Affordable Big-Block Project: 1966 Chevrolet Biscayne

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Typically, the words “Chevrolet big-block project” and “affordable” aren’t seen in the same sentence. Even as project candidates, any Chevrolet with the iconic V8 under the hood commands a premium over lesser mortals. However, this 1966 Biscayne could be a game-changer. It is a solid and complete vehicle but needs TLC to present at its best. If that isn’t enough to tempt you, the numbers-matching 396ci beast under the hood might start you wavering. If I told you it could be yours for $5,500, some of you couldn’t break out your wallet fast enough. There is also a chance that the seller will consider reasonable offers, so you might need to sharpen your haggling skills for a better price. The Biscayne is listed here on Craigslist in Selma, Oregon, and I must say a big thank you to Barn Finder Seth J for spotting this promising project.

Four-door sedans generally don’t hit the mark with some enthusiasts, but they don’t deserve to be overlooked. They are unerringly practical and are the ideal classic for someone with a family. This Biscayne takes the concept a step further because although there are rust issues, they are minor. That means an owner with reasonable welding skills could address them in a home workshop. If they have a family, it could be the perfect chance to get everyone involved in a project from which they will all benefit once complete. The floors and other structural areas appear sound, suggesting that a few well-crafted patches could see this beauty rust-free once again. The paint is tired, with the seller confirming the Biscayne underwent a color change from its original Ermine White. Reversing the change is possible, although the buyer could throw caution to the wind and apply the shade they choose. The trim and glass are acceptable for a driver-grade build, while the Chevy rolls on Black Rally wheels with chrome center caps.

Lifting the hood reveals the ace up this Biscayne’s sleeve. The engine bay houses its original 396ci V8, which sends 325hp to a Posi rear end via a two-speed Powerglide transmission. With such a heavy lump of cast iron hanging over the front wheels, power assistance for the steering and brakes is undoubtedly welcome. It might be a family sedan weighing 3,882 lbs, but its ability to cover the ¼-mile in 16.2 seconds is respectable. For potential buyers, the option to fly in and drive home behind the wheel of their new toy would seem a reality. The seller recently completed a long list of maintenance to ensure it is mechanically sound. The brakes, exhaust, rear end, and carburetor all received attention. The Biscayne is roadworthy and ready to go when the buyer hands over the cash.

The seller supplies no interior shots, but there is enough information to suggest this door trim is consistent with the overall condition. The original Gold and Beige upholstery now wears Black paint, with the floors covered in aftermarket carpet. It requires a total retrim to return to its best, which leaves no change from $1,800. At the risk of going over old ground from previous articles, the initial cost sounds excessive, but it is a worthwhile investment. If the installer takes their time to complete the work properly, the refurbished interior should look showroom fresh. If it is treated respectfully, it should remain that way for decades. Therefore, as a long-term proposition, it should be a winner.

This 1966 Biscayne won’t appeal to everyone, with some contending it has too many doors. However, for someone seeking a practical project with plenty of power, its solid nature could make it the ideal candidate for a DIY project. Popular or not, it is a Chevy with a big-block under the hood. That means it will almost certainly find a new home pretty quickly. Are you tempted to jump in, hand over the cash, and take it home?

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  1. Dave

    Reminds me of Dirty Mary and Crazy Larry. Anyway, my mom had one. Except hers was marron, and it was a 6 cylinder, and it was three on the tree, and come to think of it, it was a ’65… so not really much like this one… this one is cool.

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  2. James T Richardson

    It’s “Biscuick”! I’ve watched this car be refurbished. Great Mechanic. His Youtube channel is “Elderly Iron”

    Like 9
  3. AutoArcheologist AutoArcheologistMember

    First thing I thought of too was Dirty Mary – Crazy Larry. LOL.

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  4. Russ


    Like 5
  5. TheOldRanger

    My Great Dane would love this car…. huge back seat and her own doors. :-)

    Like 7
  6. Glenn Hilpert

    I’m surprised the car has not sold especially with the BB. It was for sale about 2-3 months ago and apparently it’s back up. Something’s not right. If I had the space it would have already been on a transport.

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  7. Evan

    Interesting car, most likely a special order. A drag racer would have gotten the 2-door sedan, a family man towing a trailer would have gotten a wagon and maybe a higher trim level.

    If it was in the Southeast, I might have guessed ‘shine runner, but since it isn’t, maybe it was an undercover law enforcement vehicle?

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    • Pat

      I thought moonshine runner too.

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    • Gary

      This is like Don Garlits’ Hemi Coronet four door. Two were built for people pulling campers, if I remember correctly. Oddball I would LOVE to have. Imagine blowing away Mustangs and Camaros with grandmas car.

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  8. Doug

    That year the oregon state police used that year of chevy with the 396

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  9. ernie menard

    I’d like to have it. My dad had that model in that color and I think it had a 283. We swapped the tired 283 out for a 350 out of a wrecked 69 Camaro RS. I’ll never forget my pop taking that out when we first got it back together.

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  10. Keith D.

    Not one dash photo…makes no sense…If you wanna sell the car online you gotta provide ALL photos of every aspect of the car. Especially a car of this age. Sheesh!

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  11. Kenneth Carney

    Just the right car for me and my tribe.
    All the room you want for those long
    long trips. And the 396, exactly what
    you need to show up some millennial
    who thinks his/her brand new muscle
    car is the hottest thing in town. So
    what if his/her car has 600+ HP, a 396
    has more low end torque than most
    of the modern cars built today–other
    than a Tesla that is. What a great car!
    I love it!

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    • Charles Turner

      Yep, I gotta say these new & late model muscle cars just don’t cut it 4 me…..period.

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  12. Big Bear 🇺🇸

    This would make a great sleeper. Needs lots of work. The rear end springs look shot. The paint is not right etc. It’s a great price to start a project. Good luck to the next owner.. 🐻🇺🇸

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