A Classic Or Just A Used Truck? 1996 Ford F-250

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A lot of us need for any classic vehicle we own to be more than a garage ornament.  Sometimes everyday life requires something that can pinch hit as a daily driver or you need a vehicle that can do battle at the local Home Depot on Saturday morning.  If you have to have an older vehicle that can pull double duty as a hauler too, then take a look at this 1996 Ford F-250 longbed for sale on eBay in White Marsh, Maryland.  Is this nineties pickup, with bidding currently at $6,108, best seen as a used truck, or a classic that can be used for many purposes?  With just 67,440 miles on the odometer, does it even matter in this market?

We all know that classic trucks have been one of the hottest markets in collector vehicles since Fred Flinstone bought his first pickup truck.  As time goes on, trucks that are reaching about 40 years of age marks the line where they leave the used car classification and start to become collectibles.  Take for example Ford F-Series and Chevrolet C/K Series trucks from the seventies.  Collectors have been scooping up good examples for a while now, and those with an eye for investment are deep into securing good examples from the eighties.

Is it too early to grab a very good truck from the nineties?  Looking at the 1996 Ford F-250 seen in the eBay ad and on these pages, you have to wonder if it is ever too early to secure a low mileage vehicle that has been well cared for.  This especially rings true for work trucks.  Most new F-250 purchasers are either small business owners and fleets.  While F-250 and F-350 trucks are generally built with more heavy duty components than an F-150, these trucks are usually driven into the ground and replaced when needed.

This F-250 has just 67,440 miles on the odometer.  That is a fairly low number for a work truck.  It came from the factory with a 5.8 liter V-8 with 351 cubic inches, an automatic transmission, and four wheel drive.  It is also a long bed and was built at an XL trim level.  That is Ford speak for no carpet, no headliner, a vinyl bench seat, and as little chrome as possible.  It does come with air conditioning, so the vinyl seat sweaty legs thing will not be so bad.

One interesting thing about this series of Ford trucks is that they came with two fuel tanks.  This is an awesome way to have an extended range vehicle, but owners did experience problems as time wore on.  Replacing the switch valve usually restores function to the system and allows both tanks to be used again.  Another issue on this truck may be the backglass.  The waviness in the rear window gasket is a clue that the solid, one piece backglass was traded for a sliding back glass.  Prospective buyers may want to inspect carefully for leaks, as that gasket doesn’t appear to be seated properly.

Theree are a few other issues here and there.  The dash has a few small cracks in it, the trim on the vinyl seat has come away, and the floormat shows wear where the driver’s foot rested.  The seller has gone the extra mile and then some in the picture department.  Interested buyers should peruse these photographs and make up their mind if this is the truck for them.

In all, I would imagine that this will end up being used as a work truck for a little while longer.  There are 29 bids at this point, and I doubt that they are all collectors.  There are a lot of miles left in this truck, especially with the reliable gas V-8, automatic transmission, and four wheel drive system.  Still, this is your reminder that you should start looking for pristine trucks from the nineties.  Their time in the spotlight is just around the corner.

Do you think it is time to find a good example of a nineties truck?  Tell us your thoughts in the comments.

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  1. angliagt angliagtMember

    Now that’s a truck! One you could use to actually haul stuff in.
    It also has a 351,which is the best engine (in my opinion).And
    the White paint makes it look like a truck should.The seller did a
    good job with the pictures,and included ones of the underside of
    it.Being from Maryland,I’m really surprised at the lack of rust.
    I just old a ’96 Dakota 4WD that I bought in Manassas,-
    Virginia,& I the steering box pull out of the frame (paid to have that-
    repaired),& had a top rear shock mount rust out,even though the
    body looked really good.I did tell (& showed)the buyer all of the rust
    areas that I knew of,& lowered the price.He took it as-is,& told me
    that he was really happy with it.

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  2. alphasudMember

    This was born to be a work truck. White XL base with roll up windows vinyl and rubber floors. I don’t see this truck as a collector. Maybe in another 5-10 years.
    What you do get with this truck is a dependable work truck that you will be able to use for the next 10 years if kept up. Average Ford new vehicle transaction for 2022 was 57 grand! I think a base new F250 single cab work truck is a special order vehicle. For poops and giggles I configured a new one to closely match this truck. 49K will buy a new one. I know which one I would buy.

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  3. FordGuy1972 FordGuy1972Member

    For someone looking for a good work truck, this one is hard to beat. It seems to be in good shape, has a bullet-proof engine and 4-wheel drive. A big plus is it’s equipped with A/C. Also, as alphasud pointed out, it can give you what any new F250 can for a lot less money.

    I’ve seen these trucks referred to as “OBS pickups” or “old body style.” As this generation of Ford pickups are 27 to 31 years old, I think their collectability is on the rise. Of course, I’m somewhat biased as I own a ’95 F150 but as the older pickups are fast becoming unaffordable to the average Joe, these somewhat younger Ford pickups will get more attention from not only collectors, but even from guys who want a nice daily driver but can’t afford a new pickup. You have to admit, this particular generation of Ford pickups are good lookers.

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    • alphasudMember

      I agree this series is one of the best looking trucks. No wonder why they sold in the millions. I know with my 92 with the 460 it was probably one of the most reliable vehicles I ever owned. Also my 04 5.4 never had a check engine light in the 8 years I owned it before I converted it to a 4X4 powerstroke. Yea Chevy makes great trucks as well but having owned 2 that never let me down why change?

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  4. JustPassinThru

    The only caveat I’d offer is that the standard cab of that generation of Ford trucks, is a little tight for someone over six-foot.

    Otherwise, that thing is well-nigh PERFECT.

    I’d be concerned about rust, given the area. I’m watching it and seeing if I can cover a bid.

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    • FordGuy1972 FordGuy1972Member

      I’m 6″- 2″ and I fit in my ’95 F150 regular cab just fine. I’ve also had three Ford Rangers and, while they were a snug fit, I was comfortable. Of course, I’m fairly slim so maybe a tall guy who is, shall we say, portly may not be too comfortable in a regular cab.

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  5. Stan

    Buddy had similar one, XL, reg cab, forest green, stick shift, all the h.d options. Sno plow and landscaping truck. Was great.
    Nice thing about this era was you could really option em out, the way you wanted, regardless of “trim” level.

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  6. Yblocker

    Basically the same truck since 1980, with a couple face-lifts along the way. I had a 95 F250, XLT 4X4, 460, had it for 10 years, put over 250,000 miles on it, only had to replace the radiator, starter, and alternator, great truck, still kicking myself for selling it. If this one was about 1500 miles or so closer, I’d be on it.

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  7. John

    Glad to see it with the rubber floor mats. To me it just doesn’t make sense to have cut pile carpeting and leather seats in a pickup truck. I used to have an ’86 F-150 configured similarly with the 300 ci six and 4 speed and I loved it. It was a bulldog truck but got terrible mileage! If I wasn’t in Hawaii and the truck over there on the mainland I might well put in a bid.

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  8. Big Mike

    I’m 6’3” and 270 pounds. I am very comfortable in my 2wd regular cab ‘92 F250. Just drove over 2000 miles in it.

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  9. Idiot Boy

    These are the last of the real traditional pickups. Nothing since has ever been the same. Which makes these super-desirable compared to the ever-huger, ever-weirder looking, ever more technology-laden, ever more expensive and just plain ridiculous modern 4-door status symbols now passing as “pickups”. As a society, we have so lost our way. These old trucks represent the sane America we’ve lost.

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    • Yblocker

      Amen. I especially miss those wing windows and drip rails.

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  10. Mark P

    Love this, had many mid 90s Ford’s, loved them all. All had the 300ci six, what a motor. All had the ability to carry about 52 gallons of gas. Never had the fuel valve issue but had a couple rear tanks that leaked due to the metal straps contacting the tank. This one, I’d love to have it though at this point I wouldn’t subject it to winter salt and it’s evil cousin the liquid brine. Both of my 2008 F150s are damn raveged by the stuff.

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  11. angliagt angliagtMember

    Auction ended.Why don’t they show the
    high bid anymore?

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    • Yblocker

      They did, it sold for $25,000.

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      • Yblocker

        Scratch that, I confused this truck with another one.

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  12. Kendall Russian

    I had a ‘93 F150, 300ci, manual, 8’ bed, dual fuel tanks XLT 2WD. Darn near 500k miles on the original motor. The only thing I ever did was change out the front seat to the Lariat split bench (I liked the arm rest). I put the original seat in the back, bolted down with seat belts and a topper (kids loved it). Cried when I sold it. Last year I picked up an ‘87 F150 5.0L 4×4, manual, Lariat, 8’ bed, dual fuel tanks AND a ‘92 F150 300ci automatic, 8’ bed with dual fuel tanks. Both trucks were immaculately maintained and always garages. Guy GAVE them to me for $1.00 USD per truck. Both run, no leaks and no rot. Slight surface rust, easily fixed. Love these trucks. Been offered $5k for the 87. I won’t sell them. I currently drive an ‘05 F250 4×4 XL 6.0L (bulletproofed) with 147k miles (I work for Hospice and do to places most 2WDs cannot get to). Love my Fords.

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  13. John

    PLEASE PLEASE STOP highlighting these OBS F-Series trucks and Broncos. The market is already artificially inflates to idiotic proportions by some of the OBS specialty shops and Facebook groups. We need to “gatekeep” these trucks. Otherwise, they will become “trendy” and the prices will continue to skyrocket out of the reach of the average enthusiast. The “Daddy’s money” crowd is taking something that was at one time niche and cool… and turning into this monstrosity it was never meant to be. I know my opinion is unpopular, but you can’t deny the prices have been inflated out of this world, and the grifters are out in full force. They pray on the newer enthusiasts with all their overpriced “fixes” and gimmicks.

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    • Jesse Jesse MortensenStaff

      Too late John. You can’t control what is going to become popular. It’s mostly driven by nostalgia.

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    • FordGuy1972 FordGuy1972Member

      Do you actually think a few Barnfinders can control a segment of the collector car market? I don’t know why you would think the market is artificially inflated, the prices paid for OBS Ford pickups are what the market will bear, they are what folks are willing to pay for nice pickups that are 30+ years old. As the years pass and the pool of vintage pickups shrinks due to attrition and the pool of folks who want these trucks increases, that is what drives up the value. That’s just basic economics. When it’s time for me to cash in my chips, I’d want my wife to get as much money for my ’95 F150 as she possibly can. I don’t know if you have an OBS pickup, but if you did, you’d feel exactly the same. I’d love to have a nice ’68 or ’69 Torino with a 428 SCJ but they are so far beyond my budget, it’s embarrassing. But I’m not going to cry about it. That’s just the way it is.

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  14. Midway

    Classic Trucks seem to be shooting up in value, good thing I wonder if getting one restored is worth it when brakes,bearings,seals, wiring,body and paint cost can be in the high 20’s.

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