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8k Mile Survivor: 1986 Honda CRX HF

When uttering the letters “CRX” usually a small and sporty little import comes to mind, but the CRX was also offered in a high fuel economy model like this low mileage ’86 CRX HF. With an incredibly low 8,080 miles on the clock, this 1st generation CRX is in fabulous condition. Capable of 57 miles per gallon with a carburetor, this sharp import embargo era Honda is offered for the Buy It Now price of $15,000. Take a look at it here on eBay out of Wylie, Texas.

In 1986, you could have purchased an HF, a DX, or an SI which is the small import fighter that often comes to mind. Although the bodywork was virtually the same, there are some key details that made the HF quite a special machine. Honda was focused on making a very economical car, so they needed to give the car some smart features, as well as try to reduce weight. The HF came equipped with a plastic valve cover, roller rockers, aluminum air cleaner housing, smaller diameter torsion bars, softer rear springs, no rear sway bar, aluminum wheels, and aluminum rear drums to mention a few. The part analog and part digital engine in this ’86 is very clean, and the myriad of vacuum lines are all in place. There is no evidence of any corrosion, and it is easy to see that this is a low mileage garage kept machine.

Typically the seats don’t age too well in these old CRX’s but with this car’s low mileage, it is easy to appreciate how nice these cars were new. Basically perfect, there are no significant flaws in sight, but there are a few minor ones to report. Part of the binding thread on the cargo area carpet has come unstitched, and there are a few small marks on the headliner, which is not all that uncommon of a problem with these cars that have lived in hot environments.

Many of us can only dream of having a factory steering in that nice of condition. This HF is not equipped with air conditioning, but there is yet another neat and unique HF feature to make mention of. The HF engine revs significantly lower than the DX and SI engines, but in order to make the car truly economic to everyone, then everyone needed to know how to drive economically. So Honda equipped the HF models with a factory shift light, to indicate when to upshift for the best fuel economy.

After 3 decades, these cars are often riddled with rust in the wheel arches, the rockers, the front floors, rear floors, trunk area, panhard mount, jack points, or any other area on the under-body. The great news is that the under-body of this CRX is fabulous. After lying under several of these cars, it is great to see what the under-body looked like when new. There is no rot in this classic Honda, although there is some light surface rust along the underbody pinch welds near the jacking points. Often the paint has chipped, faded, delaminated, and peeled by this point, but not for this low mileage specimen. The plastic body components are in good shape with no apparent cracking, but there is a blemish on the body. The passenger rear wheel arch and rear bumper took on a parking lot fender bender that caused some minor damage to this otherwise mint CRX. Despite that one singular concern, this Honda is likely one of a few remaining in such marvelous condition. Do you think this modern day Japanese classic is worth the buy it now price?


  1. Air Boss

    Better mileage (and looks) than a Prius!

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  2. Todd Zuercher

    I had not remembered all the special unique things they did to this model to try and eek out a few more mpg. I loved that they did that – I can’t imagine any manufacturer going to that trouble today.

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    • redwagon

      Chevrolet Cruze Eco had a number of changes to maximize mpgs. Different lighter weight wheels, low rolling resistant tires, no spare, front air dam that would move to cover vents increasing aerodynamics, etc. I believe I am missing a trick or two but those are the ones that come to mind.

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  3. Scott Marquis

    These were certainly economical, but also slow, slower, slowest. Test drove one, and was horrified trying to get up to speed on a freeway on ramp. Opted for a fabulous DX, while foolishly passed on an Si.

    Overall condition is good, but not as nice as the 8k odometer would suggest.

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  4. Keith

    15k? Uhmmmmmmmm Not!

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  5. Alan

    My dad had an early CRX but in the UK, it was a 16v 1.6 twin cam and about 130bhp much fun to drive. This one seems a rather limp version of the same.

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  6. Mike

    This was on BaT last week and it reached only $8k.

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    • DayDreamBeliever DayDreamBeliever

      Perhaps still a few years too early to try and cash in on this car, then? If it were a similar condition Si, then the outcome would have likely been different.

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      • ReTired

        I agree. This is a really nice CRX, but if it’s not fun to drive, the only value would be to a die hard collector.

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  7. Capriest

    This brings back some memories! When I was in kindergarten my mom’s friend traded in her fiesta on this exact car only in Si trim. Same color and all. Was the first honda I recall thinking was cool. She brought it over and took us for a ride in it on her way home from the dealer. My brother and I sat in the hatch lol. So much for safety, and this woman was a school teacher. How times have changed.

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  8. Marathon06

    Not equipped with AC is an absolute killer on this one, otherwise I would be all over this lovely Honda. I live in Texas, no wonder this car has low miles, with no AC, it is not being driven anyway! Best of luck with the sale!

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    • JoeNYWF64

      Can you “vintage air” a front wheel drive car that has no a/c?
      That aftermarket fan inside the green gold duster listed elsewhere on this site might help. lol

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  9. Jack Quantrill

    We had a ‘84 regular CRX. That was the best L.A. commuter car! Gave a guy a jump start once and it kept blowing ignition modules after that.

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  10. Mike

    Super cool, I had an 89 for a while. Although it is nice and i might be able to see $8km maybe, $15 is dreaming but you have to start somewhere! :{)

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  11. Karl

    I bought a CRX years ago with a 5 speed for our service dept in my computer company. It was a great car it lived 80 mph and was a blast to drive. The company ran the car to 228,000 miles without an issue, and that includes clutch!

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  12. Miguel

    The car has to have some following to ask a big price like this.

    If this was an Si, maybe somebody would step up, but the HF?

    Who wants to drive around in one of these today just for good gas mileage?

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