Affordable Drop Top: 1964 Dodge Dart 270

Brian BirknerBy Brian Birkner

When an affordable original condition Mopar convertible comes up for sale, my attention span collapses and turns to the convertible in question. Parked since 2003, this Dart Convertible is thought to be original, and appears to be quite a solid car that could use a little help. Offered for $3,500, this Mopar convertible is certainly worth a closer look. Check it out here on craigslist out of Los Angeles, California. Thank you to Barn Finds reader “Michael” for the drop top submission!

After hibernating for 14 years, this Dodge will need some attention to be a safe driver once again. It isn’t exactly clear, but it would seem that this Dart is not currently a runner. The mileage is listed at 66,714, but it is unclear if this is the actual mileage. Despite the mileage, the trusty Slant 6 engine is near bullet proof, and likely still has some life to live.

Before being pulled from its cave, this interior shot was taken showing its condition, and possibly revealing moisture exposure during its hibernation. You can see there is moisture on the seat backs, and there also appears to be some mold on the convertible top which is in the down position. As a whole the interior seems very reasonable in need of a solid cleaning. I am hoping the moisture in this image was a fluke, as hopefully the floors in this convertible are solid.

With a few dents, dings, and a bit of rust, as a whole this Dodge appears solid. The paint has some condition issues in a few places, but there is little to no surface rust or missing paint. The only apparent rust is in the passenger side rear quarter, and it isn’t pretty. Although described as original, it almost appears that there is filler slathered over the rot on the rear quarter. Both headlight trim rings are dented, and the passenger side front fender has a dent as well. There is also a very subtle dent in the trunk lid that a dent wizard could pull out. Although having a few condition issues, this Dart seems reasonably priced, and could be a fun classic convertible to enjoy this fall after applying some elbow grease. Would you take a chance on this reasonably priced convertible?

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  1. billy

    Slant six, greatest engine ever made..

    • Mike

      …the leaning tower of power….

    • 86 Vette Convertible

      Not just automotive, agriculture too. Dad had a Massey Ferguson self propelled combine that had a Dodge Slant Six as it’s powerplant. Very strong, very dependable powerplant.

  2. Joe Backer

    Where is the photo of the dent on the trunk? Must have good eyes.


      Check the pics on Craigslist.


    Great engine. Most of the taxis in South Africa in the sixties were slant six Chrysler Valiants with automatic gearboxes, and most of them did many, many hundreds of thousands of miles before being pensioned off. Most of these were sold to the poorer income people where they carried on being operated as inter city taxis for many more hundreds of thousands of miles without any qualified mechanics doing maintenance, or even basic servicing on them. There are still some being used in the rural areas.

  4. David Zornig

    That one is a Dart 270 model, built in Newark Delaware.

  5. San Jose Scot

    To me these and the Ford Falcon convertible are the perfect hobby cars. Easy to work on, fun to drive, and will most likely never be worth more than you paid for it.

    Was at the Billetproof show last weekend. Saw a gray over red one of these. Was beautiful. The couple built it just the way they wanted and that is the way it should be.

  6. Alexander

    I think the water drops on the seats are from where they washed it with the top down. Windshield is wet too in one of the photos, and the concrete floor looks like they hosed the car off there.

  7. chad

    Where duz da ” 270 ” nomenclature come from?
    I had a ’64 & ’67 Dart (170 both engines, 2 wagons). Drove 1/2 doz Valiant & Aspen (K car wagon) taxis for a neighbor (early 70s – early 80s).


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