Yours for $89K: 1990 VW Transporter Syncro

While the prices on air-cooled Volkswagens of a certain vintage continues to amaze, late-model variants can occasionally surprise us as well. Take this low-mileage 1990 VW Transporter Syncro that Barn Finds reader Bill Walters spotted: the seller is asking $89,900! To be fair, this model was never available in the U.S., so the rarity factor is high. But does its mint condition demand the high price tag? Find it here on craigslist in southern New Jersey. 

Whenever you look at these VW campers, they typically are worn out and low-spec. Maybe you’ll find a Westfalia, and even those are ticking upwards in value, but a 4WD variant with the pickup body is not something you see everyday. Factor in the low mileage of just 32,000 (or 53,000 KMs) and it’s not hard to see why the interior looks as good as it does. Tartan cloth and German cars just seems to go together like bacon and eggs, and in this case, it remains in near-perfect condition.

The other bonus with this VW Transporter is that the camper attachment can be removed to effectively create two additional vehicles. You retain the functional pickup-style bed with fold-down side and rear doors for easy loading, and no matter which form you choose, VW’s legendary Syncro 4WD system will be there to claw its way through the muck. The paint looks excellent as well, and it appear two sets of wheels are also included in the sale.

The seller is also including this truck bed cap, which has been painted to match. The Transporter has three functional doors for passengers, and it bears mentioning the camper top has functional A/C, hot and cold water and clean sleeping quarters. While it’s not how I’d spend close to $90K (if I even had that to spend, ha!), I could see a well-heeled VW fanatic at least making an offer in the ballpark of the asking price to own the ultimate Transporter.

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  1. PebblebeachJudge

    Insane Price. World has gone mad. It was never for sale in the Biggest Market because no one wanted it, and now nothing has changed in 17 years. All in $15,000 worth of Kit retail.

  2. LAB3

    When it comes to unique you pay the price of admission no doubt! Where would get parts for this in the US? Order them out of Europe I guess, another top dollar obstacle. As to usability I wouldn’t take a corner at much speed without a set of outriggers. Four wheeling? Same thing, wouldn’t trust it on any sort of uneven surface.

  3. jw454

    With the camper installed this may not be the MOST TOP HEAVY vehicle ever produced but, it would be in the running for that award.
    Without the camper it’s a nice looking truck/suv.
    Kinda pricey though.

  4. sir mike

    Really a unique VW but WAY over priced….maybe $20000.00 to a flipper…

  5. Henning Heinemann

    Not even close; take a zero off the price tag, and if the “check engine” light is on divide that by 3. Miles mean little in a vehicle that has plastic components, low miles with high calendar age means all those plastic bits like vacuum diaphragms and seals have deteriorated and are all leaking.

  6. Warren

    Stop the madness.


    You’d probably do better by finding one in Germany and importing it yourself at that price…

  8. JW

    Nice but not that nice, it looks better without the camper.

  9. boxdin

    Insane center of gravity. Level ground only, no sidehills!

  10. redwagon

    i agree with all your comments however I would like to add a different take on this vehicle.

    europe is different when it comes to trailers and recreational vehicles. they think nothing of driving slowly to their recreation destination. it’s it tippy? yes. just drive slower. can you keep up with traffic? no. just drive slower. does that make sense in north america? no, it doesn’t.

    owning this vehicle would be fun. it would be different from everything out there and rather convenient with the camper but in no way worth the 89k asking. at least not to me.

  11. whippeteer

    That’s a rather large price for novelty. Dokas, even synchros, are imported all the time to the US at much more reasonable prices. I agree with the handling characteristics seeming scary. Also, beware of overpasses. In fact it makes me think about Jeremy Clarkson’s entry in Top Gear’s Motorhome Challenge.

    That said, I’d love it. I really like how the cab has a walkthrough to the camper. The cap included as well is very chic as well as useful. The price however is well beyond the stratosphere.

  12. Rx7turboII

    90K?? What is this guy smokin?? Lol

  13. Mark

    Which is the worst price, the nova? This camper VW? Or the souped up c10 pickup?

    • whippeteer

      All of the sellers are smoking crack.

  14. Wolfgang Gullich

    I don’t know where people get these insane price ideas for DoKas… They’re not rare and can be purchased from Canadian and Euro sources quite readily now that they’re legal to import. $20K for the truck on a good day. Case in point, someone here in Anchorage is trying to sell a diesel variant 1988 model for $32K and it’s beat… Maybe a $10k truck is the stars align.

  15. the one

    too many nines

  16. 408interceptor

    A loaded cement truck is faster and probably more stable, Oh and the ten wheeler probably costs less.

  17. Mike

    This was on E-Bay and was listed as “sold” for $51k and now it’s back up for sale. The seller does all sorts of reselling shenanigans on E-Bay “selling” the same vans over and over until he gets his price. Check out his past “sales” on E-Bay:

  18. Bradley Clark

    I’ve never heard of one. Very interesting vehicle. VERY interesting ! However, if I had the dough to spend 90 large on an RV, it would have a helluva lot more room, features, comfort, and power than an air cooled VW.

    • whippeteer

      It’s not air cooled. However it is still very underpowered.

  19. jwinters

    89k what?!?! is that yen or pesos?

  20. Joe Howell

    Just make sure you are always going downhill. Going uphill with a headwind while hauling that camper would a be chore for that little water pumper.

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