All Original: 1972 AMC Matador Hardtop

Unless a person doesn’t want any doors on their car, we shouldn’t be hearing “Too many doors” comments about this 1972 AMC Matador two-door hardtop. This stored car can be found here on eBay in Wilmington, California with a current bid price of $4,700.

Ahhh… the era of adding on an aftermarket third brake light. Let’s see a show of hands for anyone who ever did that with their vehicles? I think I see a bit of a crease in the right quarter panel? Maybe the car took a rear hit at some point and the owner at that time wanted to stop any further inattentive drivers from hitting this car? That’s speculation, of course, maybe that dent isn’t from that at all, it could have been a runaway shopping cart or any number of things.

The last photo is really the only one showing any of the passenger side which is always a little strange to me, it looked like there was more than enough room to show a right side 3/4 shot, but maybe not. This car looks great, though. It’s a California car and it’s rust-free, my two absolute favorite words in all of cardom. I would have guessed that this was primer but they say that it’s the original paint!

The interior looks great and you’ll need the AC with all of that dark vinyl. According to the seller, this car has been in storage for the last decade and they have now lost that storage spot and that’s why the car is for sale. I’d be remiss in my Adam-12 duties if I didn’t at least mention the Matador’s role in that show.

This is AMC’s 304 cubic-inch V8 which would have had 150 hp and 245 ft-lb of torque. They say that it runs, stops, and drives fine but it should be gone through by the next owner. I’m guessing the usual rubber parts – belts, hoses, etc. – and fluids, filters and all of the regular wear and age-sensitive parts should be changed before you get in it and drive it to an out of state car show. Have any of you owned a first-generation Matador?

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  1. dave brennan

    Too bad on the wrong coast, or I’d b all over it!

  2. That AMC guy

    I like these older 2-door models better than the swoopy 1974+ Matador coupes. No idea though why the Ebay ad says it’s an “AMX Matador” since there never was such a thing, unless the seller is not familiar with AMC products.

    1972 is a good year for these. Electric wipers became standard and the automatic transmission was switched from the old Borg-Warner slushbox to the far superior Chrysler Torqueflite. HVAC controls were modernized and far easier to use than the old confusing 4 levers plus AC control knob used through the previous year.

    You won’t win any drag races with the 304 but should have no problem keeping up with modern traffic and the AC should not noticeably drag it down even with the old power-hungry York 2-cylinder compressor (if the AC works). Judging by the master cylinder this car has power drum brakes. Upgrading to front discs is a straightforward bolt-on job. Can’t tell from the photos whether it has reclining seats. Although a California car it would be nice to see some underside photos to verify rust-free condition.

    I’d be tempted myself but it’s on the wrong coast. (Those on the right coast melted away ages ago if driven in the winter.)

    • Jim

      Nice to see a comment about old AMC’s from someone who actually knows what they are talking about. I’ve been an AMC guy for years and I read comments all the time from people who really have no clue about American Motors and who should really just keep their “mouths” shut. Especially frustrating when I’ve brought one of my AMC’s to a local show and listen to the “experts” tell their buddies all about my car, and what an AMC was.
      Thank you for the informative (and well-informed) post.

      • ramblergarage

        You said it. I have been told my 51 Nash Rambler is a Metropolitan.

    • W9BAG Member

      So until 1972, vacuum wipers were standard ? I recall that AMC sorta dragged their feet with the vacuum wipers. I suppose it was to keep costs down. I really like this color and body style. I would like to have a paint less dent removal place look at the dent on the side.

  3. Sherminator

    I have the same flashback every time I see a Matador. “One Adam-12, one Adam-12, see the man…”

    • Arthell64 Member

      Adam 12 is what I thought of when I saw this as well

  4. art

    I want to shop in that warehouse…lol

  5. Nevadahalfrack Nevadahalfrack Member

    Scotty, If a shopping cart made that dent I can tell you where it probably happened-the bottom row of a downhill parking lot at a Coast to Coast Hardware store when a guy bought every last anvil on the close out sale! That’s a sizable ding..

  6. Mitch Ross

    I want this real bas. Just too many AMC projects on the burners

  7. Del


  8. YourSoundMan

    That bench front seat looks like it’s been sat in by a customer only one time!

  9. Stilbo

    With a built AMC 390 this’d be a killer sleeper.

  10. Boyd

    This car brings back fond memories of Mark Donohue driving a Penske prepared Matador in 1972. Mark gave Roger his first NASCAR victory driving a Matador at Riverside in 1972……

  11. Johnmloghry Member

    I think I see another small dent on left rear. 304 V8 automatic with a/c. Perfect car for my 51 year old daughter. Her and her husband have been in the market for a classic car to start their collection. They went to LaMay museum in Tacoma Washington and have been excited ever since.
    God bless America

  12. PatrickM

    Listing ended. $4,800.00.

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