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A Pair Of Valiants for $1,200


Here’s not one, but two 1968 Plymouth Valiant barn finds being sold together. The black one on the left is complete with slant six and transmission, the other looks like an aborted race car project that does not come with a drive train. They are located in Covington, Virginia and are being sold here on craigslist for only $1,200 for the pair. 


This is the best picture of either car, and in true flipper fashion, it’s not off the truck yet. This view does give us a little chance to see the rockers and quarter panels, and it looks like there is some rust but it’s not terminal. It’s certainly in better shape than the other car, which realistically is a parts car at best.


Based on this view, the now black car was originally white, cream or light tan. While some more rust is visible in this quarter panel as well, the car does look very straight, even including that vulnerable rear bumper. I was able to find the quarter panel patch sheet metal here for a reasonable $159.99 per side.


The other car is pretty rough. I’m not sure if the intent was to disassemble it or prepare it for racing, but there’s not a lot of usable sheet metal here.


I’m not sure how much good the interior is going to do you either, although if you don’t mind diamond pleated velour, I suppose you could use the seats. Maybe the tools come along for free as well?


I’ll be honest, I had never, ever thought of the Valiant as a platform to build a canyon carver out of, but after looking at this one in Hot Rod and quite a few others that have received similar treatments, I’m thinking these cars have a lot of potential. So this is one find that I wouldn’t preserve or go back stock with. I see a perfect template in this picture, although I think I’d go with a dark metallic gray myself. The redlines and small center caps would stay, though! What would you do with these inexpensive finds?


  1. Avatar photo Jim Mc

    The black one is a ’66, not a ’68. Can’t say for sure about the blue one, but I’m guessing it’s the same.

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  2. Avatar photo Daniel

    Black car is a 1996 Valiant 100

    Green car is a 1966 Valiant 100

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  3. Avatar photo JW454

    They are both ’66.

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  4. Avatar photo mark

    My first car was a 67 Plymouth Valiant. 3 on the tree and a 225 Slant Six. Perfect first car. Cheap and nearly bullet proof.

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  5. Avatar photo Matt

    Just so’s ya know.. The link is for ’68 b body parts, which are readily available. As far as I know, early A body sheet metal (63-66 Valiant, Dart, Barracuda) is still unobtainium.. However, I haven’t checked the rest of the website you linked to. I’ve got a ’63 Valiant, and a ’64 Dart.. I have to buy everything used except for carpet.


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    • Avatar photo Jamie Staff

      Thanks, Matt and others that have pointed out that they are ’66 cars, not ’68’s. Matt, that takes true dedication — maybe there’s a market there for someone to start reproducing parts for the early A’s? I do remember seeing 64/65 Barracuda rear quarters or patch panels somewhere because my wife likes them and they ALL seem to need those panels :-)

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  6. Avatar photo van

    I like the words aborted project, as in.
    if you spend more than the price of cleaning materials on these cars you payed to much, recommend abort all consideration.

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    • Avatar photo daniel

      Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Some antique car enthusiasts want a restoration project they can afford, or maybe a car that has nostalgic memories …. like an automobile owned by one’s grandparents who took them for ice cream in a Valiant or another economy car. There is also a restoration project that is a labor of love ……. not a question of investment and recouping the $$$$$.

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  7. Avatar photo jimbosidecar

    I think I’d buy one already done. But I like the ’68-’70 body style a whole lot better

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  8. Avatar photo PaulieB

    I had a ’67 with a ’71 slant 6 in it. I paid $100 for it in 1978 put brakes, a fender and tires on it. I drove it for most of a year then sold it for $150. It burned oil like crazy but ran like a champ nonetheless. One Saturday morning I went out to start it and found the ignition on the floor.. someone tried to steal it.. when I called the cops we all had a good laugh..

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  9. Avatar photo Matt

    I’ve definitely spent too much then! The Valiant is a 225 slant with a pushbutton auto. I’ve swapped the suspension and brakes from a ’73 Dart sport under it.. .92 torsion bars, poly bushings, disc brakes, and an 8 1/4 rear with a ridiculous 2.76 sure grip in it. The Dart was a factory v8 car that the previous owner took the 273 out of (four door), and swapped into a ’64 Dart GT (two door). Both cars were super clean to begin with, except mine’s got the slant in it now.. I got mine for $1500.. He’s trying to sell the GT for 14k. I’ve sourced all of the super rare two year only A body v8 parts, including two pushbutton v8 transmissions (I hate autotragics, but pushbuttons are just cool) to put my ’67 318 (motor out of my first car, ’68 Satellite) back into the Dart with some extra small block goodies I’ve gotten over the years.. The big bolt pattern suspension with the super big torsion bars (for an early A) will come out of the Valiant, and go under the Dart to hold up the 318 along with a manual steering conversion, while the Dart’s small bolt pattern suspension, with weaker rear end, but upgraded Kelsey Hayes disc brakes will go under the Valiant with the stock v8 torsion bars under the slant.. Get all that? Good. Oh yeah, all nine of my antiques are daily drivers. Between those, and my side business as a mechanic for old sports cars.. I stay pretty busy after I come home from my “real” job.

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  10. Avatar photo Matt

    Oh, Jamie.. As for dedication, that falls to the nuts that own Ramblers… Those guys are striving to prop up a ten year old design (when it was “new” in the late fifties). With absolutely no aftermarket.. Many other car guys do this as well, but Hudson, Alfa, Oakland, Studebaker, and whoever else you can think of started with a “desirable” car.. Rambler guys started with my great grandmother’s grocery getter that actually has a trough serving as an intake manifold. These guys build up 2.5 AMC motors, unloved in their own time, also without aftermarket support.. All to get another thirty-forty horsepower over stock.. My heart goes out to them.

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  11. Avatar photo Mike

    My first car was a 66 Valliant Custom 4 dr sedan. The slant 6 never let me down through the extremes of weather here in Winnipeg (-40 to +40), in spite of the fact it had no block heater. I can see why there was discussion on the year of these cars because I was initially confused about how this pair is totally different than the appearance of my car, but back then there were many Canadian cars produced that were quite distinctive from their American counterparts, and with a short search I find that mine was one of them.

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    • Avatar photo PaulieB

      The ’66 Valiant in Canada was based on the Dodge Dart that was sold here in the U.S. The interior could have been the U.S. Valiant just to make things more confusing.,.. lol In my old Massachusetts neighborhood ( “French Hill” mais oui!) I saw a good representation of Meteors, Acadians, and Beaumonts.

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  12. Avatar photo 64 bonneville

    take a look at mill supply . com for sheet metal. aftermarket, but very affordable.

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    • Avatar photo Matt

      Thanks! Will do..

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  13. Avatar photo Steve

    Dad had a light blue ’66 with a bench seat and three-on-the-tree. Rusting out…he sold it at our yard sale for $125.00 to a farmer who used it as a farm vehicle. Brings back great memories.

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  14. Avatar photo Dave

    As a teenager in the late “60s, There was a young man who had a 2 dr valiant with a factory 273 hypo and 4 speed. His dad worked at the Chrysler plant here in St. Louis. It was the ultimate sleeper with small tires and dog dish hubcaps. Every time I see one of these cars I think I would still like to build one just like it.

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  15. Avatar photo Skip

    I love the old Valiants. I had a ’63 two-door with standard shift and was a slant-six. I got just over 100K on it when the original motor went. I got it for Christmas in 1965. Engine went in ’72 and my dad replaced it was a ’62 Dart slant-six. Sold it in ’73, much against my better judgment; and I still regret that. I’d like to find another one, or the Dart version in running condition but not overpriced.

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