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All Original: 1964 Airstream Bambi II


There is just something awesome about Airstream campers! Maybe it’s the shiny aluminum body or the neat interiors? I don’t, it could just be what they represent, the promise of adventure as you hit the open road with your tiny home in tow. I really can’t say, but over the past few years these trailers have become quite popular. The example you see here is a small Bambi II model. It might have some dents and dings, but this little camper looks to be in good shape. You can find this Bambi here on eBay in Grass Valley, California.


It might be small, but these campers were well designed and made good use of every inch. It sure beats sleeping in your car or on the hard ground! I’d polish the body back up, clean the interior up and hook it up to my car and hit the road. How about you?


  1. XYZOL

    I’d spend a summer in one, 60s style :)

    • Jeffro

      Just remember that its…puff,puff,pass

  2. hhaleblian

    Bring on the Road Kill ads

  3. hhaleblian

    For sale in Grass Valley Cali for $15k. I’m with Jeffro. At that price puff, puff, pass is appropriate and I’ll pass.

    • Clinton

      They will probably get pretty close to their asking price if it’s nice. I can’t see the ebay and Craigslist links from Barn Finds don’t ever work on my phone.

  4. Clinton

    Cool find. The smaller these are the larger the sale price. At least in most cases as everyone wants the Bambi. Been slowly working on my 1967 Safari. And to answer your first question: No, I didn’t tow it with that lol.

    • Jeffro

      Nice truck!

  5. Rich

    If anyone is interested in vintage campers check out tincantourists on Facebook. Lots of great resources there.

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  6. Fred W.

    My sister has an identical one in her yard that needs an interior. Always thought it might have some value, but never had a clue how much until now.

  7. Bobsmyuncle

    “Never restored” … No but also not original.

    Don’t forget to read the fine print. No really, read the fine print.

  8. Howard A Member

    Keeping in mind, it is in California, and the price reflects that. When I think “Airstream”, I think of these long, shiny, high class campers. This just looks like a standard camper, that I’ve never seen. I didn’t even know Airstream made a small camper. We did a lot of camping when I was a kid ( in a lowly Shasta or Winnebago) and found, most Airstream owners tended to stick together, and you rarely saw an Airstream mixed in with less fancy rigs. A sort of “class system” even in the campground. I know vintage campers are becoming all the rage, but this isn’t all that special. It’s the 50’s designs and colors, that people like. You’d go through several buffing wheels making this one shiny again. Cool find.

  9. KeithK

    Having owned Airstreams since 1968 I can tell you that these rigs were never as highly polished as you see them nowadays. Even new they were sort of matte finished like a sheet of aluminum right off the roll. In the 80’s they were clear coated to maintain this matte finish but like a lot of early clear coat finishes they had a problem holding up in the sun. Respraying was a popular service item back in the day. As far as a class system goes , you’re right ,but probably for a reason. The designer of these fine rigs also started the first caravan club for owners. The WBCCI (Wally Byam caravan club international) . As a member I can tell you there is no more amazing sight then 10,000 of these at the international rally usually held in a different state every year. A member can be spotted by the red numbers on the front crown above the front window.

  10. Rick

    The smaller they are, the bigger the price, no matter where in the country. Even though it isn’t “all original”, setting it back to original status inside isn’t that hard… there wasn’t much there to begin with. Bonus points for a decent shell starting point. The Bambi’s never had bathrooms, and just a very basic kitchen.

  11. Winterhawk

    Having owned 3 50’s vintage Airstreams I can tell you they are a blast, and tow like a dream. All 3 of mine were 18 footers (Travellers) but it’s the “Bambi” that gets the attention just because of the name I think. They’re not ideal because all Bambi’s were a little lower and narrower than the others. I always felt the 18 ft offerings were the best for 2 people. That being said the price is about right. I sold mine last year for $15,500 and the phone calls and emails never stopped. It was gone in 2 days.

    • Brad C

      Yup. We sold a ’62 GlobeTrotter (one step up from the 16′ Bambi, at a more generous 19′) for $15 back in 2011. We live in Chicago and the buyer paid us an extra $1500 to deliver it to him in Santa Cruz, giving us one last wonderful road trip in it, all expenses paid! We’ve grown into a ’57 22-footer now, and are happy with the additional room.

  12. scott

    I have to point out that Bambi’s did come standard with a bathroom (a previous commenter said they did not). In fact the bathroom actually doubles as a shower as the floor of the bathroom is one piece molded “tray floor” fiberglass with floor drain. I have a 1963 all original Bambi. They are considered the “Holy Grail” of all vintage campers do to the fact that they were ” ahead of the time” for being so fully self-contained while being on the smaller side ( kitchen,stove,refrigerator, hot water tank ,toilet, shower and furnace. My dad bought it back in mid 80’s and towed it behind a 2Dr Aries K-car and later with his 2004 4 cylinder Hyundai Sonata. All the while never using the trailer brakes (which were factory) wired up or any sway bars. The 1963 weighs in at 1700#. It tows smoothly down the road with no resistance whatsoever. The 1963 Bambi is smaller than the later Bambi II. The 1963 is 16′ measured from hitch to rear bumper. The quarters are 13′.

  13. Badnikl

    My friends this month have a restored Airstream now.

    • Brad C

      Good ol’ Bumfuzzle! Actually, I’ll bet a lot of people here would enjoy reading about their adventures:

  14. Rex Rice

    That equals a lot of stays at Motel 6.

  15. Jerry

    Check this one
    A 52 model

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