Exotic Italian-German Ford: 1967 OSI 20 TM

1967 OSI 20M TS

If you’re like me, you don’t know much about this one—but it sure is pretty! Apparently Ghia split off OSI as a company to build short runs of special cars. This particular sleek coupe is one of around 2,200 ever built, and is for sale in Ventura, California. It’s offered here on eBay where right now the auction is just under $5,000. The car was based on the German Ford Taunus and features a small V6 engine and a four-speed manual. This one is obviously in nice shape, having won a show in 2014 and said to be running and driving well. It’s only been repainted once, 35 years ago, and the paint looks very nice still. Unlike a lot of barn finds, this one actually comes with all the paperwork since it was purchased in Italy back in the early 70’s. I’m not sure where this will end up price-wise, but I sure like it! What do you think?


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  1. Jesse Mortensen Jesse Staff

    Here is one that recently sold at Bonhams for $26k: https://www.bonhams.com/auctions/21899/lot/325/

  2. Paul

    it does look nice. A bit of Triumph Stag, a bit of Jenson Interceptor, a bit of Opal Manta. Maybe a little Dino 246 in the rear.

    Four speed and a V6 from Ford. Any relation to the V-6 Mercury Capris of the 70s?

    • Jamie Palmer Jamie Staff

      I believe the powertrain is the predecessor of the Capri’s, but I’ll bet there’s a lot of folks out there that would know for sure.

  3. Dolphin Member

    I’ve seen photos in car mags but never one in person. It’s probably one of the best coupe designs associated with Ghia despite some resemblences to other cars, although some of those cars came after this car, like the 1970 Opel Manta, suggesting that Opel might have borrowed design ideas from this car.

    It’s bid to nearly $17K after less than a day on Ebay with the reserve not met, so maybe it will match or exceed the Bonhams sale that Jesse mentioned. At that price for a rare German-Italian hybrid like this it begins to look like a buy, especially compared to million $ cars that aren’t so rare and don’t look as good. The thing that’s going to keep it from ever getting into the stratosphere is the lack of an exotic OHC drivetrain and an exotic Italian nameplate.

    • Dan h

      Agreed. It’s a beautiful car, no doubt. But that engine….it just kills it.
      Now if there was a Lancia 2.8 v6 in there, that would be a different story.

  4. Wiley Robinson

    Fiat 850 tailights – the go to part for a good looking car in the 70s

  5. Mark E

    Reserve not met at almost $18k. Looks like no fantastic bargains here! ^_^

  6. Horse Radish

    I’ve known about these ever since I know about German Fords.
    About 40 years.
    To me it’s not a very striking design, just soso.
    Engine is very sturdy and reliable, later Fords (early 70ies,) came with 2.6 L and more hps.
    Nice to see these go up in prices, but comparatively speaking I would buy something else for the $25k (and up) where the bidding is with 5 days to go and reserve not met…..

  7. Jerry

    Nice car but pretty dirty inside and under the hood for a show winner last year; probably the only Italian car there.

  8. Tirefriar

    France and Italy is actually quite a turn out event. It is heavily dominated by Alfa and Fiat on the Italian side. Citroen does a great job representing the French. It gets attention from Jay Leno as well…

    OSI is a very interesting car from the styling perspective and it’s reliable to boot. However, as the bids inch up to the $25k mark, it’s appeal begins to deminish especially when one can get a very decent AR Giulia Sprint GT for about the same or slightly more in terms of price but significantly more in terms of styling and performance.

    The only argument at $23k+ current bid is the rarity factor…

  9. rich voss

    Beautiful styling, Ford Taunus underpinnings. Buddy bought one when we were stationed in Germany.
    So, so handling. Cruiser GT, NOT sports car. I think my ’75 Mercury Capri (German/English Ford) was put together better, and with a 2800 V6 was faster and better balanced (though heavier and smog bound).
    Rare because people stayed away in droves. Good market for them in Holland though. Nice example, but 27K ???

    • Dennis Larsson

      The “Rich Voss” from Bamberg Germany and Chicago? email, I’m in SC Greenville. The “buddy” who bought one.


      • rich voss

        Yep. That Rich Voss. I frankly don’t remember any “Larsson’s” being in my unit in Bamberg. But, you seem to know a little about me. Wait, were you formerly known as Dennis W. Lopez ? Did you take Janisse’s maiden name ? If so, I’ve been looking everywhere for you under your old name. Darn.
        You better write back old friend !

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