80s Time Capsule: Custom 1963 Corvette Split Window

The customized touches on this 1963 Chevrolet Corvette Stingray range from obvious to subtle, and the overall vibe is of a seriously cool muscle car with some tasteful personal touches. There’s obviously the paint job, but less obvious at first is the flared rear arches and custom hood sporting a ’65/’66 big block bubble. The seller says this split window gets more thumbs up than perfectly restored examples, and you can find it here on craigslist for $65,000 near Baltimore.

Thanks to Barn Finds reader Ikey H. for the find. While it’s rare to see a split window not in perfectly restored condition, that’s also sort of why this one has so much eyeball appeal. Someone has already spent some bucks on modifying it – seemingly well done, too – so why not just it like the crowd-pleaser it is? There are plenty of restored 1963 Corvettes out there, and this one is nearly as nice with the exception of not being done to 100% OEM specifications. Plus, the 327 is non-matching, so no need to worry about modifying a survivor.

The interior remains in excellent condition, with a custom two-tone look that is holding up incredibly well. As a manual transmission, split-window ‘Vette, this one checks nearly all the boxes. Speaking of box checking, it’s also loaded with options, including power steering / brakes / and windows, and is equipped with vintage air conditioning. As you likely saw on the outside, it also comes with ’67 sidepipes and knock-off wheels, which both help to give this Corvette the awesome look that it has. Prior to the seller, it resided with one owner since ’77.

The non-original 327 may be a disappointment to some, but again, I feel like this gives you permission to not feel badly about driving around in a modified split window. The engine bay, like the interior, looks incredibly clean, so the previous owner obviously loved this car and finding new ways to personalize it. While I get not everyone will love the paint job, this is a car you can showcase as a sort of rolling sculpture that captures the personalization trends of the era. Would you pay $65,000 for this custom Corvette?


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  1. TimM

    This guys got the best toys!!! He wins!!! Pretty clean and easily resto modded since it’s not matching numbers!! Or the other thing you could do is get in and drive it!!!!

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    • Steve R

      Google Rod Saboury to see what’s not in these pictures.

      Steve R

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      • Tom Member

        Thanks a lot Steve !! :( I did google it and now I am more depressed than ever !! Wow! Most people can’t have half of one of these cars much less the whole thing much less all of them !! I really wish I knew what I am “doing wrong”. How does the lyric go…..”Some guys have all the luck”….

        Rod Saboury and his collection are very impressive but MAN this guy seemingly does not know how to leave a STOCK OE car alone ! Hopefully all the cars he has chopped up and modified over the years had blown up original drive trains and it didn’t matter anyway. That’s just my jealousy talking, right !!??

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      • TimM

        Well Steve R I googled his name and like I said before he wins!! Some really cool stuff in his garage!! Nothing stock that’s for sure!! Look to be a bit more fun that stock in my opinion!!! Do you personally know this guy??? Or just what you’ve seen or read????

  2. Jeff

    Barn Find?

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  3. KevinLee

    I have to admit, whenever I see custom Corvette as the lead – in, my eyes instantly go to the rear wheel wells. Apparently, it was mandatory when customizing a Vette back then.

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  4. JohnfromSC

    Considering that a very good, matching #’s restored swc can be had for $75-$80K, I think the ask on this is optimistic. Engine compartment not original and missing all shielding unless this was a radio delete car, no side pipes available in 63, nor knock off wheels in 63 either. Yes, it’s a custom. but how many buyers with 65 large are there that would cutomize it exactly this way? Seems the big money in non original C2s is for true restomods, not simply customs.

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    • Tom Member

      Well said John. Nice enough car BUT it is a 63 Split window and considering it IS modified and is NOT numbers matching really devalues the car when you say “63 split window”.

      John hit the main points. This is a car with a very narrow audience. Most buyers will pay the 70-100 for a numbers matching non-modified.

      In my opinion this car is a $40K something…..drive it and enjoy it car. Too much that is “nice” about the car to tear it up to put it back to stock ESPECIALLY without the original engine. IF it had the original engine the outlook would change. Was it originally red? Doesn’t really matter on this one anyway.

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  5. 86_Vette_Convertible

    It does look good and it has some great looking stablemates too. Too rich for my blood but I’m sure someone with extra $$ will be looking for something like this one. Don’t know what it will sell for, but doesn’t look like the seller is pressed for cash and likely can hang onto it for a while.

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  6. Classic Steel

    This car looks nice even though modified.

    The price is in line and a lil lower with nom Shelbie’s listed recently here on barn-finds.

    The paint jobs on these bring 10-15 and up so again price is what the market will bear 🐻.. I predict this will sell quickly

    I personally was hoping for a 80k list so splits can get going with Shelby cra cra pricing being a owner of a numbers matching split window 😏😜

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  7. ACZ

    Another icon ruined.

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  8. Al Camino

    How’s come nobody said anything about the seats .arent they ugly enough

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  9. the one

    Polished turd

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  10. Frank Sumatra

    My $65K goes to the closest Chevrolet dealer with a 2020 Corvette allocation. Too old to have further interest in a Boy Racer project.

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  11. Comet

    Does it come with the tractor tires it was “modified” for?

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  12. Chas H

    I’d rather have disc brakes than the side pipes or the boastful hood.

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  13. Al

    Just can’t find myself dishing out $61k more than I could have in ’77 for a nice mint cond maroon one with a 327 & RFI & a 4sp.! They are nice but not that nice. The ride on any small road trip is like crossing the ocean in a canoe.

  14. John Oliveri

    Think the car was tastefully done, not horrible graphics or flares, beautiful interior and A/C it non matching #s so the guy built what he wanted, very few customs I like, this is one I do

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  15. Al camino

    Beautiful interior,is that a Joke

  16. John Oliveri

    It’s all up to taste, I like white interior, the other color I could live without,but white brings the car too life

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