80k Mile Split Window: 1963 Chevrolet Corvette

A split window Corvette is a big dream for many, but how about a survivor grade split window? Well, this ’63 split is quite nice and offers great looks even with its signs of aging.  If your heart and wallet desired a restored split window, there are probably a few available. Although if you are hungry for a survivor, and a lower mileage survivor at that, then this golden ‘Vette may be the opportunity you are looking for! Currently sitting at $69,100, this split window still has several days to go until the auctions end. Be sure to check out this Corvette here on eBay out of Evergreen, Colorado. Thanks to reader Ikey for sharing this dreamy find!

Packing a 300 horsepower 327 V8 backed by a 4 speed, this Corvette is a clean ready to drive package. The engine is suspiciously clean, so much to the fact that I am wondering if the engine has been rebuilt, or perhaps repainted. There is a minor layer of dust on the core support and radiator, but the engine bay as a whole is very tidy. A little detail work and this thing would be clean enough to eat off of!

Moving to the interior there is more evidence of aging, but overall the interior isn’t too shabby. The carpet is lightly faded in some areas, and the door panels show some minor discoloration. The 4-speed shift lever is oh so sweet, and the radio, as well as the gauges, appear quite nice. Appearing crack free, the dash does appear to exhibit some fading as well. Overall this is a nice driver-grade interior with no major damage or wear.

Checking out the exterior, it would seem that this Corvette is wearing either original paint or a very old repaint. The paint finish is matte, but from what can be made out of the photos, the body appears to be crack free. There are a few scuffs on the passenger door along the body line, but that is the most that I can see. All of the brightwork looks quite nice, and there is even a dealer emblem on the back of this Corvette to aid in tracking some of its history! Easily every Corvette enthusiasts dream car, this Corvette looks like a superb find. What do you think this split window will sell for?

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  1. poseur Member

    Sharp split window ‘Vette! Looks like an honest used car.
    Not the biggest motor but not the smallest either. Will make the right noises & tolerate today’s fuel if it runs like it should.
    Four speed is a must.
    Love the paint color & interior color, just not sure I like them together….kinda like the recent all red ZR-1, it’s too much same.
    Still, I’d love to own & drive it.
    They are only original once & this appears to be. Should push close to six figures I bet.

  2. Danno

    Upon seeing the license plate, I got the urge to run around the room beating a pan with a spoon, shouting the State’s name.

  3. Walter

    What will this Split Window sell for…. Given the current bidding,it is settled- “More than I can afford”

  4. 86 Vette Convertible

    Back in the late 60’s a co-worker had a 63 SWC with a 65 327-375 (IIRC) FI engine, 4 speed. That was quite an experience. Got like a bat out of Hadis straight line. Not so good on curves and definitely not worth a hill of beans slowing down with the non-power drum brakes it had.
    At a current bid of almost $70K, it’s not one to change lightly. If there were frame issues, I’d look into one of the many 3d party frames and upgrade the suspension to C4 equipment. Not something I’d consider too seriously with the condition this one appears to be in.

    • poseur Member

      A friend here locally makes his own frames & uses modern components (including 525hp LS3 crate motors) to create restomod C1’s & C2’s for clients.

      They are jaw-droppingly beautiful & sell for $150-200k depending upon year & specifics. The split windows are even more due to added cost of their original bodies.

      I’d love to have one some day but can’t decide between a coupe (has to be a splitty) or convertible.

      • Miguel Member

        poseur, The split down the window in your picture looks much narrower than the original.

      • poseur Member

        i suppose it could be a replica but i’m not aware of him making any other than using real ’63 body pieces. could it also be the angle & dark paint color?

        here’s another shot from the front showing the width of the piece between the windows.

      • poseur Member

        here’s what it looks like completed.
        personally i love it.
        his frame allows use of modern suspension, brakes & wheels without flares & looks like it’s factory built.
        it sold for $270k at Mecum Indy in 2014!
        pretty sure it was built using a real body for that much cash.

  5. poseur Member


    • John

      Gross dubs JMO.

  6. Joe M

    Is it just me or is this the same split window from CA in the same family as was written up on BF not too long ago. Same color and all.

  7. Classic Steel

    Sadly it will go Gaga on price from what was a few years back a 50k car will inch to low 90s. This will get other owners hungry to get 95 for theirs then 100 unrestored etc etc and continue .. as to what the market will bear 🐻..or over pay…

    This of course pull out of reach for many ..

    Good to see the economy is going strong
    As houses , interest rates, fuel and
    classic vehicles get out of reach until the next wake up call of what …I paid this and it’s worth half ….Oh no here we go again 😮👀😟🙃

    Funny how some never use history as a gauge for the future and others bank on the trend to extract as much quickly to bank on it.

    One has to love ❤️ capitalism and profit unless you want a certain classic Steel car. 😟

  8. Lance Nord

    A gazillion years ago, I rented a room from a guy who had a split window parked right outside my bedroom window. It was in excellent shape, but it needed something to get it running again (if I recall, something reasonably minor). I was there for about a year; he said he was sick of seeing it sit there. He asked me if I would be interested in buying it for $2,000. I turned him down because I was “a Ford guy”. One of my biggest regrets in my life (and I’ve had a few).

  9. Del

    I would rather have that 66 Rambler Rogue for 6800 bucks

  10. 433jeff

    The first one i ever saw was a white split window in worcester ma about 30-40 years ago( i dont know) it had a supercharger and the chrome on the car shined just like the blower , i think it was a black int eith a 4 speed, it was freakin special. Too rich for my blood now…..but its a yet

  11. Leon D Henderson

    Looks like the engine is just a repaint on the left front exhaust manifold it looks like a touch of orange and on the right back of the engine there is a bracket that loos as it is on the bell housing . Great ride I have 63 convertible a 71 454- 450 hp and a 1977 I want get the mid engine when they come out

    • Norman Wrensch

      In that day a person was real lucky to get 100,000 out of an engine. I rebuilt quite a few at 80,000. So I would think it probably needed a rebuild. Especially in something like this.

  12. Dan

    1963 would be a 327-360 horse top engine….anniversary gold, nice color, nice solid looking body…..miss mine I sold in 1977, Daytona blue…brought $3000….sigh……

    • R Soul

      I believe the color is saddle tan code 932.

  13. brianashe Member

    I will be able to afford a garage-sized 3D printer before I’ll be able to afford a genuine ’63 split.

    • Frank Sumatra

      Think of all the SWC’s you could print! Start a “Go Fund Me” page

  14. Steven Wilson

    This car demands every bit of $150.000 if it truly as they say. Would a modern frame and suspension upgrades add to this fantastic vehicle, most definitely but I would leave it exactly the way it is, faded paint and all. Beautiful car. One of my all time favorites.

    • Ruxvette

      Command $150k? Ouch! It appears to be a survivor but it is a low option (no power anything) and they spray painted the motor. I can see some fool parting with their money at $100k, but that’s it.

  15. Mike

    I remember in the ’60’s when a number of ’63 split window Vetts were converted to the ’64 window style to improve rear vision. I’ll bet most have been reconverted by now.

  16. Jeff

    I would argue that the condition, colors, engine, and tranny are all desirable, but I laughed at the current bid price. To each his/her own, but that’s about 7x what such a car would be worth to me (assuming I couldn’t turn around and sell it). I simply never found these cars very special at all. I’d sooner pay some stupid price for an unusual Rambler that no one wants.

  17. ruxvette

    With the paint cracking on the nose of the spear I would say it’s original Saddle Tan paint.
    I expect it will fetch $75k.

    • Steve H.

      $75k? Will be interesting to see if that passes muster on the reserve.

  18. DRV

    My favorite of any model is the one that was on the cover of the dealers pamphlet which this one is!

  19. Wrong Way

    This is when corvettes were real and gorgeous! After the 60s all of them are just a big piece of plastic! Ugly plastic at that! This one is stunning!

  20. John

    Why does it not have a VIN number?

  21. Roger

    Why Ebay when Barrett-Jackson would be where the money folks hangout?

    In 1963 my 7th Grade English teacher bought a new SWC. In ’64, she had the back window converted to a ’64 without the split. Why? She said she couldn’t see out the back window very well. To each their own.

  22. John

    same color as the one I owned but mine had factory a/c paid 3500.00 used from a private party a long time ago

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