All Original 1970 Plymouth Superbird With 6K Miles!

Wow, a Galen Govier documented Plymouth Roadrunner Superbird with only 6,025 miles. This car is for sale in Wexford, Pennsylvania and can be seen here on eBay. The car has a buy it now price of $225,000 with 10 days remaining. The heart of this low mileage beast is the venerable 440 cubic inch V8 with six-barrel carburetion. Only 1,935 Superbirds were produced in 1970 for US distribution.

The car is said to be all original except for the replacement of some wires, hoses, tires, and plugs. That is right, the original engine, TorqueFlite automatic transmission, and factory paint.  The black interior shows no wear and the transmission is shifted via a column shifter. This car appears to be very well cared for during its 49 years of life.

Power is transferred through the rear end with 3:55 gearing. The 440 cubic inch V8 was called the Super Commando and came with either a Six Barrel (3X2-barrel carburetor) producing 390 hp or a 4 barrel carburetor producing 375 hp. The optional 426 cubic inch Hemi produced 425 hp and only 135 cars were built with this engine.

A finer example of an original, low mile, documented Superbird may not exist. This is truly one of a kind. Usually, you see these cars go through high-end auctions and they can fetch $200,000 plus depending on the condition and which engine it is equipped with. Let us know what you think about this asking price.


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  1. Moparman Member

    OOhhh, if only…………. :-)

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      if only it had a stick

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  2. Dustin Lisner

    Great car, although its always disappointing when you don´t see a pistol grip between the seats.

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  3. Will Fox

    Sorry guys, but I fail to understand how such a car even qualifies on ‘Barnfinds’. It’s obviously worth the better part of a quarter-mil, has NO equal whatsoever even in the world of Superbirds, and is financially untouchable by the vast majority of ‘Barnfind’ readers. No, this isn’t jealousy talking; merely bringing to light the fact that it’s more of a museum piece rather than a ‘diamond in the rough’.

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      speak for yourself

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      • Will Fox

        I just DID.

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    • Classic Steel

      I guess its the drool factor 🤤

      I am with everyone on wt freak an automatic? Then why not spring for the Hemi (although availability probably a factor)

      I could sell the house buy it then ship it to Hawaii and live on the beach 🏖 with a tent ⛺️ And wash and wax it daily 😆👀😏

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    • XMA0891
    • Bob

      @ Will Fox – this is about gaining extra exposure for a special car like this and it may not be the only place one might find it and you might also be surprised at how many potential buyers (collectors) are looking at this site along with the other sites that might more regularly feature the high end cars. personally I love it when something that is turn key and amazing shows up here.

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    • 67Firebird_Cvt Member

      They can call the site whatever they want.
      Just keep showing a great variety of cars, rusty, clean, dirty or pristine, I like seeing them all and if I don’t like a particular car I don’t click on it.

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  4. cold340t

    Is this the same car that was located in North Berkeley until @1985? If so I remember it driving up Broadway in Oakland being prepaired for sale back then, My friends and I used to go stare at all the time. It was a One owner car at that time. Some other rare Mopar was was parked with it too.

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    • Steve R

      Not likely, sold in Indiana, now in Pennsylvania. The mileage doesn’t add up for it to be the same car.

      Steve R

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      • Ben

        My grandpa owned this car until about 1985 or 1986 had 3000 miles when he sold it. I remember riding in it when I was a kid

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      • cold340t

        It was low milage car then. The Owner was former Mopar Mech/Employee.I never saw it move until the day it drove by my work late 1985. It was an investment car back then.

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  5. Bear

    The window sticker says $4640.75.
    SOLD!! I’ll take 10 of them at that price!! (y) (y) :-p

    That engine compartment is THE CLEANEST that I think I have EVER seen!
    You literally COULD “eat off the engine”, but you wouldn’t want to because you might get the engine dirty.

    Love the clock/tach combo gauge. (y)
    I’ve never seen that gauge combo before.
    But I have to wonder, WHO would be paying more attention to the clock than to the RPMs? (…it seems like the clock face didn’t need to be as large as it is. Probably would have been a better design to have keep these separate.)

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    • TinCanSailor

      That is the “tick-tock tach”. Pretty cool way to add a gauge when you run out of room!

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  6. Louis L Gambogi

    This car is 20 minutes from my house.

    UUUGGHHHHH. I want it!!!

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  7. BillB

    Think of it as a $4500/year insurance and storage fees since new.

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  8. JoeNYWF64

    The fitment gap where the hood meets the nose leaves a lot to be desired, but build quality was indeed lousy back then.
    Yet still it’s odd the wipers aren’t evenly parked – “with such low mileage”.
    Looking at the side view, is that battery too small or am i imagining things?
    Odd the bat cable is half painted orange! – why would the factory attach just the negative battery cable to the motor before painting it? Glad they put the hoses & other wires on after painting. lol

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    • Ron

      Actually a correct restoration involves partially painting that negative cable and the short heater bypass hose on the front of the intake. I’d like to see the assembly procedure they had.

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    • Allen natowski

      It was attached to the motor before painting in fact exhaust manifolds many times were painted orange is a two were also attached the motor before painting

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    to high 75.000

  10. Brian Scott

    Don’t get me wrong, I love it, but it’s held back by the AT, “only” a 440, and it’s white. I’d leap at a $200+ bid if I was the seller.

    • Steve R

      “Only” a 440, but it is a Six Pack.

      Steve R

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  11. Joe M

    To each his own, not the best looking design, as a gen Xer I do not see the same interest in these cars as a lot of people, give me a plain old cleaner looking 68 or 69 any day. Makes you wonder with each passing day a new generation may not be so fond of the design, and could it depreciate, taking a loss on these monstrosities.

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  12. Tom c

    I’m with you Joe, I realize this is a iconic car that is in amazing condition, but for a quarter million , the list of cars I would rather have than this one is a long one.

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  13. Del

    The Holy Grail of the Mopar Cult.

    A very fine example.

    These cars just seem to draw out some peoples’ negativity. Could be just envy.

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  14. Terry Wright

    FYI – this same car is also currently listed on the docket for Barrett Jackson in January. It will be interesting to see the final price if it goes through BJ given their no reserve policy.

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  15. James

    With a Hemi and a four speed maybe 225k

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    • Fiete T.

      Have a friend with a Hemi, 4-speed ex- West Texas regional rep car Superbird. It’ll take quite a bit more than $225k to buy it. I think it’s neat, but I also fall into the “I’d rather have a clone for tons less money” group, too-

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      • James

        And, I wouldn’t be afraid to rod the HE hockey sticks out of a clone.

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    • Chris M.

      Wrong James. With a Hemi and a 4 speed $350,000.

  16. FrankY Member

    I live 20 miles away from this car. Have never seen it out and about or at a show. You wouldn’t miss this one if u had see it. Maybe I’ll call the guy and see if I can get my picture taken next to it. That’s as close to owning one as I’ll ever get.

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  17. Terry Bowman

    Most of the nicer cars are over restored, which to me takes away some of the value. If Galen Govier says it’s a correct mileage car, then it is. He did not say it was all original, which i’m sure it is not, unless it was stored in a controlled environment in its entire life. I know Galen personally and attended one of his judging classes back around 89′ in north Florida. He is a no – nonsense person and I respect him for that. I would not but a high dollar Mopar, without him looking at it first.

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  18. bigdoc

    I’m an older guy who grew up in the 50’s and 60’s and I saw a lot of really cool cars but IMHO I would never say this was a cool car but it is one of the ugliest cars ever built.

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    • Ronn

      Your blind in one eye or you don’t know cars I’ll give my 2nd born for that car. Lol

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    • Fiete T.

      Even the head of Chrysler at the time said that the Daytona Charger and Superbird were hideous- they were “Styled” by the guys (Larry Rathgeb & crew) from the missile division to just slaughter Ford & GM, looks be damned. And slaughter they did…

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  19. John Wilburn

    To all those jousting over the price, I can see these commanding $1,000,000 in the future. This era of automotive history is long over and whatever was produced is IT… couple that with inflations and $225,000 will seem a bargain before we know it.

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  20. 433jeff

    No Hemi??? Hmm Ehhh ill just wait for the next one

  21. Hemidavey

    Cool ride, If it had a 4 speed and I was looking for clean bird, I’d consider it. Not sure if it would hold its value or not, no crystal ball here. Original paint cars are few and far between.
    On the other hand you could build a bad a.s resto mod bird from a Runner for under 200K. 800HP, 5 Speed, giant brakes, awesome suspension, leather interior, A/C …

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    • John Wilburn

      “Resto mod” quickly became a license to destroy good cars. They have their place, but I hate to see so many good originals lost to a heap of aftermarket parts in the name of keeping up with the Joneses.

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  22. TimM

    Beautiful car but my question to everyone here since I’m no expert on superbirds!! Is it really worth $225k with the 440 and an automatic transmission???? If so what is one worth with a hemi and a 4 speed????

    • Fiete T.

      Have a friend w/a Hemi & a 4-speed, w/a unique history. North of $500k

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    • Terry Bowman

      TimM, I seen them go 350,000 and up. This car is not just a 440, but a 440 6 pac, rare as a 426 Hemi.

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  23. Del

    I do not get the 4 speed fixation.

    Had a few, hated them all.

    A mopar with a Torqueflite is the best combo ever.

    4 speeds are over rated. Tired of hearing about 4 speeds. Enuff already

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    • Ronn

      There nothing like driving a manual muscle car, but some people can’t pull on a stick and chew gum at the same time.

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      • Al

        Absolutely Ron. I’d rather be in control of my rpm’s as well.

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  24. George Mattar

    These cars were practically hand built. The front cap and wing were hand painted lacquer. Chrysler painted the remainder of the cars in baked enamel. This explains psibt checking on a real original car. Build quality was awful. O worked at a Chrysler Plymouth dealer and we had an orange one. Nobody wanted it. We used to hang out detailing towels over the wing to dry. I remember it being a 440 4 speed. When it arrived on the car carrier, it would not start. We had to jump it. It was covered with snow. Worth what someone is willing to pay. I am one to never say never, but this type of car will never be built again.

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  25. Andy B

    I remember back in the late 60’s, early 70’s (when I was a wee lad), our next door neighbor had one in a gold/bronze color. Don’t know if it was an auto or a stick, but I do recall it having the elongated air cleaner on it. My parents always referred to it as the jet plane because it was LOUD! I always thought it was soooo cool, my parents said i was strange!!!

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  26. John Ferguson

    Awesome power and a Nascar winner but ( I’m not) sorry…..these mules are ugly. Two and quarter for this? Some people have too much money. For that kind of cash, I’ll purchase a Bentley R thank you!

    • ctmphrs

      John, you will lose half the price of your Bentley when you drive it home.Superbird prices will vary, but not likely to ever go down for long.

  27. Del

    So tired of hearing about 4 speeds.

    Give it a rest.

    Torqueflites Rule 😵

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    • Terry Bowman

      Del, both have their place. The standard shifting gives a person the feeling of driving the car, not just sitting back and just working the throttle and brake. In drag racing the automatic rules (there can be arguments, but there are exceptions) because of consistent in the shifting being done automatically. I do agree with you, that everyone has their own opinion and preference. I enjoy my 4-speed 340 Dart on weekends, but I would rather drive my Ram 2500 on a daily basic.

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