Air-Cooled Garage Find: 1982 Porsche 911 SC

This 1982 Porsche 911SC has been parked in a garage for the last 10 years, and is listed for sale by two brothers. The SCs have long been touted as the last, great affordable air-cooled 911, and this appears to be a nicely preserved and dry Texas car with no major modifications. The seller has listed it here on eBay with an opening bid of $12K and no reserve. 

Of course, there’s no takers yet at the $12K opening bid, but anything under $20K seems reasonable to me. As the older long-hood 911s continue to appreciate and the bonkers 930 remains out of reach for most collectors, the SC provides that truly analogue driving experience without a obscene price tag. The seller notes the 911 will “…need new tires, fluid flushes and a good tune up for being at rest all these years.”

Of course, that will change, as the Porsche bubble has subsided a bit and most collectors know which models will appreciate next. One could argue the SC will be on that list, thanks to its well-documented driving dynamics and classic aircooled looks and sounds, along with respectable reliability for cars that have been loved. The interior on this example shows some modest wear, but nothing to be concerned with.

The dusty paint all but confirms that this 911 SC has sat idle for the past decade, which does a car like this no favors. The seller notes several issues that include an oddly bent sway bar, a sunroof that needs repair, stripped out A/C components, and a broken weld on the original steering wheel (which must find its way back in place of that awful aftermarket one). Still, if bidding stays measured and under $20K, this will be a bargain in today’s air-cooled market.

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  1. PDXBryan

    Damn, I wish I were ready! I’m thinking more and more of just liquidating my current cars and finding an SC. This is what I’d hope to find, if and when I do.The thing holding me back is P-car parts and repair costs.

  2. kjamcooper

    As a former (Used) 911 owner. Think of it as a Hawaiian vacation. You will love it and it will give you everlasting fond memories. However, Whatever you think it will cost, multiply it by 5.

  3. Doug B

    The problem is with any of these low priced European cars (say under $30k) the ignorant folks that think, oh I can have a Porsche, BMW Mercedes etc for for the same price as a Honda better strap in and have another $30k+ in the bank that they’re ready to part with! Or you’re in for a rude awakening.

    • Sidney

      30K will buy you a Honda Civic Type-R that is 100 times the car this is, plus it will be perfect as it will be brand new. It will come with a warranty so that extra 30K for repairs won’t happen. As far as driving experience, it certainly will out handle Der Fuhrers car and get twice the MPG to boot plus leave it in the dust around the corners or in a straight line.. The only thing missing is the snob appeal, and even that isn’t so great as anyone at the country club is going to know it is a “cheap used Porsche”. Make fun of Hondas all you want, but in the end, who really looks foolish here?

      • Rx7turboII

        I’m a huge Honda fan so take this with a big grain of salt but at least this Porsche 911 doesn’t have that god-awful huge disgustingly tacky rear wing on it that Honda decided was a good idea! I would much rather have this Porsche then that tacky Honda Civic type-r that when you drive up to the country club the only thing they are going to think is it your some bratty eighteen-year-old old trying to show off with your six foot tall wing! LOL

      • Abe Froman

        Why are you on this site? “100 times” in what way? If you don’t get the appeal of this SC and think driving a new Civic (like millions of others) is equivalent in any way, why even look at old collectible cars? This is far from a “snobby, country club” car.

      • Danh

        I agree Honda’s are great cars but seriously, the visceral feeling one gets from driving an older air-cooled Porsche, is unlike anything else.

      • Sidney

        @Danh, yes, like the feeling of going backwards into a ditch trying to get around a corner. That wonderful feeling in your stomach paying ten times the average rate for a part that most people can buy affordably at NAPA. Do you mean sensations like those? I get the feeling that people that buy these, do not really care about money anyway, so maybe I am wrong about the second statement. Money to burn is the expression, so maybe that is the feeling, that awesome one when you realize that you can have something that most of us can not and it makes you feel like Mr T does when he thinks about his “big” hands.

      • triumph1954 Member

        Sidney! Who really looks foolish here? My guess would be you! Talking about a Honda Civic Type-R on BarnFinds. Why waste our time on here with your wannabe syndrome comments. I’am sure there is a site for Honda Civic Type-R fans.


    Everyone has their own opinion as should be , however you miss the point of owning a classic car whether it be a Porsche, Corvette or Falcon, it’s the feel of the car as transmitted through the steering wheel and the seat of your pants. Today’s cars the driver is isolated inn a cushy cocoon, give me a car that feels alive.

    • Dickie F

      A motoring writer once wrote about the classic he was test driving:
      ” It was food for the senses”.

      And to me the classic car or bike, just feeds much more of my senses, than the quiet, cushioned, out of touch, not part of, experience of the modern car.
      And it all happens at a more practical speed.
      That is why friends ask if they may drive it, rather than “whats it like”.

  5. h5mind

    My ’79 911 Targa was a little crunchy around the edges, but it was very fun to drive and look at. For some of us, that’s more than enough.

    • Jasper

      Same for my ‘79 Targa. Worn like the jacket I paid good money for many years ago and still wear. The visceral experience is priceless. The sounds, the tactility, the smells, even the click of the door latching. And reliable to a fault…can’t count the times I ran out to pick up parts for daily drivers in it. Every drive was a mini vacation. A sale I regret.

      I have owned and appreciated many Hondas and daily drive one now. They’re just cars, albeit good ones.

      Someone quoted this about the Civic Type R “no eighteen year old can afford it, no forty year old wants to be seen in it”.

  6. Wayne

    Gee, I wonder if the steering wheel was broken at the same time the sway bar received it’s weird bend?
    I think I wound want to check out the bottom side before purchasing this car.

  7. Jack Quantrill

    You must consider the PMU’s, when buying one of these. “Porsche Monetary Units”. These are at $1000 per unit. This looks like about 10 PMU’s, at least, to get this in shape!

  8. Sirpike

    I have to wonder at some of the haters on here but if in the next week I come across a 2019 ‘ barn find ‘ brand new Honda Type R I’ll be sure to let them know .

    In the mean time please keep up the great work .

  9. triumph1954 Member

    Funny how some people will compare a car on BarnFinds to a new car. Aircooled 911’s are great cars. Sounds like the snob appeal is a Honda Type R.

  10. Joe

    The latest Type R Civic is a styling disaster of clashing and unnecessary “lines”. It’s as ugly as a ’49 Nash.

    • Britcarguy

      I think the latest batch of Japanese cars/SUVs were styled by former athletic shoe designers.

  11. Bakyrdhero Member

    There was a fair point here about Honda’s somewhere early on in the thread..
    I appreciate my Toyota’s today on an equal level as my old Buick’s that are no longer with me, but to compare the two is impossible.

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