Alberta Gold: 1936 Chrysler Airstream 8 Convertible

When Chrysler introduced the Airflow in 1934 it didn’t sell well so they tried adding streamlined elements like wheel skirts to a more conventional car and selling it along with the Airflow. The new car, named the Airstream, was introduced in 1934 and outsold the airflow many times over. This one is for sale on eBay in Prescott, Arizona and is said to be one of only 4 know to exist. Bidding is over $15,000 but the reserve has not been met. It’s from a private collection and there’s no history provided. It’s likely an older restoration. The color is described as Alberta Gold, but that sounds more like a potato! (Actually, it’s “Yukon Gold” from Alberta)

This interior picture is an attention getter. There are no other pictures of the interior, but it’s assumed it’s all in great condition. Do you think the steering wheel rim is worn or is that the original wood pattern?

There is a 273 CID 105 horsepower flathead straight 8 in there. From what is visible, the engine looks to be in nice original condition. It is said to run perfectly. Is that really a little fish marker light?

This airstream looks nice from this end as well, but the top looks like it could use some help. The seller describes his Airstream as being in show condition but it would need a little help for any major show. It’s been for sale for awhile, waiting for the collector with deep enough pockets to pay what the seller thinks it’s worth. At one time he was asking $125,000. Do you think it might be worth half that?

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  1. Jay M

    Wow, just wow!
    Automotive perfection.

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    • DrinkinGasoline

      My words exactly Jay ! I might have to take off my Fedora for topless cruising though :)

  2. Wagon master

    Absolutely gorgeous timeless elegance!

  3. Dave Wright

    Magnificent high quality Chrysler from the years of Walter Chrysler ownership. He always strived to make a quality product. This one has it all. Sort of like the Bentleys built during W.O.’s ownership.

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  4. Coventrycat

    That is one fine lookin’ automobile – it must have really turned some heads in its day, as it does now. Great color.

  5. Ntenna Member

    The Airstream Chryslers were actually sold opposite the Airflows from the beginning. Only the DeSoto Airflow stood alone in 1934, with a DeSoto Airstream added in 1935 after sales fizzled.

    The Airstream was ironically produced in much larger numbers than the Airflows, yet are now as difficult to find as an Airflow, and the sedans are worth half of what an Airflow sedan is.

    This car is the ultimate Airstream though, and as such should be worth a decent buck, and still is a fine automobile. The eight is especially collectible. Airflows are in the spotlight now though, so the final number may not be what the seller hopes….

  6. David Montanbeau

    35 Airflow in our area.

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  7. David Montanbeau

    36 Dodge rumble convertible.

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  8. David Montanbeau

    1936 Chrysler Airflow.

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    • MikeH

      I love the Airflow, but what is the car to the right?

      • K. C.

        I believe the car to the right is the 1932 Chrysler Trifon Special Airflow Prototype (Concept Car) in the now closed Walter P. Chrysler Museum.

  9. RoselandPete

    Nice car but I don’t know about $125k nice.

  10. Dave Wright

    The Airstream is a much better looking car than the Airflow. Chrysler flathead 8’s are wonderful. I have had them in boats and industrial applications. I had 2 on fire pumps that had less than 100 hrs on them……they went to people for use in cars.

  11. Rod

    Absolutely love this car. I believe it is worth the money based on what other cars are selling for. This era of cars are not my favourite but this one shines above most others.
    My only problem is that I would want to drive it too much and this one needs to be preserved.

  12. Ed P

    That is one beautiful car. I, also prefer the Airstream styling over the Airflow. Can’t you just picture a rich playboy driving around in 1930’s downtown, anywhere, USA.

  13. Fred W.

    Something about the combination of that color and this car is just perfection. Wish I had 100K + to blow.

  14. Adam T45 Staff

    It looks like it has fallen straight out of the pages of “The Great Gatsby”. That’s magnificent!

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  15. David Montanbeau

    37 Desoto a friend just bought.

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    • George Livesley

      David, How much did your friend have to give for the Desoto if he doesn’t mind saying? It is beautiful.

      • dave

        70k ?

  16. Jerry

    Pardon my ignorance but what is the purpose of the metal rod with the fish on top?

    • whippeteer

      Probably so you can see where your fender is.

    • Rolf Staples, Sr

      I had them on my ’37 Packard years ago. You couldn’t see that right fender over the hood……………..

  17. Woodie Man

    Just stunning as is David Montanbeau’s friends’ DeSoto.

  18. bcavileer

    Whippeteer is spot on, that is an aftermarket (period) accessory. It is a parking aid, so you can see the fender location. Came in a variety of shapes. So much better than the beeping b.s. today. Lol. You actually had to look where you were going.

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  19. George Livesley

    Whippeter is right. The hood ornament is used to determine/gauge how close the car is to the edge of the pavement (or the right lane if you are in the “fast”lane.) Driver gazes over the end of the hood ornament and when the pavements edge is in a direct line, the car is in the exact center of the lane. Should he want to get closer to the edge the slight angle move to the left of the direct straight slight line and continues to so move until the tires drop-off the pavement onto the gravel apron. If you want to get closer to the middle, you can just see that by looking
    out the windshield, but the degree sight line moving to the left from the straight slight line brings the car closer to the edge of the pavement. and as the straight sight line across the hood ornament moves to the right the closer the car gets to the center line

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