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All Ready To GoGo: 1960 Goggomobil TS 400


We have a special place in our hearts for the odd little Goggomobil, mostly because it was one of the first cars we ever featured. Another one has popped up here on craigslist in St Paul, Minnesota for $24K.  There were 65,511 coupes produced from ’54 to ’69, so there really weren’t many built each year. How many have you seen?

If interest you are asked to call the owner for the details.  The car was purchased from the previous owner in 2002.  The car has since been restored and driven to two shows.

The engine is a 400 cc 2-cylinder, 2 stroke, air-cooled unit. The car weights 1,057 pounds and has a top speed around 60 mph. In ’64 the doors were changed to a front-hinged design, with that change it does make it harder to get in and out of.

Being a restored car, every item appears to be in good order. This car will be going to Barrett Jackson if it isn’t sold here. The owner says that this car isn’t perfect and it did spend years in a micro car museum in Arizona. You could have the only one in the city, state, or country you reside in! Do you like this cute little micro?



  1. Avatar photo rusty

    Hmm nice

    not sure about the being made in America bit as I am sure you only got imported goggs unlike us in a Australia with only about 100 coupes and many were 400. though we made them in fiberglass.

    I think if it’s as good as presented (only viewing it on a phone) it should be worth that.

    The 400 motors have more torque but the 300 revs out more

    most coupes in Australia got the 400 motor well my 4 coupes I had did. The 400 is a more desired motor though I don’t believe the difference is worth not buying one with a 300.

    nice little gogg.

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  2. Avatar photo GaryMc

    “Fully restored” without the proper chrome on the bumpers? What else might be amiss?

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    • Avatar photo rusty

      wow completely missed that looking on my phone.

      I notice cool stuff you guys got that we didnt get in Australia. For one I dont remember seeing any of our coupes with those cow catcher over riders on the bumpers..[i guess though there may be some now as everyone here has access to Uwe Staufenberg’s great supplies of gogg parts..]

      and it looks like you have an oil tank in the engine bay I am guessing this is to mix fuel and oil so no one needs to do it. I do remember a story told to me about the probs goggs had in US where people didnt mix the oil and cooked the motors so they started supplying oil tanks..I guess this is what they look like..if not what is it? It looks very goggo though.

      Nice car but I guess you guys have the luxury of picking and choosing over a short period of time, as I have seen a fair few coupes come up for sale in US in restored condition. Very few do over here as only around 100 were made here and fewer survived…sure I had 4 but 1 was a basket case, 2nd a good body only, the chassis kept by previous owner to put under a Dart which needs wheel arch mods to do that..crazy, 3rd one was complete and together [sold to me as the last one in Bill Buckles yard and I believe by coincidence it has gone back to live with Bill who purchased it from the son of the guy I sold it to..incredible] and my first and best coupe a very nice original i picked up in pieces.

      There were a handful of german coupes here, some in the hands of people I know..and it is exciting to see full steel body gogs in Australia in fact they are treasured.. A coupe is a truly pretty but sportish looking micro car worthy of good money.

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  3. Avatar photo Mark E

    rusty forgot to mention, it’s NOT THE DART…


    …oh and in excerpts from Draging And Driving…


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  4. Avatar photo rusty

    hee hee mark

    yep thats the advert….it suddenly made goggos attractive to the masses after years of wonderfully eccentric owners..now the baby boomers went ape over them…ape I say..not Piaggio Ape

    wow mark that drag race was cool

    i actually thought the Isetta did better than i’d imagine it would..it got the jump

    although I used to drive my Goggo Dart around I never did get to drive my Isetta..thanks for that..and a lovely NSU Sports Prinz too ..i just let mine go for the interstate move

    great stuff.

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  5. Avatar photo Ray McCollum

    Little expensive, but a nicer version than the previous version you showed on this site.

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