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EXCLUSIVE: 1966 Mercury Park Lane With 79K Miles


UPDATE – The seller of this Park Lane, Brian C, asked if we could offer it for him as an Exclusive! So, if you’d love to have this Mercury, you can now contact him directly through his Barn Finds Classified or the form below.

This 1966 Mercury Park Lane really is a car with a lot going for it. It is a solid and clean original survivor, it is extremely well-equipped, and it also features low mileage. It ticks a lot of boxes and is a classic car that is not far from being ready to be driven and appreciated. It is located in Romulus, Michigan, and has been listed for sale here on Craigslist here on Barn Finds. The asking price for all of this luxury is $8,500.

The Mercury is said to still wear its original Sage Gold paint, and it looks to have a consistent shine to it. The owner says that the car is rust-free, and there are no signs of any problems in the supplied photos. The Park Lane has spent the majority of its life in California, which has no doubt helped it to remain rust-free. The car even wears its original black plates. The owner is very candid about the fact that the body does have a few minor marks and dings, with the worst of these being one on the top of the rear quarter panel on the passenger side. Looking at this dent, which is about 1″ in diameter, it might even be able to be removed by one of those paintless dent removers. The exterior trim, chrome, and the glass all appear to be in really nice condition. One exterior feature that I really love is the spinner hubcaps, and these all appear to be in really good order.

The interior presentation of the Park Lane is equally as impressive as the exterior, and the owner is more than willing to point out any flaws. The front seat is showing what he refers to as minor tears, but they look like they might be seam separations. It is possible that these could be repaired, but in the event that they can’t be, replacement cloth is included with the car. He also points out that the cover is missing off the dome lamp, but sourcing one of these will be relatively easy. Being the range-topping vehicle in the Mercury range in 1966, it’s no surprise to learn that this is a car that comes fully loaded. For your money, you get air conditioning, power windows (including the vent windows), a six-way power front seat, cruise control, auto-dimming lights, a tilt wheel, power antenna, AM radio, and the owner doesn’t believe that this list is exhaustive. He suggests that there are probably other options that he has forgotten about.

The only low point with this Mercury is the fact that you won’t be flying in to buy the car and then driving it home. It has been off the road since 2008, so it will need a bit of mechanical work before it is once again roadworthy. The 410ci V8 under the hood runs off an external fuel supply, but it sounds like the entire system will need a flush, and the fuel tank might even need to be replaced. The engine does apparently smoke a bit initially (which does clear), and he suggests that it might be a case of replacing the valve stem seals. Once it is returned to good health, that 410 should be churning out 330hp, which it will send to the rear wheels via a 3-speed Merc-O-Matic transmission. The Park Lane also comes equipped with power steering and power brakes. The owner does claim that the mercury has covered a genuine 79,000 miles, but doesn’t mention whether he holds any documentation to back this claim. Due to the need to run the car off an external fuel source, the Mercury hasn’t been driven since it was revived, so it will almost certainly now require a full check and service before it is fit for the road once again.

On face value, this Park Lane is a great car that would seem to need little before it could be returned to active duty once again. The fact that it is a solid and rust-free car is important because if taken in isolation, it is priced right at the top end of what you might expect to pay for a ’66 Park Lane in this sort of condition. However, it has been very highly equipped, which is a big point in its favor. In addition, if the mileage can be confirmed, then that is also a big plus. That still doesn’t make it cheap, but it certainly makes it a car that is worth serious consideration.


  1. KSwheatfarmer

    Good looking 4-door hard top. I see a 64 in the garage and a 63 Galaxie. I think this guy likes the blue oval brand. Glad to see he is taking care of a few old classics.

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    • JMG

      Well he does live commuting distance to about 5 Ford plants, so… (And just south of me). Love the car. But no time for a project right now.

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  2. Bob_in_TN Bob_in_TN Member

    Nice car, with a little work should be a good cruiser. Don’t see these big Mercurys much any more.

    To me, if one acquired this car, it is an example of how one does not have to spend big bucks or have a fire-breathing muscle car to be part of the collector car hobby. You of course would have to be happy with a full size four door. You would likely be well-received in the local club or at Cars and Coffee.

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  3. 8banger Dave Mika Member

    Technically, dats a 63.5 Galaxie, and I like them…I have a factory 4-speed one.

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  4. Bruce H Heberle

    Love the look of the 66 Mercury. My Dad was County Sheriff and he let my brother and I order his 66 Mercury. It was a 4 door Monterey with the 390 and 3 speed manual transmission. It was silver blue with black vinyl interior. He also let us option the spinner hubcaps. Said was the prettiest car he ever owned.

    Yes, 3 on the tree. At that time Dad didn’t like automatics. Also his first radio in a car too. He went to a 69 Mercury Monterey Highway patrol car next. That had automatic and get this a 428 CJ motor the Mo Highway patrol installed when they took possession. That car registered 140 and I buried it on more than one occasion. 9 miles to the gallon, in town or out. Fun times driving the patrol car when I was 16!

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    • DayDreamBeliever DayDreamBeliever


      Glad that you survived to tell us about your exploits and family history. Most of us did, but sadly, some didn’t. A son of the local police chief was one of those, and I’ll never forget it.

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  5. Del

    Sweet car.

    Terrible color

    Another Craiglist advert …..

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  6. Tucker Callan

    Like that `64 too!!

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  7. Rex Kahrs Rex Kahrs Member

    Sure are a lot of styling similarities between this car and the C-body Chryslers. But, it was Elwood Engel who designed the slab-sided ’61 Lincoln, and then left Ford shortly thereafter to head Chrysler’s design department.

    That slab-side theme continued at Lincoln well into the mid-70s full-sized cars. Chrysler did the slab theme from 65-68, then in ’69 they went to their “fuselage” design. It’s clear that Engel had a wide influence on Detroit design for more than a decade.

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    • Pete in PA

      Rex I was thinking exactly the same thing – this car bears a strong resemblance to the slab-sided Mopar C-bodies of the same era. Maybe that’s why I like this Merc quite a bit. Well, except for the dash layout… Then again the high option content more than makes up for that. Good thing I’m full up with cars and projects!

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  8. Snotty

    The 410 is a torque monster with it’s 428 crank and 390 slugs. I’ve owned at least four of these 4 dr. Merc’s they will haul the groceries. One I purchased from a little old lady, drove so sweet and without effort, eventually though I needed the engine for a 73 F-250 I bought of e-bay. With out even trying it would spin those big 16″ tires.When you mashed the throttle at 60, and you feel the very capable C-6 kickdown, buddy you was goin places.

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  9. KSwheatfarmer

    Dave Mika, you are correct sir,I should know,my nephew has one,I as well still have my high school ride,a 64 Mercury Park Lane Marauder,bucket seats,console,floor shift, also a two door fast back.

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  10. Tucker Callan

    KS, My dad was a L-M Dealer, so I was privy to all these Merc`s when new. My Favorite was the `64 Convert. that Dad drove. I would rather have that car with a side-oiler, than a GT-E with the same mill. (crazy, right?)

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  11. Snotty

    I too had a 63.5 galaxie 500, with 390 4spd. Bought in grovetown Georgia, when I was in the service. No bumpers no chrome trim. Bought it that way. Heading back to Ellis Ks. Got pulled over by the man in Tennessee, checked license, registration, ins. Said have a nice day, off I went factory chrome valve covers n all.

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  12. KSwheatfarmer

    Hey Tucker,my great uncle owned an interest in a Mercury dealership in Hays Ks in the 60s,early 70s,his son had a brand new 70 Cyclone,429-4 speed car,got to drive it one mile as a freshman in high school,remember it like it was yesterday.

    Hey Snotty, Are you from Ellis? Cool story,no doubt on I-70 ? Know that road well.

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    • Snotty

      Farmed North and west of Ellis.But when you had all the fun you could stand,you made the trip to hays, “dragged main” college town=more options…How bout you, where do you Call home out on the wide open spaces n beautiful sunsets?

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  13. scottymac

    Can see the vacuum diaphragm on the firewall for the variable speed wipers. Was that an industry first? Supposedly, Ford got in trouble for not compensating the inventor of a different, simpler system. Only the third ’65-’66 Merc I’ve seen with the factory cruise control. 410 only available in ’66 & ’67? Too bad this isn’t an S-55 convertible!

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  14. Daniel Brooks

    Growing up my Aunt Gretchen ordered a new ’66 Park Lane 4door hardtop (no Breezeway) Presidential Blue with dark blue/dark grey leather interior. It was loaded loaded…Am/Fm p.antenna, delay wipers, cruise,tilt, windows vents, power bench, locks, trunk release, 410 4barrel automatic. I loved riding in that car with her so much and this is the only other ’66 Park Lane I’ve seen even close to her’s. Lots of fond memories!

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  15. Stevieg

    Bruce, the memories you shared fired up some memories for me. In 1990 I purchased a 1969 Monterey from a little old lady. Her husband bought it new. It was one odd car! 4 door sedan, 390 V-8 & a 3 on the tree. It had manual steering and brakes. It was beyond rusty, but had a perfect interior. I used it as a beater for a short period of time. I really liked it & wished back then it wasn’t so rusty.

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  16. Fred w

    Re: bringing in the “paintless dent” guy: he would throw down his tools in disgust. This ain’t Honda aluminum, it’s 100 percent Henry Ford real deal steel

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    • Brian chesney

      Dent guy will not even touch this metal. Used to have 4 teenagers on the hood of a 67 merc at drive in yrs ago. Real steel not paper

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  17. KSwheatfarmer

    Hey Snotty, KSWF here,thought this car looked familiar,clicked on and now remember the comments,missed your last comment from Nov. 14, I’m in Russel county, if you get to town stop in at S-W supply and ask Alex about the old guy out south west of town with a “few”old fords or contact me thru this site.Would be happy to talk cars,dragging Main,cows,trucks,tractors, ect. Thanks

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