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Aerodynamic G-Body: 1986 Pontiac Grand Prix 2+2

One of the more noteworthy models of the fifth-generation Pontiac Grand Prix was in 1986 when the aeroback 2+2 was introduced as a limited-edition offering to the public so that the car could qualify to be raced in the Nascar circuit, with the vehicle featuring more draft-friendly back glass.  Estimates seem to vary about how many 2+2 Grand Prix cars were produced, but the numbers seem to range from just over 1,100 to slightly more than 1,200, so it’s a pretty rare G-Body.  If you like the aero styling of these cars and long to have one in your garage, this 1986 Pontiac Grand Prix 2+2 here on eBay just might satisfy that craving.  The car is down on the east coast of Florida in Fort Lauderdale, with bidding having reached $8,600 so far, but it’s going to take more than that to drive it home as the reserve has not been met.

We’ve featured a few of these cars on Barn Finds before, but I always get excited to see one because the 1986 Grand Prix is a car that’s styling has always appealed to me in general, and I like the updates that were included on the 2+2 model outside.  Buyers got an aerodynamic front nose plus that enormous glass in the rear, along with a tiny fiberglass trunk lid.  I’ve heard that fit problems with those custom back pieces made some of these cars develop leak problems, and it looks like this one may have had some additional sealing material added around the bottom glass, so hopefully, water isn’t an issue.  Other than the seller mentioning that his car has a nice silver finish, we don’t get much additional information about the exterior such as how old the paint is, but it looks decent all the way around although the nose piece is a little droopy, as time in the sun seems to cause the composite in the front of these cars and the Monte Carlo SS counterparts to warble a bit over time.

The 2+2 cars all came equipped with the LG4 305 V8, which had a horsepower rating of 165, but at least you also got 3.08 gears in the rear end.  There’s no word on whether or not the motor has ever gotten a rebuild, but with just 73k miles maybe it hasn’t needed one yet, and the seller does mention that the car runs strong.  The engine compartment appears to be in good order and the undercarriage also looks solid.

It’s not specified what those seat covers are hiding, but they do blend in fairly well overall and the rest of the interior seems to be in pretty good shape, though the steering wheel material is a bit wonky.  It’s got some nice amenities in there such as power windows, seats, and door locks, along with an AM/FM radio.  One glaring error in the listing is the part where the seller tells us potential buyers will not be disappointed with this one, then goes on to refer to the Pontiac as a Ford.  But we all make mistakes and I do agree with him that, provided this is the Grand Prix model you’re seeking, this one will probably make the next owner happy as long as there aren’t any surprises.  What are your thoughts on this 1986 Pontiac Grand Prix 2+2?


  1. jwzg

    These are always interesting, if polarizing. A set of larger wheels with tires that actually fill out the wheel wells would go a long way toward making it look like an actual race car. Not sure why the seller didn’t go through a quick detail of the engine bay, but as sad as the LG4 is, I can understand why.

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    • MoragaPulsar

      Detailing the engine bay can create suspicions in buyers mind, that is – what leaks are now otherwise hidden? But to your point, a bit of cleaning of the big top surfaces may not hurt.

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  2. CarNutDan

    These have always been a nearly forgotten aeroback car since the monte carlo ss with a similar rear overshaddowed them. I for one always liked these better as they are more rare than the mid 1980s monte carlo ss.

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    • B.B.

      Problem was they had the LG4 v. L69, so they were a lot slower than the SS. I guess if you’re going to mod, or do a 350 swap, that would make no difference.

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  3. Motorcityman

    Clean lookin Poncho……not sure about that nose though.

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  4. Tom

    I’ve always liked them and thought it would be a perfect home for a Buick GN drivetrain and GTO badging

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  5. Evan

    Fun, useless fact: these were not available with a full-size spare tire, because it literally could not fit through the trunk opening. Instead it came with an inflatable spare and a can of air. But if you got a flat, you’d have to put the dead tire in the back seat, because it wouldn’t fit through the trunk opening.

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  6. Slantasaurus

    Its always seemed strange to me that Pontiac the “excitement” brand of GM never did any kind of performance version of the 78-88 Grand Prix. Chevy had the Monte Carlo SS, Olds had both 442 and Hurst Olds versions, Buick had the Grand National and GNX, but Pontiac never had anything more than the 2+2 with no upgrades over any other GP, other than the nose and rear window.

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  7. PRA4SNW PRA4SNW Member

    Ended at $12,600, Reserve Not Met.

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  8. Geno

    A direct fit late model LS would make this thing a beast. I think these looked way better than the Monte Carlo SS. I had an ’82 SJ that had a V6 that bit the dust. Swapped it out for a Pontiac 400 which surprisingly fit right in with minor mods. Talking about a sleeper, she was a runner after that.

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    • ACZ

      That’s what hot-ridding is all about! Not sitting there and whining.

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