A Nice Example: 1929 Ford Model A Tudor

This 1929 Ford Model A Tudor is a classic car that you could buy and enjoy immediately. It is listed for sale here on Craigslist. Located in Morgan Hill, California, it is offered for sale with a clean title. This old Ford has been priced by the seller at $11,750.

The seller states that the car has no rust, and I tend to believe him, as there is nothing obvious to see in the photos. He states that there is a minor ding on the body and one on the hood, but these must be quite small as they aren’t glaringly obvious in the photos. The fenders are free of dents, dings, and tears, and while the seller does state that the paint is showing its age, it seems to exhibit quite a nice gloss. The 21″ wheels have been powder-coated, which looks really nice, and the seller is including an additional two wheels in the sale.

I get the impression from the advertisement that the seller may be quite a perfectionist when it comes to his beloved Model A. The supplied photo of the interior shows a car that looks to be in quite nice condition and one that could certainly be driven and enjoyed exactly as it stands. The seller goes to great lengths to explain that the front seat could use new piping and that there a couple of quarter-sized holes in the headliner, but otherwise it looks really nice. An obvious addition to the interior is additional wiring for the turn signals. If I were to buy this car I would probably attempt to tidy the wiring a bit and replace the bracket that is attached under the steering column.

The car is said to run and drive well, and the electrical system has all been updated for 12-volt operation. This includes the fitment of an alternator. Apart from the wiring requiring some tidying-up, it doesn’t look too bad under the hood. The car has received some nice work in the recent past. The car sits on new Firestone tires, new and correct lever shocks, and has a new distributor cap and body. Included in the sale are a number of additional items which include a vintage-look modern electronic distributor, a new Tudor top kit and sundry other small parts.

This Model A is largely original, but any modifications have been undertaken to improve the vehicle’s reliability and allow the owner to enjoy the motoring experience. The owner appears to be thorough in his approach to owning and maintaining the vehicle, and this is always a reassuring sign for potential buyers. It may not be perfect, but this is a car that you could buy and enjoy immediately.

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  1. Farhvergnugen

    OK, so the owner’s a perfectionist…the perfectionist in me knows that zip ties come in black too, which looks far less intrusive than the white ones here.

    Other than that, someone will enjoy this ride.

    • ken TILLY

      A perfectionist would never allow the birds nest of wiring on the steering column besides the cable ties.

  2. Bobby

    If the only bad comment about this vehicle is white zip ties its a great ride. Would love to own it. White zip ties and all.

  3. AZD

    My favorite color combination. Wish I could afford it and had a safe place to keep it. That wiring would have to be redone though. Nothing bugs me more than a clean restoration with amateur wiring, especially those awful blue/red/yellow crimp lugs. A new harness would really tidy things up.

  4. Uncle Bob

    At first blush some may think the price a bit ambitious since similar appearing/described cars are selling just under $10k down to $7500. It will depend on who’s buying though (as always). New tires are close to a grand, new shocks will depend on who supplied them, but could be another good stroke, the top vinyl has some value though the labor is the more important part. But snuck in the middle of the description list is the word “overdrive” which would be a more prominent feature if I were writing the ad. Identified as a Borg Warner it is likely an R10 unit mounted in the torque tube (common mod). A overdrive improves the driving experience significantly on modern roads. The Ted’s floaters (not booster) improve the braking as well, not quite self energizing, but approaching. Might be a pretty nice driver quality rig, and at two weeks on the market there is probably some dicker room now.

  5. Joe Haska

    OK, that’s it Uncle Bob has spoken and he is dead nuts on,” ENOUGH SAID “.

  6. LAB3

    Can’t say I’m a big fan of cars this old but if it’s as good as the pictures look then this car is a gem! From what I’ve read these where built to be torn down to the last piece and rebuilt by the average guy with reasonable mechanical ability in his circa 1930’s garage. Being a road trip kind of guy this one isn’t for me but I can certainly appreciate it for what it is.

  7. Wrong Way

    OMW, this is a car exactly like I learned to drive in! LOL, I should buy it for nostalgia reasons! However I don’t have any place to keep it indoors my garage is full of Mustangs!

  8. Coventrycat

    I’d like one of these before I die.

  9. YooperMike

    My brother and I were Model A nuts in the early 60’s. We would ride the back roads in the UP of Michigan looking for any Model A. We were buying them for 15 to 25 dollars. Most were running cars with a lot of wire holding things together. The others we used Mom’s Dodge to pull them home. We took them all apart and sold the parts through Hemmings. We had a ball . Junked many bodies after everything was off of them.


  10. TRPIV

    Hello Gang,

    Thanks for the kind words on the car. I completely agree on the wiring. It was one of the things I had intended to take care of while I owned the car. I was having too much fun driving it to worry about the wires or the color of the zip ties. ;)

    I sold the car last week for the asking price. Huge thanks to Barnfinds.com.

    On to the next project! (1961 Mini!)

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