A-Code Fastback: 1967 Ford Mustang

1967 Ford Mustang

If you are not into Mustangs, this whole A-code, C-code, K-code business is probably confusing. Well, let me try to clarify it for you. If we are talking about small-block Stangs, you want to find a K in the VIN. That means that it has a high performance version of Ford’s 289 V8 in it. If it doesn’t have a K, then the next letter you should be looking for is an A. It would then have a 4-barrel 289 which wasn’t be as powerful as the K, but a little better than the base C. If that doesn’t confuse you enough, inline-sixes and big-blocks were also fitted in three different body styles by ’67. We sure love our options here in America! So, using the cryptic language above, we can determine that the 1967 Mustang featured here is relatively cool. It has the sleek fastback body and has the better-than-base V8. Well, did. This pony car project also has plenty of rust and some body damage, but bidding here on eBay is right around $6k with only a day left!


WANTED 1987-1989 Buick Lesabre T-TYpe Looking for a clean example, no rust. Leather a +. Ready to buy. Contact

WANTED 1970 or 1071 Ford Torino squire wagon Looking for nice car ready to drive. Might consider rust free car to build. Contact

WANTED 1961 Chevrolet Biscayne Looking for a 1961 Biscayne in decent shape for an everyday driver. Will also consider Bel-Air Contact

WANTED 1966 Pontiac Grand Prix Rust free vehicle. Interior and motor/transmission not important. Need good sheetmetal Contact

WANTED 1972 Yamaha G7S (80cc) These are now referred to as “cafe racers”, although we never heard of such a term in 1972. Contact

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  1. sparkster

    Interesting yard surrounding this very holy Mustang . Omen

  2. Mike D

    Looks like he was told to get rid of his ” junk” in a certain number of days, or be fined , this, and the other cars he is selling are ” interesting” but way too far gone

  3. jim s

    the 47 ford tow truck that the seller has listed is more interesting to me. also the volvo 1800 that is not listed. a lot of interesting vehicles here. nice finds

  4. JW

    WHY would anyone pay 6K for a run of the mill Mustang even if it is a fastback the top is the only thing holding it together. POS.

  5. Chip H.

    Let’s see, not original drivetrain, every body part needs replacing, interior shot and its a 67. I really like when he says rust in the usual places, I guess the usual is everywhere according to him. Oh yeah, what a deal,,,,,,,,,,,,

  6. kenzo

    It’s up to $8650 Yikes!
    Yes interesting stuff in the background. Nice (maybe) 54? Ford in the background of the Fairlane and the Fairlane for 800 is a way better deal

  7. Karl

    From now on, when somebody says “Rustang”, I’ll be thinking of this car.
    The ’67 fastback is probably my favorite Mustang, but, wow, this poor thing needs every body panel replaced or repaired. And then you can start thinking about the drivetrain and the interior. Wow.

  8. TBall

    Wow! $8700 (74 bidders and counting) a lot to pay for a VIN (that is about the only thing that does not need to be worked on this car. Making my feel way better about my $1100 ’68 fastback that: actually ran when I bought it, had new floors “tacked” in place, was a 3024V 4-speed car, came with new bumpers… Amazing what the market has come to.

  9. JW454

    All they want here is the top, trunk lid supports, and the title. The top can be grafted onto a coupe body quite easily. Next thing you know, your low dollar coupe is a high dollar fastback.
    Although, the bidding is getting beyond making it cost effective.

  10. braktrcr

    At least he shows all the rust. Interesting the 51 Chevy not getting bids, but this one is going nuts.

  11. MikeW

    The ’67 and ’68 fast backs are what everyone wants to make their
    Eleanor out of. https://groups.yahoo.com/neo/groups/classicmustang/conversations/messages

  12. Chip H.

    Seriously, there are a lot of people with more money than brain power. Winning? bid was $8,850. I can’t think of any possible way they can recoup that unless they have a hot one in perfect condition and just need VIN and title.

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