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7,999 Original Miles: 1988 BMW M6

We tend to think there’s no chance time-capsule examples of certain limited production cars can still possibly be hiding out there. Then, something like this 1988 BMW M6 with under 8,000 miles on the clock comes along. For years, the E24 M6 has been one of the more attainable M-cars from the most desirable years of BMW Motorsports variants, but not anymore. This one’s listed with an opening bid of $103,500 here on eBay.

When I first looked at the plates, I assumed these were the modern-day “throwback” plates in orange. But looking closer, I realize these are genuine early 1980s plates, which I haven’t seen since I was quite young and they were attached to my dad’s old Mercedes. The freshness of the license plate surround plastic, the polished bumpers and lustrous black rubber spoiler all tell you that this M6 has been hiding in climate-controlled storage for years.

The interior is likewise mint, with barely any wear on the M6-specific sport bucket seats. The beige interior doesn’t hide secrets very well, so the perfect carpets, leather, and shift boot all indicate high levels of care taken despite not seeing many road miles. The M6, of course, is not a car you want to sit, what with its high-strung S38 under the hood. But we’re assuming that the impressive cosmetics indicate similar attention to detail to mechanical components as well.

In this side-view shot, you get another major clue: it still wears its original TRX wheels and tires, most of which have been swapped out by now for cheaper setups. The metric tires are available but considerably more expensive than modern rubber. Still, if you want one that’s as close to new as possible, this E24 M6 is worth a look – but the price tag may keep even the most interested bidders at bay.


  1. RayT Member

    If I were trying to sell a car for $103K, I would at least take the time to shoot a few more photos — it does have an engine, I’m sure — and add some text to explain what condition it’s in now and, perhaps, why it has racked up so few miles…. Of course if I owned a BMW M6, I wouldn’t want to sell it.

    After all this time, I’m pretty sure there are parts needing attention. Disposables in the braking system for sure, perhaps some engine seals and hoses, and certainly the tires, if not more. I would probably opt for something other than the TRX tires, as tire technology has advanced since then. These cars need the best rubber you can wind around the rims (even if you have to replace said rims)!

    Don’t know what the BMW-philes would think, but if I were able to buy this. we’d be racking up miles as soon as I was sure everything worked properly. I put about 2000 miles on an M6 back in 1988, and think I’d like it even more now. It wasn’t just the speed, although there was plenty of that, or that sweet-tempered, powerful inline-six; it was the overall refinement and the blend of brilliant handling, comfort, and bank-vault quality that got me. Oh, and they’re even better looking in person than in photos….

    Realistically, I think the seller is is pushing the value by many thousands of dollars, particularly when the likely cost of going through all the details is factored in. My choice would be an M6 that was owned — and driven — by a knowledgeable enthusiast.

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  2. Troy Urich Member

    Wayne Corini found this car’s twin. Or could it be the same car?

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    • Bob

      I was thinking the same thing….I remember watching his show and he did not get the price he wanted at auction…it too was a manual instead of the automatic

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    • JTNC

      I have the VIN of the “Wayne Carini car” (which was auctioned at Bonhams Amelia 2017), and they are not the same.

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  3. Rx7turboII

    Look at the full vehicle report avail. In the listing…check out the miles on 1990. I know that can’t be right but still, how can you really get 254,000 miles in 2 years time?? Lol

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  4. Wayne

    Being an ex-BMW service manager I have driven some fast BMWs. ( like twin turbo V12 Dinan cars). Number 2 or 3 was a gray market M6. What a ride! The age of these cars ( not the miles ) require many suspension and drivetrain bushings be replaced. ( on a quiet night in the garage you can hear them just cracking and splitting)
    The price is insane! It is not a 930 Porsche!

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  5. Dolphin Member

    I think either the Auto Check report is in error about the 254,960 miles reported on the car on 08/28/1990, or the seller is not being truthful about the car. The car looks too good to be true, altho the asking price is way over the median price paid for these cars at auction recently, which is $42,500 according to the SCM Guide.

    If the quarter-million miles on the Auto Check report is accurate then I think this a scam seller. He gives zero information about the car in his description, he signed up on Ebay a few days ago, and he has zero feedback.

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  6. Bob S

    I have owned several 633 coupes, still have a 635, and almost bought an M6. I love the horsepower, performance and handling, of the M6, but for everyday driving, I prefer the 635.
    Notwithstanding, I would still love that car, but I think it is a little spendy, and there are a lot of alternatives that I feel I would rather have on my want list than this car, even assuming that the mileage is correct.

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  7. wuzjeepnowsaab

    There is no WAY this car is worth 100 large, is there? It’s nice, it’s an M…but really?

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    • Dolphin Member

      You’re right. These cars have sold recently in excellent condition at major auctions for a median price of $42.5K. The seller wants more than twice that amount for an opening bid. I don’t think it’s a legit auction.

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      • Harry Walsh

        42.5K is about right no more than that for sure!

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  8. Steve P

    NY stopped issuing those plates on June 30 1986. There is no way on earth that this car had that plate for its registration.

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  9. pctechman

    Way overpriced to say the least!

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  10. pctechman

    I had those NY plates on my 2010 Jetta

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  11. mikec

    seller has 0 – zero – history on ebay . Scammer?

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  12. David Miraglia

    Love BMW’s, but 100,000 for one. I could buy four 2010 school buses for that price or one 2006 MCI or Prevost. The price is way too high.

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  13. Peter R

    I think the one Wayne had was bid to $95K. Average prices don’t mean much when wealthy collectors want the very best one for their collection. Too often those cars just sit and are admired for years on end. Better to put at least a few miles on them every month and keep the juices flowing. I own two 560SL’s with under 40k miles on them and while they sit in winter, they are driven in summer. Same thing for my Euro 560SEC with 50k miles on it. I may even think of selling one orv two of them so they get more use by someone who cares.

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  14. Keith A. DeMonde

    I live in New York City and although those plates are the original 80’s design, NYC have brought back that same 80’s plate design back in 2010 so those plates could be retro but could also be current.

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  15. Duke

    This is amazing
    But NOT at 103k amazing

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