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Ever Seen One? OSI 20M TS Project


Nico A. writes: Hello, my name is Nico. Love the site, it’s one of daily online stops. I’ve been a visitor of the site for little while now, but this is my first submission. This is an OSI 20M TS. It’s a full project with no engine or tranny, the owner has most of the parts for the car but they come at an additional price. The owner has a second restored and slightly customized one which is also for sale. With a car this rare, I would hope to see it put back to stock condition. Other pros are that it has no reserve and they ran a Ford power plant, so sourcing a new engine shouldn’t be difficult. Jim S. also submitted this find, which is located in Ventura, California and is up for sale here on eBay where bidding is currently at $4,750 with no reserve.


The seller has been kind enough to include pictures of this other OSI 20M TS that they have up for sale for $135,000 (!) to show you what one could look like when it’s finished. They say there are only 5 in the US and they have 2 of the 5. Interestingly enough, we wrote up another pretty nice one here in 2015 that was also in Ventura, California. At that point in time folks were discussing whether bidding was too high at $27,000, so I’m not sure where the $135,000 comes from.


I’m really not sure if the seller is looking to sell you the car cheap and then sell some expensive parts to go along with it, or if they want to keep the spares for their other OSI. Either way, I wouldn’t want to take this one on without doing some serious investigation of parts sources. And those wheels and tires have to go!


I’m guessing this is the car as originally found, as there’s only one picture like this included in the listing.


The interior would be a heck of a project, and that looks like an automatic shifter setup and only two pedals, which would make it even less desirable in my book. However, with only about 2,200 made and very few examples in the US, how picky can you be if this is your dream car.


This is the interior of the black one to give you an idea of what it could look like. Of course, that assumes this one is correct, which given what I can tell online, it isn’t. So tell me–does this unusual Ford-based coupe appeal to you? What drivetrain would you install?



  1. b

    the original engine and chassis are from a european taunus (not taurus) so NOT easy to source the original engine
    flip side… one chap put in a mustang drivetrain
    i have been trying to buy this but…. bidding goes nuts (i am in canada and right now have to deal with not only long distance shipping (and not being able to see it until it is here) but also 30% exchange ouch
    it is a bit rusty underneath and will need work, not for faint of heart and yes he has the most expensive parts separate (pirce a bumper or headlight surrounds on ebay, it will kill you!… best to buy all at once
    success to whomever gets her (2nd or 3rd time around so…. bad ebayers out there)

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  2. b

    its cars like this is why we need barnfinders (copyright) smile!

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  3. wagon master

    Good find Nico! There is no precedence set for $135k! Decent nice cars are bringing mid thirties. That rolling shell would cost more to make right than you can by a decent driver for. Many more than 5 in the US! Probably the same guy who had a mild project for $22 last year. Looks familiar.

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  4. z1rider

    Another well known site (something to do with trailers) has featured several of these. In fact I am surprised this didn’t show up there first. Based on the numerous listings featured on that site, I doubt this sellers claim there are only 5 in the U.S.

    This has to be the roughest one I have ever seen offered for sale. I’ve only seen one in person, all others in the pictures from advertisements. It looks like some of the worst application of Bondo by an amateur in history. Is that indicative of some severe rust? Hard to say. The interior is pretty crispy too. About as sun damaged as they come.

    And the interior of the restored one is a bit overdone and certainly not correct from the pictures I have seen of nice original unrestored examples. And his price? That trailer site has auctioned two, the highest price was $57K. So $135K? Good luck with that.

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  5. Bobsmyuncle

    $135 000 is unheard of but looking at that very nice but entirely non stock interior it alone is probably 6 or 7 grand.

    These are beautiful cars I’d love to grab one.

    I don’t have the time to pour over this ad, but I’ll come back to it later.

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  6. Tracy

    IMHO it looks like a Chevy Vega with a touch of first generation Mustang fastback thrown in. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

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    • Bobsmyuncle

      Given every discussion I’ve been a part of you sound to be a member of a very exclusive club!

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  7. Doyler

    I’m guessing an accidental extra zero?

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  8. Mark S

    Nothing to see here folks move along move along.

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  9. Wayne

    I’d give this one a wide berth. “I’ll sell you the car, then sell you the missing parts”. Thanks, but no thanks. I know there is a sucker born every day, but not today.

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  10. Eric M.

    And he has a vin plate, for an additional fee. So you buy the car, then pay extra for the vin, then more for the parts to put it together, which are the leftovers from the other restoration? No thanks. Wow….

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  11. Till

    Currently there are two OSIs for sale in Germany. One on mobile.de for 3200 Euros and one on autoscout24.de for 26.400 Euros. The cheap one is in quite bad condition and perhaps a good candidate for the US OSI (same motor) – have two cars and make one car… The other one is in quite good condition and have even the rare 2.3 motor (also german Ford)….
    Sorry for my rusty english…
    Best regards from Germany
    Till (yes, its an real name ;))

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    • Bobsmyuncle

      Till thanks for the lead. The Autoscout site doesn’t have OSI in the drop down menu, do you have a direct link?

      BTW your English is great!

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  12. ROTAG999

    The Owner wants $30.00 bucks for a ball cap of this car maker……Thanks for the giggle it’s not even TGIF !

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  13. Mike Burnett

    Looks like they took a lot of design cues from the Aston Martin V8. Selling the VIN plate seperately? Very suspect. Is that legal?

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    • z1rider

      No, not legal. Don’t let the Feds find out.

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  14. Jamie Palmer Jamie Staff

    Apparently the $135k for the black one was just a LITTLE optimistic; it’s now for sale on eBay for $8,999 or best offer!

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    • Rotag999

      Wrong car Black one is still over 100K ! the gray one is for 9K

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      • Jamie Palmer Jamie Staff

        Ha! Fell for the bait and switch picture…thanks.

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