9k Original Miles: 1962 Harley-Davidson FLH Duo Glide

Sitting in this workshop is a 1962 Harley-Davidson FLH Duo Glide that has been part of the same family since it was new. It spent many years stored away, but the owner has returned it to a roadworthy state while maintaining its originality. He has made the tough decision to part with a wonderfully original classic, so he has listed it for sale here on Barn Finds Classifieds. The Harley is located in Pittston, Pennsylvania, and the owner is asking $20,000 for the Duo Glide.

The story behind this Harley is an interesting one. It was purchased new by the owner’s grandfather in 1962, and he used it regularly until he chose to park it in 1969. It then sat untouched until the owner purchased it from the family in 2013. Cosmetically, the motorcycle is completely original. It has never undergone any restoration work, which means that it has plenty of character. The paint wears its share of marks and chips, but it is still presentable for an original survivor. There are no noticeable dings or dents and no evidence of prior accident damage. The owner admits that the chrome is pitted, but for my money, this adds character to the vehicle. The seat appears to be in excellent condition, while the carrier rack and saddlebags make this a practical cruiser. About the only thing that it needs to give it the “total” look would be a windshield. This is not necessary, but since they can be bought for under $300, it would make the motorcycle a more comfortable proposition on the open road. The buyer might choose to treat the Harley to a cosmetic refresh, but I’m not sure that I would do that if I were to buy it. This classic would attract just as much attention as-is as it would fully restored, so I’d keep that money in my pocket.

This is a classic Harley-Davidson, so naturally, it is powered by a big twin engine. In this case, what we find is a 74ci Panhead that should be producing 55hp. Those ponies find their way to the ground via a 4-speed transmission, and while the FLH was not renowned as a high-performance motorcycle, it could still give 100mph a nudge if the rider wanted it to. However, these machines were more about relaxed cruising, and with masses of low-end engine torque, they could perform these duties exceptionally well. This Duo Glide sat in storage for 44-years before the owner revived it in 2013. It remains mechanically original, and the only component that needed changing was the master cylinder. However, the original item is included in the sale. A Harley specialist performed the revival work, and this classic is ready to hit the road once again. It is worth noting that it has a genuine 9,444 miles showing on its odometer, which is a mere stroll for a classic like this.

I like motorcycles, and I’ve had a few in my time. I openly admit that there was a time when I treated the Harley-Davidson with disdain. I now know that my attitude was born of ignorance on my part. Owning a classic Harley isn’t about owning a motorcycle. It is about buying into a lifestyle. There is a kinship amongst Harley owners that rarely exists across other brands. They will stop to talk to each other, admire machinery, and swap stories. They will almost invariably stop to help each other in times of trouble. There is a sense of community that speaks of a simpler time, and that’s not a bad reason for any motorcycle enthusiast to give this Duo Glide more than a mere passing glance.

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  1. geomechs geomechs Member

    Wow! An original Duo-Glide to blast down the road on a hot summer night. I would have only been 9 years old when this beast first announced its presence and that it wasn’t taking any prisoners. While half the neighborhood was ogling over Honda 50s I was fantasizing over the day I’d be commandeering my own Hog. Well, it would be 7 years before I’d be riding the 45 and another 10 before I’d have my big twin. I have few regrets except that I sold my Harley-Davidsons. Maybe if my luck hasn’t run out I might be able to realize my original fantasy of riding a Panhead before I start pushing up daisies. If this came my way it would be preserved and ridden, maybe with a few less gaudy accessories, but it would be cherished and enjoyed until I was too far gone to hold it up…

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    • Howard A Member

      Hey, pal, we’re in the same gear on this one. The spindly older ones come along, I have no interest, but the Duo-Glide was HD’s attempt at a real motorcycle. It had rear suspension, up until then, it was a hardtail, cruise like a Caddy, it would. Still had the old “manly kick start”, electric start came out in ’65, and still adhered to the “if it didn’t pop on the 2nd kick, oh, oh, we may be here a while” thing, and we all took turns kicking the old Pan. Electric start opened up the sales to many that couldn’t start these. Probably the single most important feature in 40 years, and they knew it. You know, geo, coming from Milwaukee, I never had an interest in Harley’s, but they sure look nice to an old man. Sadly, it’s an image H-D still caters to, a market with less and less people that may want this, but as far as I’m concerned, this was the best H-D you could buy. Harley has fallen on bad times, and if they don’t come up with something soon, it could be curtains for the once mighty name.
      In a sidebar, geomechs took me to the H-D museum in Milwaukee a few ( several?) years back, and it was a great time, I can’t thank him enough, and a worthy stop for anyone visiting the Beer City.

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  2. Courtney

    I know about a thousand guys who would love to have it.

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    • CraigR

      Make that a thousand and one. That thing is sweet. Wish I had room for it.

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      • Mike


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  3. oilngas

    My oldest brother was stationed in California when he bought a new Panhead. It was a November weekend when he and a buddy rode straight thru to Arlington,Texas to be home for our mother’s birthday. Then turned around and rode back to be on time for Monday’s roll call. One drove while the other slept.
    Another time when riding home alone the weather was bad and it was getting late. He was seen huddled under a tree by a family packing to leave on a trip. They invited him in. Fed him, showed him where to sleep. The man was a preacher. He called our mother to let her know not to worry. Then told my brother to lock up when he left the next day. He rode that bike from California three times that I know of. I ride a 72 Electraglide and can’t imagine making that trip once.

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    • vintagehotrods

      That’s over 1400 miles one way and it sounds like it would qualify for todays “Iron Butt” rides by the Iron Butt Association. Pretty insane stuff, ride your bike 1000 miles in 24 hours and you qualify and they have even more insane stuff than that here: https://ironbutt.org/rides/

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  4. LMK Member

    I like it a lot…Not $20K a lot but a lot…

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  5. Jt

    Had a ’57 Pan. Got more attention than all the other Harleys I owned. The first time I took it out, a friend who does my tattoos said if I ever wanted to sell, it he wanted it. After a serious crash broke every bone in my leg, I knew I couldn’t ride it. Bought a V-Rod trike. When I called Tony, he swore I was messing with him. I gave him the price and he picked it up that afternoon. The old ones are that special. Before anyone says anything about the price, check this out: https://www.barrett-jackson.com/Events/Event/Details/1954-HARLEY-DAVIDSON-PANHEAD-MOTORCYCLE-245085. ’62 wins every time!

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    • vintagehotrods

      Wow! $88,000 for a beautiful bike and that makes this one a steal at just $20,000!

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  6. Jon Green

    Yes that ’62 is a real sweet unmolested beauty! I have a ’52 and a ’64 out in my Pole-barn- Both are far from stock though and both are rigid frames. (The ’64 has struts on the rear, but still retains the stock swing-arm, for those of you who know that a ’64 had shocks!)- Back in the day we would use shovel -head valves for that extra flow, and drill out the oil hole larger for the lifters, plus a few other go-fast modifications. – Before an accident, My 64 was my daily ride for years. However,now that I have both hips replaced with Titanium, I haven’t kick-started either one for a long time! But Panheads, are in my humble opinion the BEST Harley Davidson’s ever produced! Anyway, two’s a company, but three’s a crowd! So I will only enjoy the story, and pictures of that bike, instead of adding another one.

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  7. chrlsful

    pan head w/bags, WoW. I’d put the frnt end in the corner, ‘upgrade’ a springer & only look back when pursued.

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    • Ron Agnello

      Only a fool would put a springer front end on this panhead.

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  8. Dougie Member

    OMG. This is not a motorcycle. That is doing it an injustice. It’s a time capsule. It’s art. It’s what Harley really was, and sadly is no longer.
    I would just kick that mother over, and drive the bejesus out of it.
    Well, not really. But it would sit front and center on my porch, in full view from my rocker, whilst puffing on a #!&*%$.
    Now that, my friends, is hog heaven.

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  9. Robert Eddins

    Oh, Oh…….:).

  10. Super Glide

    The saddlebags are Buco saddlebags.

    The chrome can be cleaned really well using aluminum foil. That History Channel show about the guy with the shop who fixes anything showed how to do it. It was quick and the chrome looked great. The chrome on this pan is better than the chrome that was on the show.

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    • Ron Agnello

      The saddlebags are H-D’s

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  11. vintagehotrods

    A really cool old bike! I’d love to have this one but I don’t ride the 2000 Indian Chief I have now because of all the stupid drivers out on the roads today. I don’t want to be a hood ornament for a drunk or some idiot texting.

    The second motorcycle I owned was a 1950 Harley rigid framed panhead that I bought for $400. It was a basket case, all in pieces, even the engine, just the frame, engine, trans and a few extra parts. Since this was in 1971, I was really into choppers after seeing the movie Easy Rider, so mine was a full on chopper. I raked it an inch myself, put a 15″ over chromed springer front end with a 21″ front wheel on it, with a Sportster tank, and a stepped banana seat with a sissy bar. I ran out of money before I got it done, so my girlfriend Jan kicked in themoney I needed to get it finished. I knew she was keeper then! The first time I rode it up to her house to pick her up, her dad said “You aren’t leaving on that!” and she said “Yes I am!”, and away we went! We took off and rode it down into Iowa to see the guys I bought it from to show it off. On the way back on I-29 late that night, the generator quit charging, so I turned off the lights and rode behind semi-trucks until I got to a truck stop near Canton, South Dakota. I borrowed a few basic tools, took the generator off and saw the brushes got oily from a leaking seal so I cleaned it back up, put it back together and we were on our way back to Sioux Falls with lights. I got her back home safe and sound and her dad never said another word about it. We have been married for almost 48 years now, but she sure isn’t as adventurous now as she was then!

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    • geomechs geomechs Member

      You sure got yourself a keeper. Too bad you couldn’t keep the bike too…

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      • vintagehotrods

        After of summer of fun on it, in the fall of 1972 Uncle Sam said “Greetings” and I was sent halfway around the the world so my old Harley had to go. I lucked out and ended up in Germany instead of Vietnam, so Jan followed me there and we got married by a German judge in Bamberg, West Germany in the heart of Bavaria. I always tease her that she had to chase me around the world to catch me, but she says she came because I was whining like a baby without her there with me. She was right!

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  12. Ron Agnello

    Only a fool would put a springer front end on that panhead.

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    • LMK Member

      It needs nothing but a complete and thorough detailing…

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    • vintagehotrods

      Absolutely right! Nothing should touch this old girl except the riders butt in the seat!

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  13. George Mattar

    Like many said here, today Harleys are way overpriced crap full of Chinese garbage parts. They still use an engine design 100 years old, but old fat, bald dumb bells buy them cause they look cool. All they make is noise. Total junk.


      While I agree about being overpriced, you can say that about almost anything now a days. The V twin is timeless and it’s history worth preserving. Your characterization of people that adhere to this culture is… umm, pretty telling about you. What grade will you be in next year?

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  14. Srt8

    An old guy (now I’ve become one of those as well) had one back in 1980. One night as the bar was closing we were both walking out at the same time and he asked if he could ride my FLH and I ride his Duo Glide so we swapped and took a ride. What a blast that thing was to ride.

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