Preserved Creamsicle: 1977 Ford Bronco

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This 1977 Ford Bronco has more than a few things going for it. For one thing, the color scheme is excellent. Who doesn’t love orange on white? For another, the body appears to be uncut, which is a major victory when trying to track down an early Bronco. Throw in a few other original details and you have a truck that is undoubtedly going to be sought after. Also working in its favor is the fact that the seller appears to be eager to make a deal, lowering the Buy-It-Now from $45,000 to $35,000. The truck is listed here on eBay and is located in Bishop, California.

The interior is in the sort of condition that suggests the upholstery has been re-done; if that’s original, it would appear no one has ever actually sat in this car. Even if the seat material is replacement grade, the seller confirms the hard top has never been removed and the often-destroyed spare tire cover is original. Those kinds of details suggest the seller or someone close to the seller knows a bit about the history of this truck, and it’d be interesting to find out a bit more about how it remained so original. The paint could be factory, as Ford offered the Bronco in both Vista Orange and Chrome Yellow in 1977; I suspect this truck has the former for a paint job.

When you see the dashboard is painted the same color as the body, that’s always a good sign that the truck in question remains highly original. The photos aren’t the best, but everything we see suggests this is an unspoiled example. The seller reports that the stationary rear windows in the hard top have been replaced with sliders, but that seems to be it for any deviations from stock. And honestly, that subtle change is an upgrade almost anyone would recommend making if you like using your truck. The period-correct radio is also an encouraging sign.

Again, it’s hard to tell from the photos just how clean the paint job is, and I’m still a bit shocked that’s the original spare tire cover (it looks mysteriously like the same cover used on the later trucks, but I am not an expert in spare tire covers.) The recent Kissimmee auction in Florida saw a restored Bronco in this same paint scheme sell for $88,000, so buying this one for $35,000 (or less – the seller is open to best offers) seems like an absolute bargain, especially if you’re like me and prefer original vehicles over restored examples.

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  1. bobhess bobhessMember


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    • 8banger 8bangerMember

      I’m picking up what you’re putting down, flares on these rigs usually means cut.

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      • Danny V. Johnson

        8banger, My Dad bought a maroon Bronco, new in 1970. It had those white fender flares on all four corners, from the factory.

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      • Todd Zuercher

        The flares were likely installed at the dealer prior to your dad getting it, as the flares weren’t installed at the factory.

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  2. FordGuy1972 FordGuy1972Member

    Nice rig though it looks like it’s been lifted some. The seller came down quite a bit from his original Buy It Now. Shouldn’t it be a bargain for $35K?

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  3. RKS

    Um those rear wheel wells have definitely been cut out. A VERY cursory google search of a 77 bronco will show you what these looked like from factory.

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  4. BoatmanMember

    First Bronco story, Jeff?

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  5. Rw

    Major victory????

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  6. Todd Zuercher

    Somebody snatched it up quick at $35K. Assuming it wasn’t too rusty, that would be a steal at that price in today’s market.

    Ranger interior so I presume the exterior was painted at some point

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  7. Michael Berkemeier

    Everybody loves a Dreamsicle paint scheme…unless it’s on a Camaro, apparently? I liked the Camaro better, lol. These things are ridiculously overpriced and horrible to drive. Not to mention, ugly as H E double-toothpicks.

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    • Todd Zuercher

      Some of us think they’re great looking rigs!

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      • Half-cab

        Hayle yeah Todd you tell him.

        Guess we should all get on here and bash what others think is grand,it you don’t like them say like …..any mopar-most mustangs-some camaros and vets.

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    • BigDaddyBonz

      Hey Mike, I agree. The camaro is overpriced, difficult to drive & ugly.

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  8. chrlsful

    ‘tooth picks’? (hockey sticks !)

    Yes – fenders, radio, sliders all redone (ext: paint? inter: all?)

    Shame no driver’s side shots. A double gas tank might show if all the add ons (seat covers, ‘door cards’ – i remember our debate yrs ago on THAT term – etc could show if true sport, ranger or explorer) were or are oe. No under pics makes it 1 I’d not visit till seeing, likewise no ‘under hood’. In garage even if temp/humidity controlled, no spare cover would live to this condition. Lots to question the seller’s statements BUT most sellers, never mind buyers, dont really know these rigs. I DO like his aftr mrkt grill (not on the jeep) as is ‘the early’ stamping, but here it’s to B ‘argent’ rather than ‘grey’. 35K$ in my 15K.

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  9. MTBorst

    Where’s the guy that had the rust one that don’t run and expects 25k for his piece ? Hahaha, this one went for 35k and is nice looking and drives !

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  10. Marlene Valdes

    Hello, this Bronco was my fathers straight off the lot. He bought it when I was a child and never let go. He did not take the top off, it has no rust, that is the original tire cover and those are the seats that came in it. It lived in his garage all of its life and was very well maintained. He also took it rock crawling a few times in the Sierras and the Whits Mountains. The only reason that it was sold was because my father passed away and all of the kids and grandkids wanted it so we sold it to avoid fighting over it 😊 if you have any questions please feel free to ask

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    • MTBorst

      It looks beautiful. I would have loved to have it ! But my attorney fees from my last estate lawsuit are still killing me. Sorry about your loss. It’s never easy. Speaking from experience. And it’s to bad you couldn’t keep it in the family. That just goes without saying that plans don’t go as they should or the deceased planned on. Anyway. I almost bought a new one in 77 but got a short bed pickup instead. It was fun too

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