984 Original Miles: 1993 Corvette


If there was ever a generation of the Corvette that has been undervalued for too long, I’d say the later C4s are it. This 1993 Corvette with a stunning Torch Red interior has only 984 original miles and is available here on the Recycler classifieds in Johnson City, TN for $27,500.


That interior is flat-out stunning – well, if you like red interiors like I do. I suppose it’s also because I rarely see the later Vette sport seats in such good condition. Sadly, this car is saddled with an automatic, but the 300 b.h.p. LT1 should still hustle along with ease. A third pedal might drive the price higher, so this could be a better deal overall for a nearly-new 1993 Corvette.


The functioning digital dash is a welcome sight, and confirms the lack of use. Although a ZR-1 might be the model that gets our hearts beating faster, there’s nothing wrong with this arrangement. Who knows if the seller held onto the car as a long-term collectible or just had too many vehicles to drive. I doubt he’s recouping much (if any) of his original investment, so mothballing it didn’t really accomplish anything.

1993 Corvette Coupe Engine

The clean motor, bright paint on the Bilsteins and deep tread pattern all help confirm the low miles as genuine. Asking the seller if fluids were changed each year or if the car was at least pulled out of storage once in a while are worthwhile questions. For the price, I can’t see you losing money on this and in the meantime, you get to drive a clean C4 that hasn’t been beaten on. I’d still like to own one of these someday – have any of you ever owned or driven a late-production C4?


  1. hhaleblian

    This plastic Impala does absolutely nothing for me

  2. Rick

    The 90-96 models years are when the modern Corvette was finally sorted out, they’re fast and handle well and the electronic work. Lots of value for the money, have seen more than one early 1990s example for sale in the $6-7k range

  3. dj

    Even though it’s a has been, I still like the 1990 ZR-!. I was the tech for these at a dealership. Tons of training and when anything went wrong, we had to call GM before working on them. Rick is correct, everything was finally sorted out during the 90’s on these cars.

    • Jeff Staff

      I would love to own a ZR-1. Just looks like a ton of performance for the money.

  4. Keith

    I just bought this 1992 Corvette with only 13,391 miles for 14k! I guess I got a deal!

    • MIkeG


    • Jeff Staff

      Wow. Well freaking done. Manual?

      • Keith

        Why yes it does have a manual 6Spd……Keith

  5. Mark S

    Most generic looking car going. Boring

  6. Keith

    Boring? Don’t be a hater………

  7. Mike G

    If you’re going to buy a sports car as a collectors piece, make sure it’s at least a manual transmission…

  8. Donnie

    1953 /1993.does it have any value as a 40 year old collector car

  9. piper62j

    I’m not a Vette lover, but that’s a nice piece of machinery.. I have only one question.. For such low mileage, why is there an indentation in the drivers seat??? I just bought a new Denali,, all leather,, has 8k miles on it now and the seats still look full and no imprints from my butt..

  10. Graham Lloyd

    Drove a 92 from Toronto Ont to Naples Fla. Never so glad to get out of a car. Fun around town as a toy, but for a daily driver, not so much fun.

    There are a disproportionate number of super low mile Vettes out there. Could be any number of reasons for the ultra low mileages on any of them. Less than 1000 miles doesn’t make this any more valuable than a 9000 or 30000 mile Vette. They are probably a better car because they have been exercised.

    I think Keith (above) got a better car for a better price. I’ve seen lots of them lately with 60 to 90 thousand miles asking less than 10 grand.

  11. gunningbar

    I must be getting old and grumpy…. Afyer seeing vettes taken apart (on BF) I cant see them as anything but nasty plastic roach kit cars.

  12. HeadMaster1

    I recently purchased a 90 ZR1 36k on the clock for $16k….BEST $16k I’ve ever spent. It’s weird to look at that shape, digital dash, 6speed and realize that its a 25 year old car…..Sure its not solid like a Porsche, but it sure is fun

  13. HeadMaster1

    BTW- I just bought the 88 560SL for $4k……..Great Deals can still be found, you just have to work for them :-)

  14. dogwater

    Unfortunately this year is a low point for the corvette it is nice but but not worth must….

  15. HeadMaster1

    @dogwater, I agree with you 100%, but 5 years ago air cooled Porsches weren’t worth much either ;-) These are pretty cheap to maintain/repair, if used regularly they are very reliable. The ride can be a bit harsh, they can and probably do squeak and rattle a bit, but they still are a fun ride for a few bucks, and personally I think they’ve just about hit their bottom price (for nice ones)

  16. Keith

    I don’t get it? Looking at the C4 Corvette as compared to the late model C3’s (technology wise) is leaps & bounds more advanced! These days one can buy a C4 Corvette for a decent price which gets them a great handling car that isn’t a slouch. It seems to me that there is a lot of C4 haters, for what reason I don’t know?

    • HeadMaster1

      @Keith I don’t know if it just C4 or Corvettes in general. Through the 70’s into the 90s the vette was the “mid-life crisis” car. I joked before buying mine that I might have to go bald, get a gold rope chain necklace, and wear some “Hai Karate”, LOL….

      • Keith

        Hai Karate! Wow, you’re taking me way back….LOL. Back in the day I could only wish I could afford a Corvette, they were only for the rich people. Fast forward to 2015, I’m fifty four and I’m finally able to purchase one. But in the end run I’m kind of glad I couldn’t afford one back in the day, I probably would have ended up killing myself. Lastly I wanted to purchase a low mileage Corvette at a good (cash only) price because I hate making payments, especially considering what a 2015 Corvette cost these days!

  17. HeadMaster1

    Cash and carry Keith, its the only way to go. The new C6 is the first Corvette that had me excited enough to even think about getting in debt. But paying $70k for a car that (no matter how good) will be worth less than half that in 3-4 years just makes my skin crawl. I had to pass, so I went out and found my 90ZR1. Odds are very good that I can enjoy it for a few years and sell it for close to what I paid for it. That’s driving your dream cars for FREE, and that’s how I’ve been trying to play it for the last decade or so……I’m not a wealthy guy, but you’d never think that if you looked in my garage, LOL

    • Keith

      Well your 90 ZR1 is a sweet ride and I’m sure very fast! Right now I own three LT1 vehicles: 1994 Caprice Classic 5.7 LT1 with only 9k miles on it, I own a 1997 Z28 LT1 with only 23k miles on it, and my corvette. I’m not a LT1 collector, I just ended up with three of them. ALL ARE PAID FOR!!!

  18. Keith

    Headmaster1, By the way I like the wheels on your ZR1 better than the wheels on my corvette, you wouldn’t happen to know where I can get a set like yours?

    • HeadMaster1

      Keith the wheels on my car are ZR1 specific, although a similar version with a center cap covering the lugs and an inch narrower on the rear were standard on the 90s, and 91s I think :-) It’s fairly fast but difficult to launch. I think some drag radials will take care of that. The gearing is so tall that I can’t see the tach needle most of time as its so low. 800rpm @40mph in 6th,, about 1,300rpm on the hwy for legal speeds. The “power key” is ALWAYS on I can’t imagine driving with it off ;-) It’s fast enough to keep up with most modern cars (Mustang/Camaro/Challenger)

  19. Keith

    Headmaster1, I checked eBay for the ZR1 wheels and I did see a set you referred too with the cap covering the lug nuts, not really liking those. How wide are your ZR1 wheels? In the mean time I will keep an eye on eBay to see if any ZR1 wheels pop up, I really like the way they look. My corvette has the 3.45 rear differential.

  20. Keith

    Headmaster1, Pro-charger makes a twin intercooled centrifugal supercharger (1PSC) for the LT1 Corvette that looks like OEM when installed. They claim 50% increase in HP without any internal modifications to the engine. The only thing I would need to do is to change out the fuel injectors, higher PSI fuel pump, and a computer tune. Should put me past the 400HP mark. Being that my corvette isn’t a collectable like yours and it has low miles makes it a good candidate for the Pro-Charger. Cost is around 5k for the kit……k

  21. Don Leblanc

    My favorite generation of Corvettes is C4, and I’ve owned 2 of them.
    Just a blast to drive, great value for the money and hey…it’s a vette.

    Had a black 1985, and a 1994 in polo green.

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