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A “Barn Find” Yardfull

Sunbeam Alpines

This is a good news/bad news story. Sound familiar? There are a lot of them on Barn Finds: interesting car, cheap price, needs a little work, or has a lot of useful parts. But is it worth taking on as a project? For this listing it could be all of the above…except maybe for the cheap price part. This listing is for two Sunbeam Alpine sports cars, both for $3,500. Check them out here on eBay.

Rusty Sunbeam Alpines

The Alpines are called parts cars in the listing, but I don’t see even the asking price value in the parts remaining on these two Alpines. That’s because they look like they have already been scavenged for many of their parts and then left sitting out in a humid environment for a long while. On top of that one looks like it’s been on fire.

Yardfull of Barn Finds

That’s the bad news. The good news is that the seller is listing the Alpines for a friend who has a yard full of interesting cars, Jaguars, Healeys, MGs, Triumphs, Fiats. The friend is 80 years old and his health isn’t good, so all the cars in the yard are being offered here. Trouble is, there are only a few photos to go on and the cars mostly look like they have been scavenged for parts and then left to sit.

Rusty Barn Finds

Some of the cars might have some good parts remaining or even be worth considering for restoration, but there isn’t any information other than what’s in a few photos. There isn’t even a location given, but the area code in the phone number is for central South Carolina. It’s up to readers of this eBay listing to decide whether they want to go after the Alpines or anything else they see in the photos or think might lurk in the yard. Do you think there’s anything in the yard worth going after?


  1. Alan (Michigan)


    Somehow, I am thinking that I have seen a few photos of this place before, with the busses and some buildings acting as parts stashes. Yea, there is so much here, that it would be really fun to wander around for a couple of days just looking at it all. The thing is, what is leaf covered is likely also to be very rusty from the retained moisture. And, in order to sort out what parts have been separated from which car, you’d need several marque specialists along for the outing: One for the Rootes cars, one for British Leyland, one for Austin, one for Fiat, one for Alfa, etc.

    There is some evidence that perhaps the larger items were marked for at least which brand they were pulled from: One photo clearly shows a transmission and bell housing with the paint scrawl XKE. Now, what year, what engine, etc… tougher to determine without expert eyes. And the transmission which is missing a cover plate? Sorry, the rust inside means that becomes scrap.

    So unfortunately, when the 80 year old owner moves along to the next phase of existence, a huge portion of the value here will be lost, and scavenged only as materials for the scrap dealer.

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  2. hhaleblian

    Bring a gaggle of semi’s, dump them in my warehouse and let the part it out party begin. One might even break even, if not, who cares? But, what fun! My wife bought five Mega Million Lotto tiks tonight. If this yard is all sold tomorrow give me a call.

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  3. The Chucker

    Scenes like this and the accompanying stories are always such an emotional sight to behold for a car guy. Any true enthusiast can empathize with the car hoarder, which this appears to be. I’m sure there are some usable, if not valuable items scattered throughout the relics outside, but no doubt the treasures lie in the scattered outbuildings. I agree with other posters that it would be a hoot just to have the run of the place and check things out for a day or two.

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  4. jim s

    the NOS parts would be worth looking at if their out of the weather. and i see a TR3 between the MGBGTs, i think. great find

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  5. Grr

    Negligent, uncaring, irresponsible people like this are why the world is coming apart.

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  6. rich

    would be fun to check out but think his Buy it Now prices are well on the high side. Has a rusted out E-type hood for 2800 and a rusted 140 hood for 4G cars don’t look much better

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  7. Junkman Member

    sjc “shit,junk,crap” I am in the junk business, I also collect Sunbeams nothing in these pics would inspire me to bother with any of it. Too much RUST, which we all know is a four letter word. Go for it ye young and ambitious. Pass.

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  8. Jamie Palmer Jamie Staff

    If I am correct, this is “classicandsportscarparts” (http://www.classicandsportscarparts.com) in Columbia, SC. Generally, I have seen what I would consider high priced parts cars sold as “restorable”. Not anything I wish to tackle. I have been hearing about this place for 25 years now…if someone knows different, please share!

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    • Mgsforme

      That’s the place. I have walked the property before. Amazing amount of stuff and decidedly depressing.

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  9. RickyM

    Very sad that the great cars in this hoard have been left to rot. I hope the salvageable parts are retrieved from these cars before a developer comes in and clears the site and scraps everything. Good luck and hope some of you find something you need!

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    • Little_Cars Alexander Member

      I have personal experience from 45 years ago with developers looming behind the scenes. I was delivering newspapers to a home with a small shed covering a Mercedes Benz 190SL with a hardtop covered in chicken poop and resting on flat tires. Before I had a chance to ask the homeowner if they would sell, the area was cleared and presumably the car went out with everything else. Never saw the car again.

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  10. Rancho Bella

    Grr……………I can see you and I sitting down for an adult beverage. I couldn’t agree more

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  11. Joe Howell

    Sad….. now most are just junk.

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  12. 200mph

    Sadly, Jamie’s right. Several people have tried helping him sell stuff before it goes to dust and rust. However…

    These cars were not left to rot. The owner just has a highly inflated idea of what rusted parts and possible cores are worth, and he’s not parting with any unless he gets top dollar.

    I tried buying MG & Healey parts from him last year. The pricing was laughable.

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    • KevSquatch

      I was there last spring looking for a bonnet and a wing for a RB MGB. He wanted $350 each
      for them. Needless to say I left empty-handed. A few months later I found a rust-free parts car for $500.
      It is a shame he is so out of touch with his prices. He could supply the parts to save scores of LBCs.
      That being said, he really is a good guy. He spent half a day with us walking the yard and buildings, telling stories, and talking cars. Very enjoyable.

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  13. Kent Covington

    I think it’s quite simple. He does not need the money and does not really want to sell anything. And I agree $350 for a B fender is crazy. I bought a complete 1965 MGB car for $150 last year.

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