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All American Shorty! 1968 Malibu


Was this ‘shorty’ the result of a high-speed collision between a 1968 Malibu and an immovable object? No, the real story is even more interesting! Sit back in your chair (if there’s room to do so) and let’s have a short conversation! This highly abbreviated Chevrolet is located in Fenton, Michigan and is up for sale here on eBay, where bidding is just over $500 and there is no reserve. 


We’ve looked at some shorty finds before on Barn Finds, and frequently they are incomplete projects or have been non-runners for a while. This one is neither. The story goes that a new car dealer reconstructed it and used it as an advertising promotional car for many years.


When the dealer was finished, the Malibu was left having a 84 inch wheelbase and is now only 168 inches long. The seller points out that in comparison, a 1968 Corvette has a 98 inch wheel base and is 182 inches long. They also tell us that the shorty travels well with no issues at any speed, even on the expressway. That’s an awfully short wheelbase; I’m a little skeptical of their stability claims, but I don’t think I’d be commuting in this anyway (unless it was a short commute–ok, I should have resisted the temptation, but I couldn’t).


Apart from the 80’s aftermarket steering wheel that wouldn’t last the trip home if I bought this car, the interior looks quite tasteful. There’s even air conditioning, although we don’t know whether it’s functional or not.


We’re also told that some work has recently been done here, with new headers and a new exhaust system–“quiet at idle, but a mild roar when accelerating.” I have seen a lot of these, but very few with nice execution. The ad says that the doors open and close well and a few bubbles in the paint are the only corrosion. I actually like the wrap that’s been applied–as if you needed some other reason to look at this car! Any horizontally challenged car fans!



  1. Van

    Obviously it crashed into the Washington monument, or was it Lincoln.
    I remember now. Distracted by the 1935 alvis the car tried to commit suicide against the Jefferson memorial.

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  2. hhaleblian

    what a waste of paint

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  3. Tom Evans

    Clown car.

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  4. Kincer Dave Member

    It’s funky looking but it’s looks like they did a good job on it, I guess you could look at it this way they did save a wrecked car, I’m assuming anyhow.

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  5. grant

    I’m just not a fan of these. I can appreciate the work and skill that goes into them, but they just look awkward to me. I too have a hard time believing it isn’t scary twitchy at speed. At least it isn’t sitting 4 feet off the ground on a Jeep or Blazer frame. There (was) a 66 (ish) Chevelle someone did that to in the early 90’s in the Augusta, GA area. If anyone knows the whereabouts of that car, please put it out of its misery. I can still hear it crying when I try to sleep…

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  6. JW

    The Corvair featured yesterday was pretty cool looking but this not so much.

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  7. Dolphin Member

    A dealer’s idea of a promotional vehicle?

    Just about everyone still wanted BIG back then, and this isn’t big. I wonder how long that dealership lasted.

    As for this seller’s stories…… I never buy a car based on stories, and the guy who made up these stories has been smoking something pretty strong.

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  8. Steve

    Someone did that to a 4 door 57 Chevy here in Oklahoma City….haven’t seen it in years. Clown car for sure!

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  9. David

    Someone has to say it… Electrical problems? (Short circuits)

    Interesting find! Hopefully someone finds a fun use for this, uh, “anti limo”?

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  10. 68 custom

    as much as I like the look of the 68 chevelle nothing could spare this one from a severe beating from the ugly stick! I would rather have the 4-door this one started out as. does have a 73 or later console and shifter which fits well.

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  11. jaymes

    looks like it roll over easy like hemi under glass did, looks fun to drive though. this one is ‘not enough doors’

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  12. Mark S

    The proportion on this are horrendous, I know four door cars don’t have the popularity of two cars but this mess is ruined beyond hope. At this point it is nothing more than a parts car, or buy a repro body shell and move everything over to it.

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  13. Jim Mc

    The proportions on the Corvair were really nice, the doors and roofline actually fit the shortened length. This is an abomination. It seems like no real thought was given to the ultimate aesthetic outcome.
    July 4th parade car with Uncle Sam behind the wheel, that’s about it.

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  14. Chebby

    I just don’t get how shortened cars were such a ‘thing’. They’re amusing for about a minute and then it’s like WTF. So much effort for so little payoff, unless you REALLY get off on people’s reactions when they see your little stubby for the first time….

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  15. RichS

    I’m withholding judgement until I see a video of it doing donuts. This will make or break it for me.

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  16. Jeff G

    Maybe a Shriner will buy it and drive it around in circles in a parade.

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  17. BMW Racer

    This is what you do after selling the middle bit to a limo company!

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  18. Will

    Build the motor, tub it, put some wide slicks under it and make it a wheelie car. It might be fun that way.

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  19. DolphinPorsche

    The owners ex WIFE must be selling it SO CHEAPLY–the paint started much above that no reserve price!

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