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9,549 Original Miles: 1968 AMC AMX

This 1968 AMC AMX is a former Barrett-Jackson auction car that shows claimed original mileage of just 9,549. Most of the paint is believed to be original, and the car features a manual transmission paired to the 390 with a factory 12-bolt rear end. The AMX has seen limited use since the seller purchased it at auction, and some mechanical improvements have been made in that time. Find it here on eBay with bidding over $20K and the reserve unmet.

The green paint with white stripes, paired to the red line tires, is a great look. The old-school Oregon plates add to the aesthetic of this being a true survivor car. Prior to going to auction, it was squirreled away in a garage for 41 years, which helps explain the impressive cosmetics. Paint touch-ups are noted on the hood and fender, and the seller notes a few other minor imperfections.

The interior is another high point, with gorgeous biscuit-colored bucket seats and a nicely contracting brown dash with matching carpets. None of these appear to be soiled in any way, and the door panels look great, too. Certainly, an interior like this helps to validate the mileage claim, too. Recent mechanical work includes a new gas tank, rebuilt carb, wheel bearings, radiator, and much more.

That’s certainly one way to buy a car like this – find the best survivor there is, fix the few mechanical issues stemming mostly from the passage of time, and simply enjoy. Of course, you’re going to pay for that privilege, which is why this recent Barn Finds Exclusive posting for an AMC Javelin SST project could be appealing if you like this AMX but don’t love the price. Feel free to contact me through the listing for more information.


  1. Jeff

    Another low mileage claim with a engine and engine compartment that indicates many more miles. They say a fool is born every day, are all of them buying these stories?

    • Scott

      Right on Jeff. I cannot imagine any circumstance where the engine bay would be that dirty and aged. All the components reflect 100k. I can see some dirt but that is beyond that and a product of use
      As PT Barnum said “there is an ass for every seat” and that is true in the car market. The more times these “stories” are told the more weight they get with inexperienced or over eager buyers.
      My C10 (1983) has 68k original miles and was a southern truck. The firewall, frame horns, supporting components are all in very good condition, no corrosion or scale. That is what I would expect and unless you have thirty years of registrations or inspection receipts to back up your claim, I am moving on.

  2. Gaspumpchas

    Think you guys have a good point, The seller hasn’t made any attempt to detail under the hood either. The fact that it was a BJ car means nothing, Lipstick on a pig. It does display nicely though. Could be some skeletons in the closet. I saw a Mercedes 2 seater that came from BJ at 44 grand- Looked beautiful – had a rotten frame and a blown head gasket. Caveat Emptor. Good luck.

  3. TimM

    Pretty clean hard to find in this condition but we are at $20,000 with reserve not met!!! Come on it’s not a fastback mustang or a SS chevelle!!

  4. Kevin Fear

    I love when they say “Former Barrett Jackson Car” as if thats a badge of honor; when really it means the buyer overpaid.

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  5. Gaspumpchas

    Amen to that, Kevin!!!


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  6. irocrobb

    I do not believe mileage as well. I can imagine it hitting 40 grand just the same.
    Big motor and a 4 speed. What a fun car !

  7. Arthell64 Member

    I like to the color combo. Nice car

  8. Woody

    But if it was a Barrett-Jackson car would they not search a little history on this awesome looking classic?

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  9. Johnmloghry Johnmloghry

    AMC/AMX, big V8 4 speed manual, what else do you need? Just a big check book with plenty of expendable money. The car looks nice in the photos, except under hood. If it’s your dream, go for it. Buy it now, cry about it later.
    God bless America

  10. jim

    It doesn’t have the period correct marker lights in the front bumper either. 68-69 would have been clear if I’m correct.

  11. Jamie ireland

    Here’s a question that I could never find an answer to. Does anyone know what the numbers on the dash stood for? Only amx’s had them.

    • That AMC guy

      I usually try to answer from memory, but I really have no idea on that one. A quick check of Wikipedia says:

      “As a marketing move for the AMX, AMC affixed a small plate with a number to the center of the dash (1968-1969) or to the glovebox door (1970). These are random numbers. They do not coincide with any other identifying number such as the car’s VIN code, dealer or zone order, production sequence, nor build date. For example, the numbers on the 1970 models ranged from 014469 to 18584.”

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  12. Srt8

    Them there seats aren’t the color of any biscuits my ex cooked.

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  13. Del

    Shows nice but as comments post there is no reason why engine bay has not been detailed.

    Takes away from value and cred.

  14. Del


  15. bill

    now its up to 26000.00 not worth it

  16. JoeNYWF64

    Ist 1 i ever seen with a luggage rack – guess that’s either aftermarket,
    or dealer installed, like this …
    Rear spoiler not invited – on either car lol.

  17. Mike

    The marker lights should be clear and no chrome on the outside. Barrett Jackson doesn’t mean much accept that premiums have been paid on this car but it does look very decent not crazy about the colour combo or the trunk rack but I’ve owned two and will never be selling because they are amazing fun cars with a output that only most people have no idea about .

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