A Real Survivor: 1972 Chevrolet Corvette Convertible

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This 1972 Corvette Convertible is a survivor that has only covered a genuine 68,164 miles. The owner claims that the only non-original part on the car is the tires and that the rest of the car is completely original as it was delivered by the dealership. There is a mountain of documentation that is included in the sale, and the factory options make this a very desirable car. It is located in Huntley, Illinois, and listed for sale here on eBay.

The owner provides a comprehensive gallery of photos of every aspect of the Corvette, and these indicate a car that is solid and rust-free. The body seems to be free of stress problems in the fiberglass, and the original Mille Miglia Red has a nice shine to it. There are a few minor marks and scratches on the paintwork, but that probably isn’t that surprising for a 47-year-old car wearing its original paint. The car is fitted with a white soft-top, but the original owner also chose to have the car delivered with an optional red hardtop as well. Amongst the documentation included with the car is the pristine Corvette Tank Sticker, signed odometer certification stating 68,164 original miles, original owners manual, GM dealer brochure and vintage Corvette Literature.

The interior looks good, but it isn’t perfect. The wear that is evident is the sort that you would expect from a car of this mileage that has been driven and enjoyed, not left sitting in a shed like a trailer queen. There is some wear and discoloration evident on both the seats and carpet, but the overall integrity and originality of the car have been maintained. It is hard to tell whether the seats and carpet would respond to a clean, or whether they are what they are, and that they should be left as they are to avoid the risk of damage. Optional extras fitted to the interior include the AM/FM pushbutton radio and deluxe shoulder seat-belts.

The business end of proceedings with the Corvette revolves around what is under the hood. In this case, you get yourself a 350ci LT1 engine, which produced an official 275hp. The engine is backed by a 4-speed close-ratio manual transmission and a 4.11 Posi-Traction rear end. The car is also fitted with power steering and power brakes, and there’s even a brand new smog pump, still in its box, that is included with the car. The owner claims that the only items that have ever been replaced are your regular service consumables such as oil, filters, belts, and the battery. Even the tires fitted to the car were sourced to match the originals.

The owner claims that this Corvette is unique, that is 1-of-1 ordered with its combination of options. This may or may not be true, but regardless of this claim, it does appear to be as close to a 100% original survivor-grade ’72 Corvette Convertible as you are likely to find. The thing that I really like about this car is that it is very obviously a car that has been driven, enjoyed, and appreciated. It hasn’t been left sitting in a garage like a piece of eye candy. It is probably an over-used quote to say that they’re only original once, but that seems to be true for this car. The owner has set a BIN price of $72,500 for the Corvette, but the option is there to make an offer. Does this Corvette represent a good future investment?

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  1. DayDreamBeliever DayDreamBeliever

    In the 80’s, a friend had a LT-1 coupe that he and I autocrossed with decent success. It really was fun to drive!

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  2. jim

    Looks like it’s sitting awfully high in the back, no?

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  3. RandyS

    The AIR equipment is gone and sits way too high in the rear for original. Chrome brake reservoir lid is not factory. No chassis pics for $72k asking is just wrong.

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    • ACZ

      The price is way too high. I’ve been watching the prices on these for a while and this is priced at about twice what it’s worth. No A/C (there were 200 72 LT1s with A/C), base interior, non-tilt column, and things that others have mentioned make this a $30K car at best. If I could get $70K for my 1971 LT1, I’d let it go in a heartbeat. They are a nice driving car but the 4:11s (mine has that gear too) are only good for stop lights, or TT (tavern to tavern). Still one helluva fun ride.

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      • DonC

        Way way way too high. I had a 71 convertible, same beautiful red, black interior, black top, 350, 4speed. All original. Paint not as good….I question that’s 44 year old paint….I sold mine for $14000. Maybe a little low, but corvettes are still very common.

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  4. j liu

    68K miles and considered “investment grade”…hmmm…
    With the smog pump off, it is not really original and someone steam cleaned the bottom of the engine..sort of flies in the face of “we did not buff or fluff this car”.
    And if the brake calipers were never touched, one has a major bill coming even though the master looks new. Lots of rust under that hood.

    It is a nice used original car but I’d be searching for a lower mile, rust free 1972 Corvette if I was in $72000+ spending territory.

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  5. j liu

    HAH…at less than half the price with only 49K miles, I’ll take this yellow Corvette.
    Subject to a good inspection..lol.


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    • Lowell Munn

      I agree, beautiful car!

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    • 69gto

      Yes that yellow one is a much nicer car I would way rather have that one

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    • moosie Craig M Bryda

      The allure of the red one lies in the LT-1 option but it’s still a stretch at 72 K.

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  6. Bob

    Beautiful car. Perhaps the price is a lot high. For me anyway.

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  7. John Holden

    Something’s definitely not original in the rear end – it’s way too high off the ground.

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  8. ACZ

    I’ve seen this plenty of times before. It usually comes from replacing the rear spring with the wrong part. Std. suspension is a 9 leaf and the performance suspension is a 7 leaf.

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  9. Comet

    That scrawled hand written note validating the mileage is good enough for me. I just wish the seller would have included more pics of the passenger side.

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  10. Wrong Way

    I will spare everyone my opinion on this ugly piece of plastic! Oops, sorry that slipped! LOL, it would have to be a few years older than this one to catch my eyes!

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  11. PRA4SNW

    I once read a comment that someone said that, once the tank sticker is removed, you can’t prove that it was actually ever on the car.

    I guess he had a point, not sure it really matters to most.

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  12. Moe Levesque

    I’ll have to agree that the rear of the car is sitting to high to not have been touched. Engine bay has a lot of rusty parts and the black on seats and carpets could possibly be a flood victim. Especially with no pictures of the frame. Even the paper work is water stained. No way with the $72,000 asking price.

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  13. 69gto

    First of all I agree with everyone the rear is too high. did anyone notice the exhaust tips were all messed up. something’s been done under there and why is the tank sticker taken out why did they have to drop the tank, and is there something wrong with that left rear bumper or is it just a bad reflection? I cannot see that kind of value for this car. Maybe the drugs are real good there?

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    • ACZ

      Or maybe the spare tire compartment is filled with them.

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  14. Miguel

    I just came across this 1973 Roadster in Mexico. The price seems too low to be real but I am definitely going to go check.

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  15. Miguel

    Here is the interior.

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  16. Miguel

    And here is the engine. He says he wants $195,000 pesos for it which is about $10,800 USD. It seems really low for this car.

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    • ACZ

      You’d better check the VIN. That is not a 1973.

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      • Miguel

        I will check everything out when I go see it. 1972 maybe?

        I hope it is not a 1973 with a different front end.

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  17. Vetteman

    Miguel: 73’s don’t have chrome bumpers in the front of the car only in the rear.

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  18. Moe Levesque

    73’s don’t have chrome bumpers in the front of the car, only in the rear.

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  19. George mattar

    I own a 73 coupe. That is not a 73. Urethane nose and chrome rear bumpers. $10,000 for a 72 is cheap.

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  20. MikeD

    72 LT-1’s have 255hp, not 275

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