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All-Season Fun: 1972 Chevrolet K5 Blazer

1972 Chevrolet K5 Blazer

It’s fun to look at pictures of cars that have just been pulled out of a barn, but sometimes the reality isn’t so great. They can be rat infested money pits! So, I have something for those of you who would rather not get your hands too dirty. Someone has already done the hard work needed to get this Blazer back on the road. The fuel and brake systems have been gone through so it’s drivable. It still needs some cosmetic work before it could be used as daily transportation, but that’s part of the fun. Find it here on eBay where the auction ends tonight!

350 V8

This rig is nicely outfitted with a 350 V8, 4-speed, 4 wheel drive, and the CST package.

4-Speed Manual

The interior needs work, but I wouldn’t let that scare you off. Upholstery kits are available and after a weekend’s worth of work you’d have things like new in here.

Removable Top

My biggest concern here would be the rust. You’ll want to confirm that the rust is solid because there’s plenty of the nasty stuff in the lower half of the body. Still, the 4wd makes this Blazer a capable winter beater while the removable roof means it’s still a fun summer cruiser!


  1. DREW V.

    It’s a shame that some fool cut a hole in the top. They are getting scarce to find any more and the buyer will prolly have to shell out a chunk of money to get a usable replacement. There use to be several of these running around (farm country) but only a cpl now… A friend had an orange one with both the hard and soft tops… Fun as hell in the spring and fall when you could take the top off with out burning up…

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  2. grenade

    I’m not a Chevy guy by any means, but this is achingly cool! I love the old Blazers that the entire top comes off like this. Also the old Plymouth Traildusters and Ramchargers in the early 70’s, those tops came off too. This Chevy 4×4 with a manual trans and the top comes off? LOVE IT. I would make it into a loud safari truck for mud and fun.

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    • Mike H. Mike H

      “I’m not a Chevy guy by any means, but this is achingly cool!”

      You really said it there! I love the early Chev and GMC Blazer/Jimmy (up to 1972) and even with the scale this one is a real treat. I’d have zero use for it and wouldn’t be able to consider it, but it’s beyond cool.

      Also: Grenade, nice use of the word “achingly”. Colour me impressed.

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  3. 8banger Dave Member

    Not such a big deal with the added sunroof; not like I’d make it a trailer queen anyway. And love the Rochester 4bbl.

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  4. sparkster

    Barrett Jackson auction in Scottsdale had a few of these in Orange and white. Back in 1974 an older couple had a 72′ orange Blazer and would pay my buddy and I $ 40 bucks to wash and wax it every month. I wanted one of these ever since. Perhaps with a new LS engine.

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  5. JW

    Love these early Chevy Blazers and especially the 4×4’s with lockout hubs. I would drive it as is if I could get it for the 6K the bidding is at now but I’m sure it will go even higher.

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  6. Zenaldo

    Had one of these back in the day with both tops..it was a riot..those 350’s with a little help were a lot of fun…even with this heavy a rig…my wife could here me coming a mile away from the house blowing down the highway..(must’ve been the headers & the cam)….was a tad noisey in the cab though..it was superb during bird hunting season in the fall though..

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  7. Charles

    Other than being prone to rust these are great trucks. Of course replacement parts should never be an issue. We went through a period when the children were teens that we owned three K-5’s, two full size Bronco’s, and five Ramcharger’s. Each brand has its strengths and weaknesses, but were all good vehicles for what they are intended for. I like the 67-72 Chevy’s for their styling, good lines, and rugged simplicity. This truck will be a whole lot of fun for the right person.

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  8. Chuck Foster Chuck F 55chevy

    I found a 72 2wd Blazer on CList for $1,000, debated for a few days, decided to go get it, kind of rust bucket, in an old junkyard, someone cut the top to keep the front part over the driver, my foolish butt didn’t think about the top while towing it, when I got on the Interstate the top blew off, I did go back and pick up the pieces. It had a newer engine in back and no tranny, but the seller also had a 72 K5 4×4 with complete engine and all AC parts needed, next project acquisition after the sell of current flipper, XK8 conv for $3900 anyone? (Pensacola CL)

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  9. David Wilk Member

    Sold on eBay for $6000. I think someone may have gotten a reasonably good deal. Lots of rust repair to be done, but well worth the effort in the end.

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    • Harold Wood

      Are you kidding me that Brought $6,000 I sold two of them, one for $2100. a couple of years ago, and the other one two months ago I had them both over 15 years and finally decided I would never find time to restore them. Both would still run and drive, but I only ran around the Pasture in them. They had the usual rust but both run good and were 350’s with turbo,automatics and 4×4 only thing not working was the AC on them. Still got a 71CST long bed and a 69 short bed out there Waiting to restore, when I get younger.

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  10. Jeff

    I recently pulled our families 72 Blazer out of the barn after a 20 year nap. Bought new in 2/72. Only 100k. original miles and the top has never been off.

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    • SunbeamerStu

      Great keepsake, Jeff! Never sell it. A beauty.

      Rockin’ the CB radio, too. I like it.

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  11. geomechs geomechs Member

    These ones were nice! I’d take one of these on without too much convincing. GM just hit it off with this style and it sold well. I know of a GMC Jimmy sitting in front of an auto wrecker. It has something like 37K miles on it. Not a mark on it; the boss’ son drove it to work one day and left in an ambulance. I don’t know what happened but the guy died and his dad, the owner of the establishment was pretty tore up. He would go absolutely ballistic if anyone asked about the truck. It’s got to be over twenty years now and the truck is sinking into the ground. A tree has sprouted and is growing between the bumper and the grill so we all have an idea as to what’s going to happen next. Someone could really give that truck a good home and fix it up. I think that would be honoring the lost son…

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  12. Aubrey Shirley

    I have a 72 K5. Changed the running gear and put in a 383 Stroker.
    Love the Summer and Winter.

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  13. Mark

    4-speed- nice.

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  14. matthew B steele

    I’m a chevy guy..I’ve had 4 Broncos 67 69 78 & 79..I have always wanted a 69- 72 blazer I’d even settle for a 73-75..love the square body too ..bought a 90 burb 4×4 for $275 in 2002 still have it ..interior is clean and comfy..exterior is. Rusting out from under me but it runs beautifully after rebuilding motor and trans.i have about $1500 in it in last 17 years..that’s economical in my eyes.

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