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Evicted! “99% Unrestored” 1973 AMC Gremlin


It’s pretty easy to see that this 1973 AMC Gremlin (described as “99% unrestored” by the seller) has had a comfy home lately with an AMC fan! As Chaucer said, however approximately, all good things must come to an end as the owner needs the garage space for a newly purchased Polaris Slingshot. The now evicted Gremlin resides in Bethpage, Tennessee and is now up for sale here on eBay, where bidding starts at $6,000 and the buy-it-now is $8,000.


The period bumper sticker is a nice touch, but given the large bumpers and so 70’s color scheme, we don’t even need the reminder to know when this Gremlin originally hit the road. As we’ve discussed before, the Gremlin has either love it or hate it styling and represents AMC’s innovative ways of filling market niches as inexpensively as possible.


I have to really give the seller credit here for taking closeups of cosmetic flaws that aren’t readily apparent in the larger pictures. Yes, the bumper could stand to be straightened and rechromed, and there are cracks in the original decal stripes that show up when you look closely. But it’s only original once, and I would caution anyone plunging into a “restoration” of this car that they might regret in the long term.


The interior is also very 70’s, with the contrasting vinyl on the seats picking up the unusual (at least to me) cream door panels. The factory air conditioning blows cold when charged, but has a hose that needs to be repaired or replaced to keep it that way. It always amazes me how many different shades of brown and tan you will find in an AMC car of this era, but somehow it all works for me in this Gremlin. I like it!


Surprisingly, the seller doesn’t include engine pictures (perhaps they will be added later) but does include a number of undercar pictures that show a nice driver with no visible rust. The new exhaust system is obvious as well, and the seller tells us that the tires, fuel pump, carburetor and radiator are new as well. Minor issues include two gauges that have recently become inoperative when a hidden radio was installed and the paint being rubbed off the steering wheel in spots. With a claimed 74,000 original miles and said to run and drive well, this Gremlin looks like the only thing it really needs is a new owner to appreciate it and a fresh garage spot. If you think that spot should be yours, let us know in the comments below!



  1. Avatar photo Gary

    Gone already

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  2. Avatar photo Speedo

    There is room for the trike AND the 3 cars! He has interesting tastes with AMCs and an Opel GT.

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  3. Avatar photo Gary

    How bout the AMX in the back?

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  4. Avatar photo Bob S

    Quite surprised a car with leaking AC, base model, recent undercoat and bad chrome sold for $8k. That would buy a Hell of a Corvair.

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    • Avatar photo Don

      With AC ,AT, roof rack ,radio , deluxe interior , bumper guards and rear roof spoiler ,I wouldn’t call it a base model ; they also made Gremlins from 70 to 74, while Corvair had a longer run from 60 -69 , so I imagine there’s still a lot more Corvairs left in good shape than Gremlins . The only thing I would change on this car would be to add power steering !

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      • Avatar photo Lee

        They made Gremlins longer than that, I had a 76 6cyl and a 75 v8.

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  5. Avatar photo wuzjeepnowsaab

    Second only to the Pacer as the Ugliest. Car. Ever.

    Oh, AMC…you could have been great. Now you’re just…gone

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    • Avatar photo John Newell

      The ugliest car ever is the 2 cylinder Citroen that looks like a hat box with wheels. That is followed by the Plymouth Valiants of the early sixties and after that the full size Plymouths of that era. Then there are the Nash bathtub cars. So the Gremlin is a long way from the worst.

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      • Avatar photo Rob S

        Couldn’t have said it better!

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    • Avatar photo Tim

      I would vote Pontiac Aztek for ugliest. I think the gremlin has aged well, or at least grown on me over the years.

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  6. Avatar photo John Newell

    The Pontiac Aztec is the car that many say sank Pontiac so your observation Tim can’t be ignored. The Gremlin by comparison is the root design that many of today’s cars owe their existence to. So far from being a bad design, it’s iconic.

    The technology in the Pacer is a big part of the reason Chrysler still exists, so it’s a lucky thing that someone at Chrysler finally saw the light, hired the AMC staff into key positions instead of turning them out in the street as we normally see with hostile take-overs. In fact much of the modern automotive world owes a lot to the ugly Pacer. Not bad for a car at least a decade ahead of it’s time.

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  7. Avatar photo AMCSTEVE

    What’s with all the nice Gremmies popping up for sale lately?
    They made quite a few of them and everyone knows someone that had one. These were very tough durable cars that just ran and ran.

    Stick a 390 or a 401 in one and you were off to the races. Bare bones and light cars that handled well it’s no wonder why it sold for 8g. A/C is also a rarity.

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  8. Avatar photo Alexander Member

    I had this exact car in the DC area for about a year in 1980-81. Same color, air, bench seat. I don’t believe the contrasting door panels that match the seats are even close to an original color scheme.

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  9. Avatar photo AMCFAN

    Lets remember beauty is in the eye of the beholder. AMC Gremlins are actually going up in value. Not too long ago this was a $1500. car. The wheels are a nice touch but not original to this car. It would have had steel wheels and dog dish hub caps. Most likely a 232 engine. Underside looks nice although a little too much spraybomb to me.

    Gremlins are very powerful in stock trim with the six. No need to ruin this one with a V8. They simply do not make good race cars. H.L and Shirley Shahan and Wally Booth have already been there and done that. A nice original born with 304 is a plus or an upgraded AMC 360 will lay rubber for several blocks. Then you will need good brakes.

    Tim, I have to disagree with you on the Aztek. Thanks to Walter White Azteks are making a resurgence. The Aztek didn’t kill Pontiack. GM did. Given the very low numbers in it’s final year estimated to be 5000 or less. Clean well optioned examples are bringing real money. You could get AWD. It is claimed to have the ability to haul a full sheet of plywood in the back. Loaded with quirky standard features like the center console has a removable cooler. Some came with an air mattress and a tent for camping. I think most who laugh now will be the first ones to give one a second look in the days ahead.

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    • Avatar photo Lee

      My 75 and 76 both had those wheels as did my dad’s 73 Hornet sport about wagon.

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  10. Avatar photo John Hand

    If figures. I see a car I would have bought for sure, and it is an old feature dated 2016. I note it says the owner bought a Slingshot, which is interesting since I also owned a 2015 at that time. That is a nice Gremlin and I originally bought one for my teen daughter because I wanted to put here in something more substantial than the Pintos etc of the day. She had it for years and it never broke. Was one that possibly had better odds of becoming a collector item because it was the LEVI edition with seats covered in Levi pants material and the steel buttons.

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