9k Genuine Miles: 1978 Chevrolet Camaro Z28

There is a lot to be said for owning the nicest, the best, the most original, or the lowest mileage example of any car. The question is always whether the owner would be game to drive such a car, or is it going to spend its life indoors, accumulating nothing but admiring looks. That’s really the big question that needs to be answered with this 1978 Camaro Z28. It is an absolutely spotless car, and it is sitting in Punta, Gorda, Florida, with a genuine 9,000 miles on its odometer. It is listed for sale here on eBay and has a BIN price of $59,950. If that is a bit rich for you, then you can always make an offer.

Finding fault on a car like this is always going to be difficult. The original Black paint has an amazing depth to it, and it doesn’t appear as though there is a mark on the car anywhere. The gold pinstriping is also faultless, and the wheels look to be free of any curb strike. In fact, this car is so clean that I would almost believe that even dust would be afraid to land on it.

The immaculate presentation of the Camaro continues when you slip behind the wheel. All of the upholstered surfaces appear to be perfect, and I’d be willing to bet that no one has ever sat in the back seat. The only thing that I can really spot that may not be original is the radio/cassette player that is currently fitted to the car, along with the graphic equalizer that you can see just below that. Otherwise, the car gets air conditioning, a tilt wheel, and a remote control driver’s exterior mirror.

Powering the Camaro is the ever-reliable 350ci V8, which in this case produces 185hp. Hooked to this is a 3-speed automatic transmission, while the Camaro also receives power steering and power brakes. The owner gives no indication of how well the car runs and drives, and in fact when the last time was that it actually saw the road. What he does say is that the car has recently received a new set of tires, but that the originals are included in the sale.

How do you place a value on a car like this? One thing is for certain, and that is that every person will have an opinion, and all will have good and sound reasons for that opinion. The fact is that there isn’t a Z/28 on the market at present that approaches the mileage claim of this car, and there hasn’t been one in a very long time. Even the ever-optimistic Hagerty list a #1 condition car, which this would definitely be, at around $32,000. Is this one worth nearly twice that money? I’ll leave that question up to you to answer.


  1. TimM

    Good looking car but not for $60,000!!
    Insane price!!

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  2. Rick

    If it had the T-top option, maybe $35K… maybe. Someone would want to have this car.

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  3. dirtyharry

    Is everyone on dope?

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    • Superdessucke

      Everyone’s on the best economy in several decades and repressed memories of cyclical economies!

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    • Shawn Fox Firth

      Yes I Am and I think they’re Nuckin’ Fut’s .. .

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    • Robbie M.

      Yes they are Mr. Hand. Yes they are.

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    • Marauder

      In Canada, yes we are and it’s completely legal.

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  5. Matt steele

    Beautiful car. I’d pay $10,000..well no $8500…

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  6. Keith

    Very nice Camaro but for 60k whoever buys it will not be able to drive it. If they do it will just become another nice Camaro worth much less. Lastly this is a non performance Camaro so it will require some performance modifications but that too will take away from it’s value so scratch that. Just park it and look at it like all the Grand National owners do……Just saying?

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    • Superdessucke

      A very nice ’78 driver is what? 15k? Maybe more in this jacked up economy but that’s probably real value. So you’re right, what do you do with this? Every mile will lower the value. And these are pretty slow in rock stock form. They really wake up with a mild torque converter, true duals, and cam kit (mid-14s) but no way in hell are you modding one that’s costing you new BMW M3 money.

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  7. Poncho

    Another museum paper weight.
    So, NADA Value is at High Retail value: $18000, Hagerty Value is $23000 for #2 Excellent condition and $31800 #1 Concours condition.
    I am not seeing the double #1 condition value for this car. Just as Keith says above, the low performance of this model year pretty much kills it for me, but the price just buries it.
    Arm yourself with info before opening your wallet!
    One like this sold at Mecum last month for $13750.
    Priced NOT to sell.

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    • DennisGa1

      A smog era car? No thanks not even for half the asking price!

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  8. John Tee

    What’s the deal with the temp gauge?

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  9. Vin_in_NJ

    Why would someone go through the trouble of replacing the stock radio and adding an equalizer ( most likely done in the 80’s based on the cassette head unit) and then store the car?
    And will somebody tell the seller ((( they are not honeycomb wheels )))

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    • Gregwnc

      I’m in agreement with everybody else. Absolutely beautiful specimen, but you need tons of cash because all you’re buying is a huge paperweight. To expensive and rare to enjoy or mod. Of course the price is way out of reality as well, but hey, it’s one of a kind and if he can get it, more power to him.

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    • Rocksteady

      They put in the aftermarket stereo and equalizer so they could listen to primo tunes while sitting behind the wheel in the garage on Sunday afternoons.

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      • ChallengerChick

        While smoking dope and laughing their heads off, thinking about all those big bucks they were going to get for it in 2019! 😂

        I’m with Matt, I might have been in at $8 – 10k, but the automatic is a deal killer for me. Bleah.

  10. Bakyrdhero

    One of the nicer paint scheme’s I’ve seen. It’s refreshing to not see all the gaudy striping that this generation Z28 is known for. Those turbine wheels always look special to me also, though I’m glad I don’t have to clean them. 60k though? Geez, these cars still suck a little last I knew.

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  11. 8banger Dave Mika Member

    I would roll in it with some foxy young womens while blasting Foreigner at top volume. Like re-creating high-school baseball game nights…maybe a little Van Halen tossed into the mix…

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  12. irocrobb

    Ha a 1979 Z28.Black on black on black. Mine was a 4 speed which is the only way to go. 3000 rpm at 60 mph,yikes.Crazy money but a sharp car

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    • Rock On

      That’s what 3:73 gears will do with a non-overdrive transmission. I put 3:08’s in my 1978 Z28 and would walk away from all of the 5.0 Mustangs on the highway.

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  13. bill

    Sold my flawless 79′ Z-28 with 6,000 miles in 86′ for $6,500. Guess I should have held onto it a little longer.

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    • moosie moosie

      yup, aint that the truth.

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  14. NovaTom

    Talk about throwing money away on an eBay add….

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  15. Coventrycat

    My mullet just got all spikey.

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  16. zipy

    Reality maybe 28,000. There’s an 81 on Ebay for 34,000 with 11000 miles.

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    • TCE

      Manual….be selling for more

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  17. Tom Member

    Somebody will pay for it. It will sell to someone who always wanted one, 60K is “pocket money” to them and they will drive it like they were “back in the day” and enjoy it. Or yes, goes into a collection to depreciate because this car will never ramp up into big money.

    One of those “find another one like it” and there are too few to pick from. It’s black, which is a hot seller….not to me, I will NEVER own another black car! I am a master detailer, very good a getting black right…..but black is only good (if it is good at all) for 8 minutes!!

    We all know what is going on there……I can hear it now. WIFE: “Sell that car !” HUSBAND “FINE, IT’S GOING ON EBAY RIGHT NOW…..YOU HAPPY?!!!”

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  18. Dennis

    Somebody tell this guy it’s NOT a 1978 Trans Am S.E. LOL In which case $59,900 would be cheap for a 9,000 one owner 78 T/A S.E.

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  19. Karl

    It’s a heck of a nice looking Camaro! I had a 78 Rally Sport with The cars and concepts T tops (GM contracted with them to do all the roof work on these cars) the normal things to watch for are rust since this a stock engine it didn’t make enough power to twist anything, this engine although it’s a long ways off at 85k miles it’s going to need a cam, lifters etc seems like most if not all SBC of this era had this issue, mine included. Nice looking car but overpriced

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  20. charles Flowers

    Had a 79, 4 speed. Worst car I ever had, POS. Couldn’t give me another one, well maybe you could, but still.
    This car is an example of the absolute worst of period of American cars.
    60K, child please!

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  21. riviera guy

    Nice car. I’m a little concerned about the temp gauge. Either it’s way over heating or the sending unit is not working correctly. Too bad there aren’t more dash pictures. I would look to see if the heater is set to hot even though it’s summer.

    Power windows and locks would be nice…

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  22. rod444

    $60k is exactly the right price.
    He’s just 30 years early.

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  23. George mattar

    For $60,000 I can buy a driver quality 1967 Corvette. No way. Automatic and no t tops. $15,000 tops.

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  24. John Oliveri

    With a 350, of that time, 185 hp, no power windows, or locks, wrong radio, and nowhere to go but down, 60 large? No way, cars worth 30,000 if you really have a lot of fond memories of owning one, and remember guys, your wife’s Camry will blow your doors off, so don’t try to run her, your gonna get your pride hurt

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  25. Claudio

    It should be in the non created yet section of the NOT FOR SALE section …

  26. dyno dan

    Punta Gorda? can you spell multi-bazillion-aires!
    Hence the asking price.

  27. 1stGenJeff

    I agree, i’m watching all those mid 70’s -early 80’s matter all the going through the roof and i don’t get it. They look okay but don’t have the visual appeal to me as 1st and 2nd gens, while the IROC years are pretty sharp they still only had in the low 200’s for hp ratings . Just because earlier models are priced out for us common folk doesn’t mean the next decade or more AUTOMATICALLY start to double in value. 5 -7 years ago you could get a low mile 77-81 Z28 for $7500-8000 and a really nice new paint rebuilt motor IROC Z for under $10K or right at it, and i mean a nice one.
    I’ll take a #3 pushing #2+ 97 SS or Z28 w/ SLP option pkg -LT4(for all intensive purposes that’s what SLP turned it into)with a 6spd for my daily AND pick up a #3 67/68 SS w/L48 or better yet RS or Coupe with the L30/M-21 combo for that same $64,000 maybe with enough to take the wife out to nice dinner and break the news i bought 2 Camaros. It’s nice but where’s the value in having the nicest smog-choked 185hp low mile that you can’t drive and put miles on Z28 in the country??

  28. Bhowe Member

    Absolutely beautiful car. Talk about presence. To me its probably worth 20 to 25. Id drive it sparingly maybe a couple times a year.

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