Adult Owners: 1984 BMW 633CSI


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We’ve featured the classic BMW 6-Series coupe in the past, but this 1984 example here on eBay with only 43,700 original miles might be one the best ones on the road today. Commonly found as either expensive, fully-restored M-versions or complete basketcases of the lesser models, an early 633CSI in condition like this one is a rare find indeed. 


The Pacific Blue leather interior remains as-new, and this 633 is a desirable manual transmission example. With less than 50,000 original miles, one would hope the car would still look this good – but plenty of other low-mileage survivors have been abused and ignored over the years. Not this one, which the seller says has been under the care of three adult owners since new. A big checkmark in this car’s favor? The complete and rare factory tool kit, still in the trunk and with most of its pieces intact.


The engine bay remains in exceptional condition, and the fan shroud and period-correct red fan look like new. One of the areas I always check for signs of fastidious ownership are the strut caps, which are in place on this car. A silky inline-six paired with a smooth-shifting BMW 5-speed is a great combination indeed. Note that this example retains its original hood insulation pad and warning stickers, two items that often disappear with age.


When you’re accustomed to seeing a certain car used and abused, it’s refreshing to see the more plain-jane models in excellent condition. This BMW 633CSI would make a wonderful daily-driver friendly classic that won’t break the bank, especially if it’s been maintained to as a high a level as this one. There’s already three bids with the reserve unmet, and I’ll bet there will be a dogfight for the right to bring this clean E24 home. Have any of you ever owned a vintage BMW 6er?

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  1. RayT

    I’ve never owned one, but drove a new one in ’87 and fell in love with it. Even the M6 I drove a few months later couldn’t break the spell cast by the “basic” version. Performance, ride, handling and good looks, all in one (expensive) package.

    Could not afford one when new and, alas, still can’t. I’m sure the next owner will find it more than satisfactory, and will have the spondulix necessary to keep it in this condition. Me? I’d drive it, and drive it, and drive it….

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    • JeffAuthor

      That’s what they’re meant for, Ray – I’ve got a variation of the motor in my E28 and it’s a sweet highway machine.

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      • RayT

        Jeff, I managed to put over 1000 miles on the 6-Series during the week I had it. Believe me, I would have driven it farther if time had allowed. My biggest regret was not having one to use in Germany; couldn’t do much 100-plus mph motoring in California. The BMW took such touring in quiet, smooth stride.

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  2. rdc

    Nice car.

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  3. hhaleblian

    I owned a 630. Beautiful car that at 50,000 miles ate $1000 bills at will and often. If Lucas is known as the prince of darkness, that 630 was the emperor.

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    • JeffAuthor

      Did yours have electrical issues? Mine have always had a hard time with bushings and water pumps, but electrics have been solid.

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    I had an 84 for a short time and it was riddled with issues like the dual fuel pumps. But when it ran it was a great car with lots of grunt. This one is really nice but I bet its bid up to 8-10 grand.

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  5. DolphinMember

    This must be one of the best looking early 6-series cars around. If it runs and drives as well as the seller says it does, it’s easily worth $10K to someone who wants a good driver 6-series.

    I have never owned one but have ridden in them and they are very smooth, solid and comfortable. However, if performance is the bottom line, an equally nice E36 M3 for about the same money would out run and out handle this car by far, and you can get those as either a coupe or 4-door. But the best E36 M3s are appreciating now, so the price comparison might not work for much longer.

    The only thing that puzzles me about this deal is that the car is in Texas but the phone number is in Israel, based on a reverse lookup. The AutoCheck says the title is clear, but I’d want to know more about the car location vs. owner location first, especially since the auction listing says cash-on-pickup

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    • JeffAuthor

      Interesting – he also has no feedback as a seller, only as a buyer. Rookie mistake in terms of the phone number?

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  6. Joe

    To this day I think the 6 Series cars from that era are still among BMWs best looking cars.

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  7. grenade

    Serious buyers will email the seller and give their phone number. If he calls, he’s likely real. If he never calls, it’s BS. Feedback means very little these days. Face to face or at the bare minimum phone or Skype contact with legal transactions such as bank to bank transfers, are the way to go. Paypal deals and anonymity on the internet are fading fast. For the sharper people anyway.

    This is one of my all time favorite cars. Usually I talk about swapping engines and changing something, but this one is a “leave it alone and drive it”. Really nice, wish it were black or red though.

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  8. rdc

    I am partial to the e34 5 series, especially the 1995 year. :)

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    • JeffAuthor

      Gorgeous – 6 or 8 cylinder?

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    • rdc

      My e34 is a 525i 6-clyinder.

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  9. Tirefriar

    Never knew that a new battery is considered a known defect…

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    • JeffAuthor

      I thought that was an odd choice of words, too.

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  10. dj

    Several years back I owned an 89 635 CSI. It had all the ground effects and spoilers like an M6 along with the Metric wheels and tires. It had sat several years and had rust issues along with problems just about every time I drove it. I love BMW’s and have owned about 10 of them but my patience wore thin with this one. If you find one, like above, they are great cars. Mine just wasn’t.

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  11. DesktopDave

    That does look like a spotless example of the E12-based car. It’s always nice to see the early E24 get a little love. They’re not as highly rated as the later machines, but I always felt that the styling was best on the early models. They are a comparative bargain as well. I speak from experience, having owned both early & late models.

    I restored an early model a few years back, an ’81 633CSi. Mine was a bit of a red-headed stepchild…it had the early E12 chassis but was equipped with the later Motronic engine management. Despite being the slowest E24, the manual transmission covered many faults. The car had some rust problems that were well beyond my humble skills, so I listed her on CL with full disclosure. I ended up trading her off to a guy willing to tackle the rust in exchange for a nice 3rd generation Honda VFR.

    I couldn’t stay away from the E24, I’m currently restoring an ’86 635CSi with a long and varied history. Zinnoberrot (medium red) over Lama (medium tan) sport leather. She came to me without a power train, so I bought an ’82 Euro-spec 635CSi flood victim to donate her M30B34 high-compression Euro M30, Getrag 265 and single-mass flywheel. Among many other goodies, a later Z3 torsen diff (swapped with the proper rear mount & output flanges) should finish up the package nicely.

    My advice? Don’t go looking for an E24 if you want a sports car. They’re most definitely a GT.

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