A Father And Son Story: 1964 Ford Falcon Convertible

There’s nothing like a good father and son car story, but this one isn’t about a father and son restoration project, rather the tale of a son’s journey to reconnect with their father. This is Reader Keith P’s story of saving his father’s Ford Falcon Convertible and the hope that their shared love for this Falcon can reunite them! So be sure to read Keith’s story below.

This story starts in April 1964, when Alan P buys his very first car from Verner Cadby Ford in New Jersey. He purchased a new 1964 Ford Falcon Convertible from the dealer, with his parents at his side. He spent the next few summers driving the car and then takes it with him when he heads off to college. He continued to drive this car after college and eventually started a family, with a wife, three boys and this Falcon. As time goes by, he drives his Falcon less and less. Finally, in 1982 the car gets parked in Rutherford, New Jersey, at his mother-in-law’s house. Unfortunately, he and his wife get divorced and then the car was given to his oldest son James. It was signed over on October 30, 1996. James, unfortunately, had to leave it outside. Eventually, his brother Keith decides he wants to restore the car for their father, as Keith has lost contact with him. Keith titles the car for restoration on November 25, 2016. Keith arranges transport to Texas and the car arrives on 12/12/16 to Newman’s Auto in Conroe, Texas.

Newman spent plenty of time pondering how exactly to restore the car that sat outside for so long. At that point, it was rusted through in the inner rockers making it so that the doors wouldn’t close and the unibody structure was sagging several inches. In addition, the floors, rear fenders, and trunk had major rust and the car was not safe to drive. So the restoration began with a great welder and dreamer named Ray. He spent almost a year working his magic, welding in floors, braces, a new trunk, and lots of other parts. During this time, Newman’s Auto went about rebuilding the engine, the transmission was sent out for a complete rebuild, and the carb goes to a carburetor expert.

Eventually, the body is returned to Newman to work his mechanical magic. Newman starts with returning the engine and transmission to the engine bay, connecting new hoses, belts, radiator, alternator, fuel pump, plugs, and wires. A new Master cylinder, brake lines, new brakes components, new gas tank, and new tires are mounted. Newman and his great team restored all the mechanical parts. The car then went to the upholstery shop for a new black convertible top. Then back to Newman’s for the next step, which was to replace the interior with new door panels, door handles, window cranks, carpet, seat belts, and the original seats went back in the car. The car then had a new hood ornament and side mirror-mounted. Final touches to the car were done, with an antenna, dog dish hubcaps, and wipers to finish the project off. The paint was left original, as the bumper still had the original college parking stickers from the 1970s.

The car left Texas on 9/17/19 and arrived in New Jersey on 9/22/19 for Keith’s approval, Keith will drive to upstate New York where his father has retired. He has not spoken to his son in many years. Keith will knock on the door and tell his dad to come out and take a ride in his dad’s very first car to rekindle the father and son relationship that lost all those years ago.

The picture of the car is the first time getting gas back in New Jersey after 39 years… And also Keith took the car to the dealer and took a picture last Sunday in front of the dealer that sold his dad the car in 1964. What a great story… I hope to see his dad cry with excitement when he brings the car… Stay tuned to find out how this journey turns out…

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  1. Classic Steel

    Nice story .
    I was reading in hopes of not reading but finds out his dads _______

    This should be a wonderful reconnections of everything 👀😎👍

    I am a sucker for great family
    reconnections stories.
    I hope a second part of this story is soon…

    Like 11
  2. Bob C.

    Great story, I hope it has a happy ending.

    Like 11
  3. Rosko

    If my kid thought to do that for me the shock would put me in the hospital! That there is a quality son! Bravo!

    Like 6
  4. ken tilly UK Member

    Great story. I just wish he had re painted it so that it looks like it would have looked the last time his father saw it.

    Like 6
  5. Lance


    Like 7
    • ken tilly UK Member

      Lot’s of love, time, money and dedication have gone into this car but it still looks like crap! With a proper paint job it will look like a million dollars.

      Like 5
  6. Johnmloghry Johnmloghry Member

    This is the kind of story I love. It’s the cars story more than the family, but they’re integrated into one. Love of car, love of father. Reconnection of family members, a book could be written on this premise.
    God bless America

    Like 4
  7. Craig

    Intent and effort make all the difference. Well done Keith. I wish you luck on this journey! Can’t wait to read the follow up. Perfect amount of restraint on the car as well.

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  8. Richard j Martin

    I hope that Daddy cries like a baby. I definitely would.

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  9. Al.B.

    I sure wish i was that lucky ! My boy still has the hotrod i built for him, but he could care less about where it came from.

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  10. stillrunners stillrunners Member

    Good story and best of luck re-connecting with his dad.

    My first two converts – a 64 Falcon and a 69 RS/SS convert I traded my 71 Nova for……

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  11. Kathie

    I hope there’s an update! This is a great family/car story.

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