A/C & Original Paint: 1966 Chevrolet Caprice 396!

Style, luxury, and performance in a family size car. The buyer of this Caprice got it all in one handsome package. Reported to be an unrestored original still wearing the factory paint, this 1966 Chevy Caprice is located near Atlanta in the town of Fayetteville, GA. It is listed here on Craigslist for $28,500. I like the blackwall tire look on this car. I think it goes well with the black vinyl top and the Aztec Bronze paint. The pinstriping that runs the length of the car is a nice touch also. You’re not likely to see those pinstripes on a car that’s been repainted. They’re hard to replicate, so they are usually omitted.

In addition to the aforementioned 396 engine and air conditioning, the car has the three-speed automatic transmission, bucket seats and console with gauge package, accessory bumper guards, power steering, power brakes, and a vinyl top. I find it interesting that it is not equipped with “Soft-Ray” tinted glass. I’ve met some folks who claim 1960’s GM cars equipped with A/C all came with tinted glass. That is not the case. I have had a 1960’s Chevelle and a Camaro with factory A/C and no tint.

From what I can see, the interior appears to be original. The seller admits that the driver’s seat has a couple of tears and the dash pad is cracked. The headliner is flawed too, but the owner has a new one ordered and has already paid to have it installed. Visible in this shot is the factory gauge package mounted atop the console. The seller says only 140 of these cars came equipped with the gauge package. The owner is honest in describing a few other flaws: the clock, radio, and dash lights are not currently functioning and there is a dent in the right quarter panel. In one of the pictures, I can see what I would call a ding in the right quarter panel below the c-pillar. It’s fairly small. I’d have a paintless dent repair expert take a look at it.

The car is reported to have the original drivetrain including the 12-bolt rear and the matching numbers 396 cubic inch, 325 horsepower engine. Even the A/C compressor is original and still functioning as it should. Some people would fluff it up under the hood but I like seeing it like this, in its unmolested original state. The car “runs and drives like an absolute dream” according to the ad. I think the price is fair for a car of this caliber. What do the readers think? Are there any big car fans out there?


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  1. Pat

    Even has what looks to be the original air conditioning decal in the rear window.👍. Love the c pillar on the caprice 2 door.

  2. Gaspumpchas

    Sure is a beauty with all the goodies Price seems a little high, if it was a 4 speed would be different.

    Good luck to the buyer and seller!!!

  3. On and On On and On Member

    My cousin classifies cars in four categories. Rat, Dog, Ghetto Cruiser, and Mochine. Yes Mochine. This is a Mochine. Priced way too high, but none the less a car to love and drive.

    • 68custom

      This one is very nice and has updated air and the rare tilt/tele steering column plus power windows. Well priced as well! I like them both but this one for ten k less is a better deal.

      • 68custom

        Also if only 140 caprices had gauge package in 66 I must have seen them all. I think many more had the gauge pack!

  4. poseur Member

    this is a gorgeous car & color combination.
    knee-jerk reaction is to dismiss it due to the powerglide but, growing up we had a few two speed autos in the family & they really made for nice smooth cruisers.
    and when the need came for a kick-down going highway speed, it was a real event!
    memory is up until about 50mph first was available by mashing it to-the-floor followed by a roar from the secondaries & increased revs rocketing us past whomever had the nerve to challenge my dad’s driving prowess.

    while i get some folks thinking the aski is too expensive, i wonder how many other mid-60’s family-size monster-motored rides are available in such (reputedly) original condition? that’s 50+ years of modifying, “improving,” hot-rodding, abuse & neglect!

    if i had the desire, room & discretionary funds i’d show up with cash & drive away at $25k or less.

    • doug

      It’s not a powerglide, it has a turbo 400.

      • poseur Member

        interesting if true, never seen an auto other than a powerglide for ’65 & ’66 full size Chevys.
        heck, Corvette didn’t get a 3-speed until ’67.

      • Southbound

        The turbo 400 was offered in ’65 behind the 396 in passenger cars.

      • Symon

        I had a 66 396 ss was turbo 400, definitely an option for 66 cars.

  5. NMCarNut

    Could be wrong but while the Caprice did originally come with a pinstripe this one does not look original. The original top stripe should more closely match the contour line on the front fender and with a black interior the stripe should be black, photo attached comparing the stripe with a factory photograph.
    Nitpicks aside still a very nice car.

    • Beatnik Bedouin

      I’ve seen (painted) pinstripes applied to new cars at the dealer back when this Caprice was new, and that may be the case here. My local Pontiac dealer often used to get stripes added to Bonnevilles and had a supplementary sticker to show what was added on-site. Not being able to see the car beyond the pics, it’s kind of hard to tell.

      Like Gaspumpchas, said, were this a factory four-speed car, it would be worth the extra scratch.

      • Boatman Member

        That’s not a 52 year old pinstripe, or paint job.

  6. Boss351

    Price seems a little too high but this one is a beauty. I like the 66 above in Scottsdale, AZ better assuming it really has been an Arizona car 50+ years. Just can’t see pay $10K more for this one that needs a good bit of work.

  7. Jeff S.

    Overpriced. I would inspect it real well. These are known for rust problems around the rear glass, vinyl top could be hiding a future problem.

    The one above from Classic Cars is the one to buy. Who knows you might be able to buy it for $16,000 cash.

  8. doug

    Poseur, Corvette still had a powerglide in ’67, even with a 390 hp 427. But big block full sized cars got a turbo 400 right from the beginning in ’65. The article even says it’s a three speed auto.

    • poseur Member

      sorry, meant that in ’67 you could buy a corvette with a turbo400, but you’re right, they were in the early ’68 model C3’s.
      our neighbor had a Marlboro Maroon ’67 C2 with black stinger, 390hp 427, powerglide & AC. it was gorgeous.
      my ski buddy had a ’68 SS396 Camaro with turbo400, i guess one was probably available in the ’67’s as well, but i’ve never seen one.

      regardless, just didn’t know you could get a full size with the 3-speed auto a couple years earlier than the sporty models.
      doesn’t make sense to me. but then again, if i counted all the times GM did something that i didn’t understand i’d be through all fingers, toes & most, if not all of the remaining hairs on my balding head!

      • al8apex

        little history lesson about mid 60’s big block Chevy products, Turbo 400 in all except Corvette UNTIL 1968 due to the fact that the turbo 400 wouldn’t fit the C2’s

  9. Southbound

    Very nice car.
    I prefer the 67 and 68 fastbacks personally.
    Rode in the huge package tray as a child star gazing on late night road trips back home from the grandparents down dark country roads. Dads Camel cigarette ashes blowing back in the window and telling mom to hand him another Budweiser.
    We made it anyway.

    • Miguel Member

      I don’t think they ever made a ’67 or ’68 Caprice fastback.

      • 86 Vette Convertible

        Have to agree here. Impala fastback – yes, Caprice – no, AFAIK.

        Overall it looks good, over priced IMO but looks good.

    • JoeNYWF64

      I bet you’d like THESE ’68 Caprices better than any non caprice fastback cause ONLY the ’68 CAPRICE 2 DOOR came with ventless glass! & i only seen the supa rare optional front end shown below once in my life!!

  10. Tim S. Member

    The Barrett-Jackson price sucks, but if I could get this I’d sort it out and drive it every dry day, without fretting over a chance of rain.

  11. Del

    Won’t find a nicer one.

    Better jump on it.

  12. John C Cargill

    As a one time, failed Chevy salesman, into the 70s Tinted glass was a separate option from the A/C. Although most dealers and salesman usually built it into the deal.

  13. Ron

    I personally know the second and third owners of this car, it is legit! No repaint. The third owner put a new gas tank in it, front suspension parts, and a tune up. It has been stored indoors for the last thirty+ years. It’s every bit as nice as it looks.

  14. ACZ

    My b-i-law’s first car except his was all white exterior. I found it for him for $40. Needed a r/f lower control arm and a few other minor things. That was in 1973.

  15. Max

    Beautiful but as usual Overpriced!!

  16. John

    It would sure look better with whitewall tires. Blackwalls belong on bare bones cars or sporty cars, this is Chevrolet’s top of the line car.

  17. David Montanbeau

    Turbo 400 fit into the 67 with no problem. Just had to shorten the driveshaft. I used the power glide shifter. I notched the shifter to get D1. I did this car in 75. I put a 1970 LT1 with an L88 converter, 3.76 rear. Is that a 2 barrel on the 396?

    • 68custom

      2 barrels only on 69 full size chevies with 396/265 hp.

  18. Mark

    That would be a Rochester 4 barrel. I had a 396/325 horsepower. They had the Rochester.

  19. Mark

    The article stated that it was a 325 horsepower 396 cubic inch engine. Even said it on the air cleaner. Thus, it was a 4 barrel carburetor.

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