$9,995 Or Offer: 1977 AMC Hornet Sportabout

We saw a jaw-dropping Hornet wagon a few days ago and here’s another one that looks just as nice if not nicer – they’re coming out of the woodwork! This gorgeous 1977 AMC Hornet Sportabout is in Naples, Florida and yes, that’s where I should be right now. It’s on eBay with only a day left and a $9,995 buy it now price or you can make an offer.

I think this car looks much nicer than the other one did and I thought that was a winner. The biggest gripe with the other Hornet wagon seemed to be that it had wide white walls on it. These tires are much more like what should be on this car, or these cars, in general. Not only that but this car is in amazing condition, too; even more so than the 1973 model that we saw a few days ago.

The seller says that this isn’t a 100-point car and none of us expect it to be, but it sure looks good, no? I think the early Hornet grilles were more endearing but this schnozz is nothing to sneeze at, so to speak. The owner is “Reducing our collection of antique cars so please do not ask if we want something in trade. We don’t.” Ouch, I know that feeling.

Like the other Hornet, the carpet may be the biggest letdown on this car, too. It really needs a deep cleaning, but other than that this interior looks great. The seats look like new and with only a bit over 53,000 miles on this car they should.

The engine, while heavy on spray detailer, looks great. And, this is an AC car. I guess that’s not surprising since the seller says that it was a “life long Texas car until I got it and now it is in Florida.” The engine is a 258 inline-six that would have had around 115 hp. This one “Starts right up, does not smoke, leak or drip anything.  New tires, brakes, tune up and fluid changes and lubrication  in the past month.” I like this car overall more than the previous 1973 Hornet wagon/Sportabout with the wide-whites. Which one would you choose?


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  1. jw454

    This one has the ’73 from a few days ago beat just for the fact is doesn’t have those awful wide white walls. This is also a much nicer car and a true survivor.

  2. Vegaman_Dan

    Verrrrry brown.

  3. Classic Steel

    Luv AMC cars!

    The carver just looks dirty and not wore !

    Buy some Clorox color safe bleach in a box and mix with a lil water and scrub the carpet and i bet it will remove dirt and grease look like new !

    Okay I am ready to read about a cool javelin for sale next 🤠👍👀

    Or even aother high priced bama trooper javelin


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  4. Scott

    My thought is that the owner is asking for money that is the top of the market.

  5. Solosolo KEN TILLY Member

    I prefer the earlier light coloured wagon with the wide whites and don’t like the wheel covers on the dark brown wagon. Both seem to have badly fitting tailgates.

  6. Dick Johnson

    “SON…I SAY SON! Pay attention boy! (slap, slap), there is nothing, I say nothing jaw dropping about an econo box from back then. Get your jaww off the floor BOY! (Slap, slap) — Foghorn Leghorn

    Still, a very nice example. I’d buy this one before buying any new clunk box for $21,000.

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    • BMW4RunninTundra

      Thank you for the much needed laugh!!!!

  7. Superdessucke

    Finally, a proper Hornet (to the extent such a thing exists).

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      Where can you get a “New clunk box for $21,000?

      • Classic Steel

        kIA or Hyundai

        Or go to ikea and they probably have one you build with a special tool and off the wall instructions 😜😜😜😜😜😜

      • Dick Johnson

        Forgot which BF author said it, referring to a car that cost 4800 in the 70’s isn’t so bad since that figure is equivalent to 21,000 in today’s cash. Or; a new Cessna 182, IFR equipped, of yesteryear is now 795,000 in today’s cash.

        Not gonna buy a chebby aveo for 21,000, either.

      • Superdessucke

        I’d buy a used clunkbox for $10k and be done with it. Anyway, I wonder where this would get parked if you valeted it.

  8. Jack M.

    It is a lot easier to ask too much and drop your price, than start too low and try to raise it.

  9. Rube Goldberg Member

    Oh, oh, looks as if someone been watching the markets, ( hmm, paw, I bet we could get 10g’s for our car too) Like the other one, nice car, great car, just can’t justify the price, when car lots couldn’t give these away. Guess I just have to accept that was 40 years ago. Maybe $10g’s is worth it to some today. Sure would be a nice ride, regardless.

  10. Ron

    Owened 2 of them over the years and wish I had either one back both more dependable and comfortable than any of this4 banger crap on the road today and didn’t have to “the shop” to find out what was wrong if it did falter. Have always loved the Buick Division of GM and had many of them and had a friend buy one of the Luxury 4 banger 38k heaps recently and compared to this wagon think GM should hide their face in disgrace. Most people that put these cars never owned one unless it had already been driven into the earth before they got it and never owned much else that hadn’t

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    • justkris73

      I owned one in the early nineties. LOVED LOVED LOVED my straight six. It was this same color. I’d pay this for it. (cause you know….nostalgia!) It was a comfortable ride, dependable and a fun conversation piece. PLUS, about 10 of us could load up and head to New Orleans for the weekend without hesitation.

  11. XMA0891

    With Hornets, the earlier the better for me. This one is a honey. But $10G’s for an six cylinder auto, what would a V8 manual be worth in the same condition?

  12. David Miraglia

    Nice find

  13. Comet

    Nice car. However if those tailgate gaps were any larger my dog could fall out.

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    • dweezilaz

      Just like the other Hornet, Comet. Standard issue.

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