A Thorough Seller: 1979 Porsche 911 Targa

Ever hear of a stream-of-consiousness? Well, take a look at this listing for a 1979 Porsche 911 Targa and let me know if you think this listing qualifies. The seller’s run-on sentences not withstanding, what I do see is a potentially reasonable price for a 911, albeit one of the less desirable models out there. Check it out here on eBay, where it’s listed for $24,999 and has definitely been sitting for a few years. 

That garage is pretty much jam-packed with stuff, and the 911 appears to simply be in the way. The seller’s description, which is quite lengthy, also includes lots of pertinent information about condition. This includes that the steering U-joints are rusted and may cause a shaking sensation at highway speeds; the engine hasn’t been run in several years; the A/C lost all of its freon years ago; and the transmission is sticky going into fourth gear. Given the car is in Houston, I’m going to assume rust isn’t an issue.

The interior appears quite nice, and I’m digging that Prototipo-style steering wheel. However, the 70s were a challenging era for Porsche and any automaker, really, trying to comply with fierce fuel economy regulations. The power levels went down in the hopes that efficiency would go up. This Porsche’s flat-six has been drained of all of its fluids, and the seller says not to waste any time fixing the small things – just dive right in and perform a full mechanical overhaul.

While not exactly encouraging, it could also be a conservative seller who doesn’t want any  disappointments when someone comes to pick up this long-idled 911. The engine bay looks quite presentable here, but I can’t decide if the seller’s references to fluids being drained means the car is leaky or it was properly stored at one time. No matter what, the price is more realistic than what we’ve seen on other vintage 911s – do you think this one will sell?


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  1. newport pagnell

    Houston is a hot/humid/flood potential area. Rust could be a problem for sure.

  2. doug6423

    Ahhhh, if only all sellers were like this….

  3. Warren

    I like the USA buyer only,.. so I am eliminated on the first round :P
    However I think it is a nice car.

  4. alan

    The description makes for hard reading with the amount of misdirection or unfamiliarity with the car in general. I like the reference to $100k ’69 911s as if that has any relevance to a ’79. I am glad to have had the ‘educational opinion ” rendered rather than an educated one.

  5. sylv

    like the previous one at $115k that one is also having a ridiculous price tag for what it is… what’s wrong with these sellers, they are so much out of the market price.

  6. Dolphin Member

    If those jumper cables sitting on the Targa top and that piece of paper on the garage floor are included, I’m in.

    But seriously folks, this is one pretty odd description. “The engine ran before being parked in the garage for a few years. All the oil, and I couldn’t believe the brake fluid too, had drained out.”

    I’m no Porsche expert, but I’m guessing that’s because the seller didn’t let the engine warm and then idle before pulling the dipstick. But the brake fluid? Who knows? Reading the description I wondered whether this might be a tale that someone came up with late one night…….

    This is a car that you would need to examine in person. And be sure to check the ownership documents carefully. Then decide whether a 3.0 liter SC with modest performance and maybe no oil in the sump is what you really want.

    The seller might know that he will survive WW3, but a buyer needs to know he can survive this 911 before putting up his hard earned $25K.

  7. Adam T45 Staff

    Reading the advertisement is a riot. The description sounds like my mother telling me how to do mechanical work!

  8. Luki

    A 3.0 liter SC is a desirable Porsche.
    Actually one of the more reliable set ups in the long run. A good way to get into an air cooled Porsche for not a lot of money.
    That being said you can buy a decent condition, running SC for $30k.
    No reason to take the risk that something major could wrong with this one.

    • Jeff Staff

      I should have clarified – the desirability factor is more in reference to the targa top.

  9. MikeG

    Synopsis: Here is my car…it’s for sale…it’s difficult and a pain in the butt to work on…buy it and show it to your kid or let it sit around.

  10. rustylink

    I must respond to ad in haiku form –

    Gray Porsche dying
    no fluid no wind
    Weeping inside owner sucks

  11. nessy

    Oh yea, great listing, I’m sure everyone is going to lineup fighting to hand over this nut 25 grand for this money pit. Just reading and trying to understand what this goof is saying made me dizzy. Hey, what could go wrong?

  12. pursang

    “Must sell to make room for more stuff so I can star on that hoarding show on cable.”

  13. Luke Fitzgerald

    F@&$&ing hell- what a advert – like someone’s mind on loudspeaker – I love this site!

  14. Daniel Wright

    Owner Weeps Bitterly
    Shift Manually he cannot
    Drives Chevy HHR instead

  15. David J David J

    “Early” 911 prices are still stupid high. I’m guessing this one would sell in the 20K range, even with significant damage (including damage inflicted by the description).

  16. Jubjub

    Totally weird. May actually be decent, but the description makes it sound like it definitely ought to be in the sub $10K, haul it home, range.

    And don’t use any sealer on the gaskets on these.

  17. Jason

    “Given the car is in Houston, I’m going to assume rust isn’t an issue.”

    I’m guessing you didn’t know Houston is a coastal city on the Gulf of Mexico barely 50 feet above sea level.

  18. Car Guy

    I agree on the rust issue. When I lived in Houston, I saw new cars with surface rust on dealership lots………

  19. JohnD

    Houston…think New Orleans West…numerous floods/hurricanes since this 911 was parked. And oh the humidity! If ever there were a 911 that screamed PPI, this is it. But kudos to the seller for not trying to bull$h!t anyone

  20. CelestialGryphon

    Dafuq did I just read? That ebay ad was terrible.

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