All Original Barn Find! 1934 Chevrolet Coupe Deluxe

This car is a very original example of a 1934 Chevrolet and was supposedly in storage for 60 years before the current owner purchased it. Only showing 73,000 original miles, it can be found here on eBay with a current bid of $10,000. Located in Rosemead, California, you won’t believe the originality of this car. Let’s check out more and thanks to Ikey H. for the tip on this amazing survivor!

Everything about this car is like stepping back in time. Can you believe the condition of the dash, door panels, and seat? Even the headliner is in amazing shape! Too bad the original keys aren’t with the car, but it wouldn’t be a big deal to have someone make a set of keys. Other than that, there are no drawbacks to the interior.

The straight-six features new spark plug wires and gaskets. The Carburetor, distributor, and starter have been rebuilt. The gas tank and lines have been cleaned up and you can see a new fuel filter. The seller also says the radiator and water pump are good. The electrical system is the original 6-volt but for some reason, there is no battery included with the car.

The rear features a truck and not a rumble seat. You can also see the continental kit and original wire wheels. Clearly, the paint is faded and there is some surface rust, but overall, this car looks like it’s in amazing condition. What do you think? Is this car as original as it seems.

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  1. Gary McDaniel

    It looks like the engine has had a rebuild or just new paint.

    • JOHN Member

      It smokes a little bit in the video, he dose state it has had a valve job, but no mention of the engine itself. I don’t understand why the owner won’t pop for a new battery. If it was driveable, shipping is less than a non-runner. I mean how much is a battery? Still a very cool old Chevy, just make it safe and eventually rebuild it and drive it as is.

      • leiniedude leiniedude Member

        I agree John about the battery. Seems like pulling the battery is becoming a fad .

      • Glenn Schwass Member

        A buddy’s Dad had a 33 in their garage forever. It had a frame up but the frame had wood in it that he couldn’t replace without cutting the frame. He was losing the space for it so he threw the body back on and that was it. He sold it 35 years later for $10k to a woman who finished it. I always wonder how it turned out. He didn’t want to see it hot rodded…

      • Mountainwoodie

        Yup….what is with the battery bs? Maybe he’s tapped out. But still…….no battery?

        As much of a “purist” as I try to be, I’d be hard pressed over time to not repaint it in it’s original color.

        And whats with the two coils? Hmmm….battery, coil? Hmmm

        How the interior and especially the dash survived as it has when the outside is toast is interesting to say the least. I’m always as interested in the back story as I am in the car. Too bad the owner was interested in talking about it.

  2. TimM

    Can’t really say much more than I love it!! Car looks really solid, motors been done interior looks nice!! Get in and drive!! I guess if there was anything bad to say it would be to make it 12 volts!!!

  3. Junior Samples

    I have a 6 volt battery for sale

  4. Jeff...

    She’s a BADMOFO!

  5. canadainmarkseh Member

    Fantastic old gem, however it needs paint that’s all there is to it. I would paint it back to original colours in single stage gloss paint. As for that babbet pounder under the hood id run it until I quit the replace with a newer gm inline six cylinder.

  6. stillrunners stillrunners Member

    So is the deluxe the one with the knee action front ? Grandpa had a 1935 Standard – they – my uncles club – turned his into a drag car with a hot GMC 6 for a challenge from another club with Fords…….

    • Gary McDaniel

      I think I read this has a straight front axle. The knee action was an option iirc.

      • WAYNE from oz

        Gary, just look at the photos, it clearly shows knee action front end and also mentions it in the text.

      • Gary McDaniel

        Yes Wayne, I see pics were added showing the knee action axle.

  7. glen

    Beautiful car, to bad the next owner will probably modify the crap out of it.

    • pugsy

      Yep. Fantastic base for a rod! There would be nothing stopping the cutting.

  8. Fred Alexander

    Buy it, make it safe Drive it., leave it as is and enjoy what you have – – –

    • Dan

      I believe the electrical is messed up, as he has no battery hooked up for a reason. It probably needs to be completely re wired, and that can be tricky with 6 volt system.

  9. Ken Cwrney

    Would make a great subject for an auto
    portrait. Dad had one as a teenager and
    said that he’d drove the daylights out of
    it! Unless the new owner is a real dumbass, I don’t think this car will be
    modified except for a repaint. Don’t
    know about anyone else, but the engine
    doesn’t sound right to me. Can’t put a finger on it, but it’s got a miss to it and
    the tappets are way too loud to suit me.
    Other than that, what a find! Haven’t seen
    one like it since the late ’60s or early ’70s.

    • Johnny

      ah, I went on e-bay and watched the 2 videos. I,m think something simple about the miss–maybe he has a couple of plug wires crossed and rough idle-maybe he forgot and left the choke pulled out. Change the oil and filter would help the sound quiet down. It over past $13,000 now. The more I see it. The more I like it and it would give me more work to do. I,d love to work on this–for FREE. Everything is easy to get to. On e-bay it shows 2 different pictures about the coils. As I suspected. Go on their and you can see more pictures. He replaced alot of parts on it.

  10. Costas Fabian

    I love the barn finds, make it drivable and safe, clean off the dust, and enjoy driving it!!! that is what I would do!!!!

  11. FordGuy1972

    Nice to see an old Chevy that’s still in original condition. I hope it’s kept original and not hot rodded; there’s more than a few of those around. I can see something more modern under the hood at some point with maybe some brake upgrades but I keep the exterior stock with fresh paint it and restore the trim. Those horns out front look really neat, too.

  12. Howard

    When those old stove bolt chevy sixes had the valves lashed to specs they always clattered. I hate how cameras pick up the sound, I’d have to hear it in person. I had similar situation with a 59 chevy six. The valves were so bad it wouldn’t pull itself. I yanked the head off another one and put it on. It was great for about a week, but the rings couldn’t handle the increased compression and it would blow oil so bad it took 3 quarts each way on the ten mile trip to work. finally yanked the engine and replaced it with a good one from the junk yard. I suspect this old bomb will continue to smoke worse and worse. Needs a rebuild or replace.

    • canadainmarkseh Member

      Your correct about the compression blowing past the rings after a valve job. That’s still a truth even with newer engines. While the head was off he should have pulled the pistons an honed the cylinders, followed by a fresh set of cast iron rings. As for the valve clatter it’s probably a solid lifter engine and will need a feeler gauge adjustment done to each valve rocker arm while in the base circle position on the cam shaft. This engine is still workable but I would not have put in the time with it in the first place as I have commented above.

  13. Johnmloghry Johnmloghry Member

    Just beautiful, too cool, man would I like to have this car. I might be able to stretch the budget enough to buy a battery but not the car.
    God bless America

  14. BR

    Apparently the pictures were taken at different times. How is it a runner when there are no primary wires on the aftermarket coil? The OEM coil is on the firewall. A beautiful example of a nicely preserved car. Hopefully it will fall into the hands of a good steward. It does have the IFS and the knee-action rebuildable hydraulic shocks.

    Oh, and Dog bless America.

  15. MB

    Nice. I don’t see a “truck” as stated. But it has a trunk. Someone will fall in love and take it home.

  16. Tom

    My daughter now has the 1934 Chevy Master sedan that I bought for $75 in 1955. It has been through 4 teen drivers plus use as a second car for years and survived. Never used oil, but did foul a plug until I put a Mallory hot coil on it. I converted to 8 volts to cure a starting problem, but switched back to 6 volts as 8 volts blew the light bulbs. Still has the mechanical brakes, which I would upgrade for any regular use as the mechanical brakes are not good in today’s traffic. Motor overhauled at least once, and several valve jobs. Speedometer did not work for years, so guess it has over 100,000 miles on it.

  17. Ian Evans

    Hope Richard Rawlins doesn’t buy it.

  18. John Taylor

    Don’t forget they are full of wood which dries out, I had a 36 Chev coupe and all of the wood was separating, it to was a very nice body but it was coming time for the wood work to be redone

    • Gary McDaniel

      His ad claims the wood is all in good shape.

    • canadainmarkseh Member

      Take the sheet metal off and coat the wood with a layer of fibreglass fabric and epoxy resin, then put the sheet metal back on. It will be stronger than new when your done and will fix any rot issues too.

      • Wayne from oz

        So, it’s still perfect and original after 86 years, and you’d pull the body off and coat the wood with fibreglass, and spoil the originality. Brilliant idea. NOT.

      • canadainmarkseh Member

        You miss understand me. The guy claims its good that doesn’t mean it’s good. I’d inspect it and decide from there. Don’t you think that would be the obvious thing to do…? I was just describing a good way to repair rot. If the wood was rotten would you just leave it Wayne or would you repair it. Fibreglass is a good way to repair it without having to take the wood apart. It seals it and reinforces it. This method would be much cheaper than rebuilding the whole wooden frame.

      • pugsy

        @Wayne……you purists really crack me up….ha…..

        Didn’t they come with mats that cover the floors? Who’s gonna koow other than the satisfied owner that now has nice non creaking solid floors.

  19. geomechs geomechs Member

    Nice car overall. Two drawbacks, with the most serious being the wood. 1934 was the first year of ‘Knee Action’ front suspension. Rode nice but was a bearcat to align. And needed alignments often. The 206 engine used only three mains but it used a forged crankshaft which was very strong.

    • Johnny

      Hey Geo, hear in W.Va. As soon as you get an alignment and drive down the rough as road–you get it knocked out. hahaha. Have a great day. Some alignment shop do,nt know how to alignment–with the new equiptment. You might as well not take it. I had mine done with the UP TO DATE EQUIPTMENT SHOP AND IT WAS BAD. Then I found a place where the guy knew what he was doing.

  20. Tom Bigelow

    eBay add says original paint. Not so. You can see the dribble inside the hood flap from the brush job.

    As far as the wood being a draw back (last poster). It’s not if the car is stored inside when not being driven. I have a 36 coupe with the original perfect wood. ALL model A’s have wood.

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