when it is minus 0. Also all the rules in the world will not stop some one from bidding. You can ask all you want to be contacted prior to bidding. Doesn’t mean they will. Then as a seller your are left to manually retract their bid. Once done looks fraudulent with the bidding up and down. Then what can happen is the former high bidder is now the high bidder again. Thought he was out bid. No longer interested as he just bought another car sixty seconds later!
    Cash is king. I never take Paypal on any vehicle purchase or on a non refundable deposit. Why? Buyer can make the deposit through Paypal. Come and look at the vehicle (or never bother to come pick it up) All he needs to do is contact PP and get his deposit back. I have seen it done months after the transaction. The money in your account is on lockdown.
    Get the deposit via money order or bank wire. Once done if the buyer wishes to pay cash on pick up or send the balance to your bank account. Great!

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    • Roselandpete

      Since sellers can no longer leave negative feedback for an ebay buyer. how can a buyer have a negative feedback?

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      • Russ

        I don’t think they can have neg feedback ratings anymore. I liked it better in the old days when they could. There’s plenty of lousy non paying bidders or people who make complaints over everything.

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  18. AMCFAN

    Good question. The buyer would have had to be a seller. Remember a seller can only get negative feedback. The only thing you can do as a seller is when leaving feedback is leave a positive then in limited space explain what really happened. So it will show 100% but explain something different. Then appears the seller is a liar. Says one thing then another.

    However be advised the buyer can flip it back around on you. I once listed a 911 and a kid in Florida who worked at a Sunglasses Hut won the high bid. Never came to view the car/no intent on following through. Posted feedback that the car had issues and was junk. Thus having to work with ebay to have the comments removed but still have the mark against me. Good for ebay. Lower seller scores mean they can charge higher fees to you.

    Impossible to be an old school seller without a scanner and printer and selling items with a great description and no returns. Ebay wants you to offer free shipping. When you charge shipping and the buyer pays. Paypal takes a percentage. It is a money generating machine. Every other month ebay changes their rules further limiting their liability and your efforts to bring a lawsuit to them. If there was a better upcoming site ebay would try and buy them like the C list fiasco. There you have it. Facebook and C list are the way to go. Also racejunk is another option. Has to be a better way.

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    • Roselandpete

      I’m even amazed that ebay worked with you to remove the comments. Over the last few years, it seems that ebay continuously changes the rules and bends over backwards to favor the buyer at the seller’s expense even though the seller is actually eBay’s customer. I sell on CL but haven’t sold on ebay in years. My sales terms have become cash and carry–no paypal–which limits me to local buyers.

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  19. Doug Towsley

    A bit of clarification. IF a person had an account long enough they COULD still have negative feedback as a buyer from back in the old days. You would have to look a bit as it would so old it wouldnt affect their current rating. But it would be there.

    However a person can open up a number of accounts, You just cant bid on your own auctions (Shill) but people can and do get away with it. My original acct started in 1999. I have opened accts for Estates, businesses I have worked or consulted for, and in the old days it was easy to monitor other people as you could do some tricks and actually see everything another person placed a bid on. I once had a pissed off customer who stalked me and emailed other sellers and even some of my bidders and said nasty untrue things. Had a devil of a time getting ebay to do anything about it.
    So many people create on acct for stuff they are selling, and another for buying so, I have had sellers screw me around back when i was shop. Some people are territorial over what they view as a hobby and feel a business should pay a premium for the same items. I had sellers refuse to sell to me, cancel auctions or try to add surcharges or there would be shill bidding to drive up prices. So stealth mode with another acct.

    In the case of removed comments, Ebay finally put a few sellers protections in, INADEQUATE but they did some. If a bidder has not paid for an item, they cant leave feedback or if they manage too, you can document the issues and get it removed. I have had this happen and its no fun and takes FOREVER on the phone, You can invest half a day in just one small detail,,

    However, You can get screwed other ways as well. Detailed Seller Ratings. (DSR) anything other than perfect firewall 5s seriously screws a seller. If they dont maintain a nearly impossible threshold they will fall of best match. That means you become invisible. No one will see your listings unless someone bookmarked your ID and check your specific listings. If you are selling Edelbrock intakes, and someone types in Intake Manifold, You can have the best deals on the internet and NO ONE will see them.
    I used to be a high volume seller on ebay, I also used to work for shops, estates, and other sellers showing them how to do it, or setting up vendor accts, and stores. Strategy’s and marketing plans. I also served as an advisor to ebay motors development team and weekly conference calls with ebay staff and I have visited the ebay campus several times and even eaten in the ebay cafe on site. My point of contact was LuLu (Thats her PINK ID) she is employee #12 Pretty cool chick really. I liked working with her. But eBay pisses me off.

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  20. Doug Towsley

    Im posting some cartoons to illustrate the above points. Feel free to use them on FeeBay, Many sellers do. One of the few things we can do to get the word out about how unfair Feebays policys are.
    (Passive agressive sure, but what choice do we have?)

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  21. Doug Towsley

    Click and save these, Feel free to use on other sites and Auctions. Even if all you ever do is shop and buy, when small sellers just selling their treasures and stuff out of their garage quit and leave, It diminishes the opportunity for you as a buyer. I WANT to Support hobbyist and enthusiasts. I DONT want to support the pickers who just commercialize or part out cool vintage vehicles with no heart and soul.

    My problem when I ran a shop was I DO care about saving old vehicles. I would be far more successful and wealthy If i didnt care and just treated old vehicles as something to make a quick buck on.

    When small sellers get run off or quit, its bad for everybody. eBay has lost TONS of good sellers because of their policies. But if enough people speak out, they DO notice.

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  22. AMCFAN

    Doug we need a thread on just ebay. That is your Que JESSIE! Your information is very interesting. I started in 2000 and was a hobby. If I could muster putting 25 items by the end of the week I would have bids on 23. It was awesome as you were allowed to accept money orders and no such thing as paypal. It became a quest to clean out the garage. But also replaced many items I had sold. It became quite addicting.

    I give it up in ’08 I believe as at that time the requirement was to be a seller you must have a paypal account and were no longer able to advertise accepting money orders.

    A few years ago being bored I set up a new account. Jumped through the hoops and started listing again. As a then new seller paypal would lock my account and hold my money for 30 days until I built up a reliable account which seemed to take forever.

    What I feel ebay did was target their older or (old school ) sellers. I do not have a printer. I do not print labels for my packages. I deliver them to my little one window post office where I know the postmasters name and family.

    Everyone has a specialty and I had old parts. New old stock. I describe and picture well. That being said I do not take returns. Once sold a nos Grand Wagoneer fender to a guy in Fla. Showed the part number and the listing out of the AMC parts book showing the application. Guy said he had an 86. He got it and wanted to return it. Said it wouldn’t fit. He filed a case. My paypal account was frozen. In responding with pictures of the item,parts book entry as well as a factory photo of a 86 Jeep. When spending a half a day on the phone to someone who barely spoke english even though I thought I had my bases covered at the end of the day ebay sided with the buyer. Lost $170. in shipping. Ended up selling on CL.

    The DSR’s you mention are real. Ebay favors free shipping. Everyone knows it isn’t free. Also not accepting returns. Lowers your score. That makes you an above minimum seller! Can’t complain. I was once suspended because i put in a link to yesterdays tractors website as an option to Uship. As you may know ebay has ties with uship. Is it any wonder now they only accept paypayl? The drivers are forced to use a pp credit card to fuel up after he drops off your car! Also pp takes a percentage of the shipping someone pays to you.

    At the end of my selling out of 30 listings I was selling maybe 6 items.

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  23. Doug Towsley

    AMC guy, Yep, Many of us have had a similar path. I used to work on old cars and more and more did motorcycles but had barns full and containers full of parts and seems every basket case or inventory I bought always had odds and ends. So in 1999 started on ebay.

    One of the biggest sellers in vintage British bike stuff was QueenG. Ray & Gina Spevak, I knew them well from area MC events. She started in 98 i think trying to sell MLM vitamins or supplements. Wasnt selling at all. Ray had a lot of bike stuff so said “Here, throw these BSA & Triumph parts on there” they were amazed that 98% thru put sales. So at one time they had grown to be the biggest. Ray tells me he hates eBay now with a passion. Says he wishes he had never got involved.

    When I started BIDPAY was the preferred payment. I also signed up for a little company called Paypal as well and initially they were great. Bidpay made the buyer pay the premium. Interesting after Feebay bought PP they blocked Bidpay as against policy and you can still have your acct locked or cancelled auctions if you stipulate the buyer pays the fees. My mailman back then noticed the mail and MO’s and could tell me all the other people on his route who were using eBay. I got stacks of checks and MO’s each week. It was really great to supplement shop income and clear the shelves. Used to average 30-40 auctions per week. Anything more and tough to manage. I am amazed at the people who run huge volume now.

    I too have lost large sums of money, Many many disputes with ebay and PP. I have done several estates for collectors and shops, Several we set up just to do THEIR stuff and then shut down the accts. PP had gotten really pissy about that. They wanted us to elevate our accts and jump thru the hoops. last one just on principle we refused. They held each payment for months. We laughed at it as the lady I was working for was wealthy and was not in a hurry for the money. So we let them do their holds. We got all kinds of email and phone calls from PP. Nope, screw off. We finished the sales, and closed the accts.

    Ebay wants to be Amazon in the worst way. They dont want small sellers, they dont give a damn about people like us who from time to time want to clear out the shed of rusty and crusty old parts. eBay motors should be run completely different than main site ebay. sellers of old car and bike stuff should never have to meet the same terms and conditions as some person selling thousands of chinese knick Knacks and knockoff designer handbags. I would HAPPILY support any competitor who went after the vintage vehicle and parts market and I believe there is a stong niche market for such a site. I sent several letters and a boxs of candy to Craigslist when they fended off eBay attempts to take them over.

    Many years back, ebay wanted to reconfigure motorcycle parts. (Cat changes) They had already done it to Auto parts. Wimps let it slide. terrible idea. What they wanted was to make all brands the same. British bike guys DO NOT want to see an Asian bike part in the same search for a Norton cyl head. Same with American, German bike guys dont want to see Italian, etc etc… I was one of several who led the revolt and we broke the system. Back in the day I knew guys who would look at EVERY British bike part listing and if you kept up, you would see them all. Too many now, but this change PISSED off a lot of people.

    Ebays motors development teams guys told me they were dumbfounded. The said the metrics actually went up initially and then just tanked. eBay backed off on the motorcycle cat changes. I was recruited at that time as a consultant. We spent almost every conference call telling them NO NO NO! BAD IDEA! It lasted about 2 years. They steam rolled in and did it anyway. At that point the momentum was against us and its been screwed ever since. In my opinion, and more than a few others when Meg was CEO you had a chance to reason with them. Pinks listened, Pinks gave feedback, Pinks would intervene. Then Donohoe came in. Fricken’ Idiot and its been screwed ever since. Research his disruptive innovation babble. The guy is delusional. People were so upset they cancelled the Sellers conferences as people were threatening his life. Used to be you could attend these regional and nationals and meet the pinks. Actually interface.
    I have been to the main ebay campus several times in San Jose. Lisa, (LuLu is her Pink ID) is employee #12 and pretty high up the food chain. She hosted us and I brought my pal Hal. I wanted her to meet a typical enthusiast. In his 60s, and lifelong car & MC guy who travels to swap meets and shows for fun. And a big customer for eBay. THIS is your customer base! I have pictures although they dont allow pix in certain areas.
    If you think Barn finds is interesting. You guys should see the parking lot at eBay campus. What some of these employees drive every day will make your jaws drop,. One of the Motors guys actually drives to work in a real life Hotwheels! Corvette. The real thing. One of his many toys.

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    • Roselandpete

      Great write-up, Doug. Personally, I’m amazed that ebay is still in business with the way it’s been screwing sellers but it seems to be the only game in town.

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      • Doug Towsley

        Pete, We have ALL been saying the same thing for years. Spend some time on the ebay community forums. Sure theres the typical whiners about one thing or another. Donohoe just calls it all “Static” and its pretty clear these days they just DONT listen. Look up some topics on the sellers forums. Some very angry people.

        Do you guys remember the TV ads and all the other media TELLING you to quit your job and sell on eBay for a living??? How’s THAT working out these days? Big surprise but i just dont see any of those ads anymore.

        But eBay is too big to fail these days. Its not going away. Despite losing hordes of sellers they make up for it with mass marketers who run 3000 auctions at a time which just boggles my mind how to manage that.

        I am actually going to list some stuff this weekend,. I have not listed anything for 2 years,, did 6 months back then and had stayed away for another 2 years before that. I get so angry at the stupidity now. Now…………i STILL shop on there. Havent given that up. But most guys i know stopped selling for the most part and many of us will only list and sell certain types of things on there when we do.

        Note the volume of people who use it now as either a loss leader to their main business or cancel auctions because “Item is for sale elsewhere, reserve the right to end auction at any time”.

        I dont want to be a hater on eBay, I just want something that works and is viable. If someone came along and did a better job I would be a huge supporter. Many of us would be VERY happy!

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  24. Roselandpete

    Your return policy on your listing means nothing. Ebay says that they are just a venue to bring people together–what a joke! It has gotten to the point where they decide how you will run your business. I also got scammed through ebay/paypal a few years back and haven’t listed in a long time but if I do, my terms will now be cash and carry–no paypal–local pickup only. I now go through CL.

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  25. Roselandpete

    Doug, I don’t read the ebay forums because I don’t know how much censorship or shilling goes on there but I do follow several other independent forums and it seems like every time there’s an update, ebay tightens the screw on the seller.

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  26. AMCFAN

    Doug, It would be great to take what you know and start a new venue. You are obviously well versed and with an upper level of intellect. I know there must be thousands of people like us who have wanted change for years. Thinking there must be a better way.

    In thought it would seem easy to spin off a small auction site from an existing site like Barn Finds right here. Vintage parts for vintage cars. Not Hong Kong knock off parts.

    I know I would gladly pay more selling fees in order to accept different forms of payment. It makes one think when your money is in a paypal account and you have to take cash out of your pocket every time you ship something for instance.

    Ebay was fun when it lasted. I guess we can still dream about finding old cars……and a new/old way to sell them! At some point though there will have to be a turning point in history.

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  27. Bill

    Jezz. I thought this site was for selling cars, not bashing e-bay. Not that don’t need it but let’s sell and buy on this site. And take e-bay comments else where. Just saying.

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    • sluggo

      Actually Bill, the reality is that Barnfinds REVIEWS vehicles for sale ON ebay and Craigslist, and then we all discuss these vehicles. (Sitting at the top of the bleachers in the cheap seats)
      So topically, ANY discussion of ebay is entirely relevant. And many of us want a better experience in buying or selling.
      Now, Barnfinds needs to monetize the site as its work and $$$, so they have been offering feature vehicles and we should support that,. It would be awesome if BF could be a viable selling portal and resource, So offering ideas, feedback and our support is an excellent way of supporting ALL of our interests.
      I hope you can understand that….I think most of us do!

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