Advanced Design: 1950 GMC 3100

When GMC introduced their redesigned work trucks in 1947, the new design was sleeker and the trucks were heavier duty and larger than the outgoing AK series. This 1950 GMC 3100 was with the original family that purchased it in British Columbia, Canada until just recently. It was restored in 2003 by the elderly owner and is still in amazing condition. It’s now in Shelby, Montana and is in need of a new home. You can find it here on eBay with a current bid of $11,600.

While we tend to prefer unrestored survivors, this truck looks to have been restored to a very high level and looks fantastic inside and out. Just take a look at this interior! The dash is beautiful and is definitely the centerpiece of this truck.

Here’s the original Stovebolt inline 6. It’s the 216 cui model and is said to have only seen a few miles since being rebuilt. The seller has done all the necessary tuneup work to get it back into tip-top condition and is ready to go.

This really is a beautiful truck and could prove to be a great rig for anyone looking for a truck to cruise around town in, take to shows or even put back to work! So, what would you do with this GMC truck?

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  1. Jimmy

    I’m a Ford truck guy but I love this GMC. I think GMC to Chevy was like Mercury to Ford much classier vehicles.

  2. Dean

    Georgia ‘dawg fan should buy this for parades n such. Too pretty to work

  3. Oscar P Thornton

    Dad had a 49 chevy pretty much the same truck they were built with heavy gauge steel,they just didn’t have a good rust prevention

  4. Carla Hernandez

    Georgia ‘dawg?!…Oooh, nooo, U dihhh’nt!…Roll Tide!

  5. Howard A

    Thank goodness, whoever restored this chose to keep it stock. One of the nicest to come through here in a while. While I never cared for the Advanced Design trucks, can’t deny, this is a nice one. It’ll cost you, however, and as nice as it is, it’s still a 1950 vehicle. I’m not saying the price is unjustified, just a lot of cash to go putt-putting down the highway @ 52 mph, babbitt bearings a hammerin’ away, and for 1950, it was adequate. Today? Not so much.

  6. geomechs geomechs Member

    Definitely a Canadian GMC. You would have found a 228 in the American version. This one is close enough to be dangerous. Just a hop away; don’t need the ‘skip and a jump.’ Whoever gets this one will be happy with it. Be happy with 15psi oil pressure though. And it will cruise all day at 55, Howard….

  7. Ken Member

    This is not a 3100. 3100 is Chevrolet nomenclature. The GMC equivalent is the 100.

    First thing I’d do is paint the fenders red. The black fenders don’t work for me.

    • Ian C

      I would rather paint the rest of the truck black to match the fenders…. but that is just me.

  8. Pete

    It went for $19,000. Not surprising as they did a good job bring this truck back to beautiful.

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