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A Day Late: 1967 Sunbeam Arrow Wagon

1967 Sunbeam Arrow Wagon

After posting our comparison of three station wagons, Steve tipped us off to a wagon that would have fit in our comparo nicely. This 1967 Sunbeam Arrow Wagon checks off just about every box a wagon should, it’s practical, rare, and unusual. It has a few issues, but currently runs and drives. Had it made it into our Wagon Wednesday Shootout, it would have been a serious contender and might have even garnered our vote as winner. Be sure to take a look at it here on eBay! A special thanks goes to Steve for the tip.

Sunbeam Arrow Wagon

As you can see, this wagon has some rust, but we don’t spot any serious cancer. We would want to address the rust that is there to make sure it doesn’t get worse, but we would do our best to keep the weathered look. The seller claims it is solid and drives. Reader Bryan Cohn is friends with the owner and can attest to these claims. Perhaps he or the owner will get on and answer a few questions about it!

Sunbeam Arrow interior

The Arrow, like most wagons came with a rather spartan interior, although the red seats and door panels add a nice splash of color and style. This one has obviously seen plenty of use, but is complete and useable. The driver’s seat looks to either be from a different car or is wearing a cover. The seller claims everything is in working order and is ready for regular use. The back set of doors is an added plus in the practicality department, with easy back seat access.

Sunbeam Arrow motor

We aren’t sure if the 1.7 liter straight four is the original motor, but either way it is currently running. At some point the carburetor was swapped out for a fuel injection system, which makes us a bit nervous. If it was installed and tuned correctly, it shouldn’t be an issue though. We are sure it bumps up the power output a bit and may even help with dependability and mileage, granted it all depends on the system used and how it was tuned.

Sunbeam Arrow rear corner

There weren’t many of these wagons imported to the states and we doubt there are many left on the road. This could make finding parts for it tricky, but it looks like all the wagon specific parts are there. This would certainly prove to be a fun little wagon that offers a nice balance of usability and fun, although we still have our concerns about that custom EFI system. The big question is if it’s worth $3,500+. Would you be willing to spend that kind of money for it?


  1. Tony

    RestoMod – leave the patina and swap the mechanicals and comfort bits from this:

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  2. Jesse Mortensen Jesse Staff

    Dang Josh! I want this badly. We could build a rally wagon inspired by the London-Sydney Hillman Hunter! Look it up guys and let me know what you think.

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    • Don Andreina

      Is the body condition on this do-able with your own hands?

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      • Jim-Bob

        That depends on how competent your hands are.

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      • Don Andreina

        That rules me out then.

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  3. Don Andreina

    Come to oz. We had these as the Hillman Hunter, both round and square light. Rare, but not crazy rare.

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  4. Rhys

    The answer is a most definite “Yes”.

    If you should have the desire for this kind of car – it aught be mandatory that you pay too much for it. Way too much would be best.

    It’s important to get used to the haemorrhaging of the bank account early in the relationship to enable better mental preparation of things to come.

    Chick magnets don’t come cheap……….

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    • Don Andreina

      I don’t think a magnet will work with all that bondo.

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  5. Jeffry

    Looks a lot like a Cortina of the same vintage.

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  6. Brian

    I’m wondering how much this car shared with the Alpine GT, I’m thinking quiet a bit? It’s an intesting car but I think I would rather own the Alpine GT, or an MGB GT. As far as it being a wagon, it really doesn’t excite me any more than an early 70’s Datsun wagon does, plus it would be easier to find (mechanical) parts for the Datsun; of which you could buy a very nice example of for $3500!

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  7. jim s

    nice to look at but i also think a datsun 510 wagon.would be a better starting point.

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  8. Chris H.

    This is begging for a Honda S2000 drivetrain swap.

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  9. Ranco Racing

    Looks remarkably like a Mk2 Cortina wagon, including grille, taillights, under dash junk shelf and more.

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  10. rapple

    “There is some rust on the body…”. Yes there is and probably a whole lot more that’s not visible. I’m a fan of wagons, but put me with those who are not turned on by this one. This car is rare for a reason: it wasn’t particularly desirable when new and still isn’t.

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  11. Plasticman

    Swap the mechanics for modern Peugeot? Don’t think so! Peugeot electronics aren’t known for their reliability. Now…if you could obtain a Pug GRD or even an Indenor diesel.
    I’d like to know what system its using- Jetronic should be cost effective and parts would be obtainable.

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  12. Plasticman

    Wonder too if the old Rootes engine was ever considered as a diesel- a massively over-engineered block id imagine.

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  13. Ricky M

    I would think there are quite a lot of spares over here in England as the Hillman Hunter was a popular car over here in the 60s and 70s. I would suggest you see if there is still an Owners club as they may have a spares network. Good luck!

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  14. rustylink

    Very modern clean contemporary design for a 47 yr old wagon.

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  15. turretman1st

    the body is a complete unibody construction even surface rust could be a problem if in the right spots, from photos it has Stromberg carburetor not efi just do not forget a few drops of dampening oil.in the top a a good diaframe rubber.
    had a 67 and a 69 four door sedan both great driving cars 67 stick 69 auto
    and also had 2 69 alpine gt both stick
    all in la ca.

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  16. turretman1st

    one thing about suspension steering these were great. I was driving down freeway at 70 mph a guy pulls along side his passenger yells the I had a flat tire left front. so stopped and checked yup completely flat light car good suspension steering did not even feel a thing.at 70 mph and had even changed lane a few times and curves in road. roots built something there.

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  17. Chris Webster

    That ‘fuel injection’ looks a lot like a Stromberg CD carby to me.

    Think of an SU, but with a diaphram rather than a piston.

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  18. Rhys

    Anybody seriously considering purchasing this vehicle should stop and think for a second. Surely you’d want to lose your virginity in ……something more ………substantial?

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  19. Alec McCutcheon

    These were built in Iran until 2005 – it was called the Paykan there. Rootes sold the tooling to Iran. Found this website: http://www.paykanhunter.com/

    In the UK there were badge engineered versions – the Hillman Minx was the basic version with 1500cc engine, a larger engined 1725cc model was called the Hunter. Mid range were the Singer Gazelle and Vogue versions (Vogue had the bigger engine – both had nicer interiors with wood trim) – top of the range was the Humber Sceptre this featured a vinyl roof and lots of polished burr walnut wood trim inside. The performance version was the Hillman Hunter GLS that was fitted with a Holbay tuned engine. In the mid-70s when Chrysler took over Rootes the Singer and Hillman marques were stopped and re-branded as Chrysler.

    The two-door Sunbeam Alpine and Rapier Coupes were also based on the Arrow range (Rapier had the bigger engine and there was a Holbay version produced too).

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    • Brian

      Yeah, I think the notion of having to send off to Britian, let alone Iran, for restoration and service parts would eliminate the chances of me purchasing one of these.

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  20. David

    I have one of these arrows on my property! missing the hatch and the rear wheels, but still clean body for having sat for YEARS

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    • Robin Tomlin

      Is it still there and available for purchase? soulfulcville @gmail.com

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