Original 4-Speed RS/SS! 1967 Chevrolet Camaro

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This! That’s right, this 1967 Chevrolet Camaro RS/SS is an excellent survivor example, it’s my favorite version of Chevy’s iconic first-gen pony car, and it’s green. Expensive at $45K? Considering what it is, and its condition, it’s not a surprising ask. Rocco B. found the listing for this beautiful specimen, it’s located in Union City, California and is available, here on craigslist.

Parsing the numbers, we know that there were 220K first-year Camaros, 29K SS350 variants, and 64K wearing the hide-away headlight Rally Sport package (which was also available on base Sports Coupe models and the few Z28s produced that year). The seller doesn’t go into too much information regarding his car but does claim it to be in excellent condition and the included images back up that claim. The Mountain Green finish shows as flawless, if it’s original, it has held up amazingly well over all of these years. The trim and badging all appear to be correct, the only nit that I can pick is the trim rings, they don’t look like the proper ones as they seem to be too narrow – a very minor matter.

Under the hood is a first-year 350 CI V8 engine, generating 295 gross HP. The 350 was limited to just the Camaro in ’67, it spread to the Nova in ’68, and then the general Chevrolet population for the ’69 model year. And, fifty-six years later, it’s still being made and offered in crate form! Anyway, the seller says, “starts right up every time” but offers nothing else regarding this four-speed shifted car’s operating prowess. Under the hood looks rather original except for the oil fill cap, the chrome-plated alternator bracket, and the in-line fuel filter.

Inside, we’re treated to the optional “Custom” interior and it looks fabulous! The black vinyl upholstery, carpet, and door panels show as new. Additionally, there is an optional, stylish, walnut-grained wood steering wheel as well as console-mounted “Special Instruments” (RPO U17) – always a nice inclusion. It’s safe to say this Camaro’s interior requires nothing – and that goes for the exterior too.

Back to that matter of price. If you look around at the current asking price for a ’67 Camaro, and there’s no shortage available, I would have to say that this example is well priced – I can’t find one as nice for $45K – they all seem to be $10K higher or more. Assuming that this example is as authentic as represented, it would be one to consider, wouldn’t you agree?

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  1. bobhess bobhessMember

    Ah, the lover of green emerges. Green or not this car is a beautiful example of the breed. I’d bet this car would pull higher money at an auction.

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    • Jack M.

      Probably would sell for more money at an auction. But a lot of people want to be in control of the sale for themselves.

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      • bobhess bobhessMember

        Like me and probably you.

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  2. oldsquid

    I love reading lines such as starts every time. You’d kind of expect a car worth 45K would start each and every time you turn the key, right? :)

    Nice car, colour combo is perfect, rims are perfect, nice addition to any garage.

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  3. Marshall Belcher

    Never have understood why these cars are so high.. they are everywhere for sale like apples.

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    • MoparDoug

      I agree. Dime-a-dozen as I always tell my wife. Same goes for Mustangs and Corvettes. I went to a local car show last summer. Out of the 160+ cars being shown, I would guess there were 30 Mustangs and 20 Camraos. I barely give them a glance.

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  4. John M Stecz

    It will sell fast for that price,wish I was closer. Would like to park it in my garage beside my other original SS/RS 396 325 H.O. 1967 Camaro. Have a good day

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    • 19sixty5Member

      H.O. Camaro?

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  5. FrankDMember

    If your still thinking about the White Pantera from Texas that needs the radiator cap jacked up and a new car put under it. Look at this instead!

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  6. Neal S. Jacobsen

    A beautiful example of the 1967 Camaro. i remember when they came out. They were advertised to have a six cylinder engine and an automatic for those who didn’t want to spend much on a car and yet have the sporty look. Of course I was a teenager at the time and only saw the most reasonable combination to be a 396 and 4 speed. Lol!! Even though I had no money to buy one it was still nice to think about. Someone will get a very nice car.

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  7. Shuttle Guy Shuttle GuyMember

    It’s not mine therefore I think it’s 10K to much. :)

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  8. Brad chipman

    If the info is legit it’s priced fair. Love the color

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  9. William Harris

    My Uncle ordered one this color green but with a Black vinyl roof he had a 3-speed installed and a posi irak rear end that thing would fly but not as high as my 67 GTO

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  10. Nova John

    That Celery shade of Green with the stripe is stunning. I just imagine being in the Chevy Dealership, September of ’66, standing next to this little number and a Silver Z/28 parked next to it. How in the world would one go to sleep at night? What a doll! If I was rich, I would save them all. The new cars don’t stir the emotions like these cars do. They just do their job safer, cleaner and with less fuss. I respect them, but damn, these old cars really scream passion : )

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    • Neal Jacobsen

      I wish I could put a 10,000 thumbs up on that! They do bring the kid out in a guy!

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    • Andrew

      Seems I’m the first one to point this out, but you wouldn’t have seen a Z/28 (silver or any other color) in any Chevy dealership parking in September of 1966. :p

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    • Michael

      Definitely not original paint. Black stripe is crooked as a politician. And as emblem is way off center, and stripe ends under front bumper not continuing down like this one.

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  11. James

    much better value than the auto listed today as well.

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  12. LandYacht

    I’m more a mopar guy, but that color!!!!

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  13. Randy jones

    Man..it’s your money … your 50k
    ..a 67 camaro is still a 67 camaro …Chevrolet has a made a kagillion cars.from 67 to 1990.. . Try out a cherry 1989 IRoc camaro.

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    • Heffy

      Is that the one with all the plastic door panels 👍

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  14. George Mattar

    Nice car, but a rubber fuel line with a Walmart gas filter. Duh. With asking prices on much lesser cars more than 45K, this is a bargain. This or a new Camaro?

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  15. Claudio

    I had the chance of driving and owning many , i kept a 69 rs for 18 years
    Wheeled and dealed many others
    Kept my 67 firebird convertible for 20 years

    I would never spend 45 k on this or others cause i love driving and handling
    Heck , a hyundai sonata outcorners and outhandles, has better brakes and all

    I know haters will hate me but
    Having a beautiful girlfriend that doesn’t give is not my thing !
    Fyi, i own a c4, z3, f150,honda civic and awd santa fe and all of these out perform a camaro in anyway except the straight line grunt and i drive them all with the foot down …
    To each is own but thats my take


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    • Don Eladio

      Why are you even here then?

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      • Claudio

        Cause I’m a car guy !

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