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A Trio: Jensen-Healey Convertibles


As we’ve noted recently here, there are some Jensen-Healey bargains to be had. Offering most of the same attributes as a comparable TR6 or MG, but with a little more sophisticated interior and a Lotus-sourced slant four engine, these under-appreciated cars might be just what you are looking for. Thanks to reader Chevy55 for this great find! For sale here on craigslist in Salisbury, North Carolina, this white car looks like a really nice example of the breed. According to the seller it needs a little TLC from not being driven often, but fires right up and benefits from new tires, top and tuneup. If you really like this one, the seller has a surprise for you!


How about two more! The ad states that one of these is a parts car (I’m guessing the one further away in the picture) and the other has a good engine that’s been pulled pending restoration efforts. I’m thinking that for less than $5,000, you’d end up with a great car, a nice project and a parts source for both of them. I’m almost convincing myself as I type!


  1. Howard A Member

    I’ve always liked the Jensen-Healey, and even considered buying one, as a replacement for my rusty MGB, but I’m glad I didn’t. I heard many stories of quality control issues, parts and service issues, (broken timing belts scrambled the motor) and it sorely needed an overdrive and IRS. (even the later 5 speeds were close ratio, and 1:1 final ratio). Aside from that, this looks like a great deal, and should provide the owner with plenty of spare parts. They were cool cars and the Lotus engine, aside from the timing belt (which I hate) is reportedly a screamer. I’d still go with a TR-6. It had everything the Jensen doesn’t have.

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    • Jamie Palmer Jamie Staff

      @ Howard — there’s a reason I own two TR6’s, another TR6 based car and another TR6-engined car. But the J-H has the distinction of being the car I’ve come closest to buying…three separate times. Some day.

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  2. KL Harper

    this is way to close for comfort luckily I have a garage full with no room for other toys at this time.
    I do really like these, the outsides look good to me and they are enjoyable drivers. The overheating issues have generally been solved by now and like a lot of old cars rust is the enemy. These do have solid rear axles which are well behaved. Though I have welded a couple of control arm mounts.
    There is one major item that I don’t like on these, the dash, it looks like it was designed by someone with Kmart taste, lots of plastic and no continuity. The steering wheel can be changed easily enough but the dash…

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  3. francisco

    LOTUS = Lots Of Trouble Usually Serious

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  4. Gstegall

    I have followed these cars since they were new. The Shooting Brake version of the Jensen Healey was simply known as the Jensen GT. the Healey part of the name was not used for this model for whatever reason.

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