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A Rusty Pair Of Cadillacs Separated By 1,000 Miles

This “his and hers” pair of 1956 Cadillac Eldorados have seen much better days. Still beautiful, and alluring, their days of cruising have been reduced to rusting in the elements. Although the Coupe Seville looks more promising than the Biarritz convertible. Perhaps one could be a donor to the other, or parts cars? Or maybe for the brave, they could be a “his and hers” restoration project. These Caddys are offered as a pair at $25,000 firm, but there is something very odd about this posting. The Biarritz is located in Chicago, Illinois, and the Coupe Seville is located in Florida. Much like a long distance love affair. Find this interesting listing here on craigslist out of Chicago, Illinois.

Both off these Caddys are rough, but likely have some usefulness to some Cadillac enthusiasts. The Coupe Seville is the more solid of the two and is located in Florida.  Appearing mostly complete, the Coupe almost doesn’t look too bad, but we suspect the pictures paint a different story from the reality. The Coupe has rot around the front and rear windows, and the rear quarters need some attention as well. Unfortunately the windshield is broken out on the passenger side, and the passenger fender is bent from road debris. The seller has described the rockers as rusty, and the floors as solid, so there seems to be some hope for the Coupe. Getting past the rust, this coupe does have some straight panels. Perhaps someone strong willed, and brave could take on this coupe, or perhaps you need to be a little crazy to take on a restoration like this Coupe Seville?

The Biarritz Convertible is such a beautiful car that pulls at your heart strings just a little to see how it ended up through time. This Caddy is located in Chicago. Having extreme rust and rot, sadly this convertible is likely destined to be a parts car. Sporting its original drivetrain and a good title, perhaps there is hope for this one keeping another one going? There is no interior, and the rot we can see makes us wonder how this Caddy is still in one piece. Rust is everywhere as is rot, and the floors are completely gone.

Looking over the rear ¾ view of the coupe still lends a little hope that something could be done with this Seville.

The ¾ view of the convertible isn’t inspiring, but you still can’t deny that even in this state, it is still a beautiful car. The question we ponder is how on earth are you going to be “Firm” on selling two cars that are in this condition 1,000 miles apart? We could understand if they were in better condition, but this listing is certainly an interesting one. What do you think of these 56 Eldorados, and the interesting manner in which they are being sold?


  1. RayT Member

    Coupe DEVILLE, Rusty! The “Seville” name didn’t show up on a Caddy until 1975, long after these two worthies were gathering rust….

    $25K? As dey say in Noo Yawk, “fuggeddaboudit!”

    • RayT Member

      Ooops, Brian wrote this, not Rusty! I must have been mesmerized by all the corrosion showing.

      Boyoboy, do I miss the “edit” feature!

      • Chuck

        RayT get a life, I am not sure of what it is you want to edit. When looking at interesting cars I don’t pay a lot of attention to proper spelling, grammar, etc.

      • Chebby

        Yeah what happened to the edit feature? I though it was my browser messing up….wait a minute, there it is now. I am confused.

        @Chuck: are you serious? This is a publication, therefore words are kinda sorta important. Most of the sellers on eBay don’t seem to care about grammar or getting the facts right either.

    • Brian Staff

      Actually the “Seville” was also available from 56-60. I agree these cars are rough and I would pass on them. I just found the entire scenario to be interesting, and worthy of being shared.

    • George Member

      The Seville name was used in the 50s for the highest end coupes, and the matching convertibles were called “Biarritz.”

      This car is an “Eldorado Seville.” It is distinguished from the regular Eldorado by the rear fin treatment. I know this particular car well. It belonged to a neighbor of mine who was the son of the second owner. It ran up until a few years ago, and the owner was always “going to get around to restoring it,” and then a tree fell on it.

      The car would be a very “challenging” restoration project.

  2. Joe Nose

    Drag them both down Alligator Alley and find a suitable sinkhole.

    • Bingo

      Joe snot nose:

      You gotta save them all my boy. It’s history love it or hate it.

  3. Dolphin Member

    One car in Chicago, the other in Florida, and he wants to sell them together to the same buyer. Not a very convenient setup for selling two cars with a firm price, rust holes, and that will be very expensive to restore.

    It amazes me how someone can live in a country where people are bombarded with advertising and marketing every day, all the time, on every medium, where the biggest selling points are value and convenience.

    I wish the seller luck with this sale, but I’m guessing that it might not happen quickly and in the manner that he wants it to.

  4. Redoakboo

    Make nice anchors out in the middle of Lake Erie.

  5. Al

    You can’t leave them in Lake Erie. The crankcase might leak rust. They are better off in a cesspool.

  6. Rustytech Member

    Artificial fishing reef, or save what parts can be saved for a better car. Somebody’s gonna need really really really deep pockets and a major crush on Cadillacs to take either one of these on!

  7. P


    You’ve got a better shot of seeing Rex Reed Jr.

  8. Jack Quantrill

    Even rusty, the coupe still looks fine!

  9. Woodie Man

    Pass the crack pipe. On the other hand there is at least one batwing air cleaner. People sure are crazy.

  10. Spencer C.

    Here is a picture of a 1956 Cadillac Eldorado Biarritz…..Owned by Elvis, customized in 1956 for Elvis..Beautiful cars, when they are restored.

  11. PETE

    my 56

    • Eric Dashman

      Good on you, Pete!!! Love those wires. Keep it up. Sure, I can see it needs some love, but you’ve got a jewel.

  12. Dovi65

    Very sad to see such once elegant dreamboats in such condition. At least both can donate some parts so that other siblings may live on.
    Restoration of either would have to be a labor of love as the restoration costs would never be recouped

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