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A Real Work Truck: 1965 Ford F250


What a great picture of this workhorse outside what looks to be a real general store! This F250 bears the scars from many years of use, but I think it just adds to the overall appearance in this case! The tan color is so evocative of what you’d expect to see on a farm in the 60’s, or as a runabout for the local hardware store. This find is located in Deer Park, Washington and is up for sale here on eBay. The seller has tried some artistic effects with some of the pictures in the auction, but includes enough regular ones to give a pretty good idea of the truck’s condition. The odometer is showing just over 22,000 miles, and the seller states it could be 123k or 223k, they have no idea. It is being driven regularly now, so aside from some tires and some glass, as well as a general checkover, I don’t think I’d change a thing. Take a look at the image gallery for more detail, and can someone tell me if the 4-speed shifter really should be that high and long?


  1. randy

    That shifter is a little high, both of my F250’s; 73 & 78 have tall shifters, but not like that. I am also in the process of picking up a ’65 F100 locally, wish me luck!

  2. jackmac

    YES..with a 352 FE it has a Borg-Warner T-18 or T-19…this is a 4th gen…so don’t try to compare it with a 70’s model…way different

  3. jackmac

    YES..with a 352 FE it has a Borg-Warner T-18 or T-19..this is a 4th gen truck…so do not compare the shift with a late model…way different…

  4. randy

    Yes Sir! ;>)

    • jackmac

      good luck on that 66 deal love them old ones..have a 96 5.0 EFI with the AOD trans..I think your 72 has the Tremec trans

  5. randy

    I had to replace it once, I think it was an ND465 or something of the sort. A truly heavy turd! Thanks for the well wishes, I love this website.

  6. jackmac

    with you on that Randy…been subbed for a long time…I usually don’t post on opinions…mostly for questions…

  7. jim s

    hard not to like an old truck. make it safe and put it to work. i hope the reserve is not to high. nice find

  8. Howard A Member

    I agree, that is the original shifter. Sadly, not a lot of interest for this Ford ( $135 dollar bid so far) which is a darn shame, as these were some of the best trucks made. The “twin I beam” front suspension was a great innovation for the time. It replaced the “straight axle” and handling was markedly improved. However, on an older truck like this, there’s lots of bushings that wear, and could make it a bear to drive ( although, I’m sure parts are easy to find). To make this truck more roadworthy for today, a rear axle change would be in order, and you’d still have that “granny gear” 1st, in case you wanted to pull a stump out, or whatever. Whoever buys this, should make sure the cab mounts are secure. The “achilles heel” of these.

  9. randy

    I don’t know how many days are left, but I truly expect it to do well. I firmly agree that
    these are some of the best made trucks out there, that is why you see so many still on the road. I think I’d have to chop that shifter in half.

    Location, location, location!

    • jackmac

      nah…just put a big ol skull knob on it….

      • randy

        It kind of reminds me of the big “ape hangers” on Harleys.

        I would gladly add it to my herd of old ford trucks.

  10. DENIS

    Sorry, those big old F250s are a clumsy old truck…tough as hell but drive like shit. Great for wood-haulers but no fun to drive…

    • randy

      Do I sernse a “chevy” or “dodge boy” ;>) ?

  11. z1rider

    Yes that is the stock location for the shifter. Remember that the first intent of column shifters is to keep your right hand close to the steering wheel. The second is to open up the floor space in the middle. That’s the idea here too.

    In 1939, Lincoln had the same idea. Nothing new.

  12. dalesdeadbug

    I have a truck just like this and that is the original shifter. You just about have to be stretch armstrong to hit every gear. These trucks will cruise 70mph all day even with the 4:11 gears. great work trucks and they look good doing it!

  13. Woodie Man

    I have a ’72 Chevy C-10 stripper with a stovebolt, but I kind of like the mid sixties Fords. I dont like the Twin I Beam front ends… they are a bear to steer though. I wonder what the seller sold this one for?

  14. randy

    I have 2 F series trucks with twin I beam currently, and if they are properly maintained, they are as good as anything else in the time period, plus they have a tighter turning radius.

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