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Affordable Supercar: 1973 De Tomaso Pantera

1973 De Tomaso Pantera

Pantera values have been on an upward trend lately, so if you are in the market, this might be a good time to pick one up. These cars represent an affordable alternative to more exotic supercars. That doesn’t mean they are cheap, but the Ford 351 V8 is much cheaper to maintain and repair than other cars from Italy. Obviously, it is never going to be a Ferrari, but the styling is eye catching and these may be better suited for most Americans anyway. Ford actually approached De Tomaso when it wanted an exotic of its own. They thought the Pantera would appeal to the American market and even made sure it could be optioned with air conditioning. The seller of this project doesn’t provide many details, but they do claim that the engine was running when it was removed from the body for soda blasting. They have since lost storage and interest so it has been listed here on craigslist for $15,000. Thanks goes to Greg S. for the tip!


  1. RayT Member

    I’d lose interest, too. There’s a large sum of money out there somewhere in someone’s bank account that will wind up in various hands if this restoration is attempted. Yes, Jesse, the 351 is straightforward and relatively inexpensive to service/rebuild, but the rest of the car didn’t come from Ford and will be much more problematic to deal with.

    Maybe — just maybe — I’d see it differently if the car hadn’t been disassembled. That’s a big red flag waving to keep me away. Well, that and the price. I think the seller needs to rethink the $15K figure before he winds up having to haul the car to the scrapyard.

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  2. Leo

    Hate ads like this one. I would say by the state of the car he is one of the “wanna be’s” he doesnt want to hear from

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  3. The Walrus

    Interesting find… Pantera values have been moving, but only the perfect cars. Anything 2 or below is pretty stable. Their saving grace (a domestic and therefore serviceable engine) is also their Achilles when it comes to being a status symbol as, say a 911 is. It’s unlikely that all Pantera prices will be lifted like that of the 911’s. To make this car perfect would take considerable resources. Even with the rising values it’s unlikely that you could get this done and not be upside down, even if it could be had for 5K. Basically it’s not a car you can do a home garage restoration, sink $25K into and have a $50K car. You’d likely have a $25K car upon completion. To bring big money, this car needs a $50K+ professional restoration to hopefully bring $70K.

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  4. RoughDiamond

    Ran out of storage, interest and “money” I would bet. I’ve been there and done that. One can only take so many unexpected “this isn’t good” expensive surprises before you lose interest fast.

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  5. Jason

    That’ll buff right out!

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  6. Dolphin Member

    “no tirekickers or wannabees”

    I always kick all of the tires on any car that I am considering, and there’s lots of things I’ve wanted to be, so I guess I’m out of luck with this beauty.

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  7. Chip H.

    While I’ve always liked Panteras, they haven’t really gone collectible yet. Go to Hemmings and you will find the 73 in good condition ranging from $57,500 all the way up to $125,000 and the Inquire and Auction. Too many dreamers around thinking they own a gold mine and despite there being too many people with more money than brains, anyone would be crazy to buy this for an investment. I guess he doesn’t consider original wheels a major part, just try finding a set.

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  8. Rocco

    Wish him luck with it.

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