Alley Find: 1969 Chevrolet Chevelle SS 396

The Chevelle SS 396 was a series of its own in 1966-68 during the heyday of the mid-size muscle car era. For 1969 – the second year of the second generation of the Chevelle – it would revert to option status, but remain quite popular. This one-owner edition has fallen on hard times but is said to have a numbers-matching 396/4-speed combination under the hood. It doesn’t look as though it’s moved in quite some time, so a full restoration is needed. Located in an alley in Omaha, Nebraska, the car is available here on craigslist for $9,500. Thanks, Gunter Kramer, for the tip.

Depending on when in 1969 this Chevelle SS was built, it could have either a 396 or a 402 cubic inch V8 in its displacement. The story goes that the 396 was increased in bore size in preparation of 1970 when all 396 engines would really be 402s because motors greater than 400 cubes would have lower smog regulation restrictions. A total of 86,630 “396” engines would be installed in Chevelle’s for 1969, with the most common being RPO L35 at nearly 60,000 copies.

We don’t get much information or good photos of this car. The seller says it has had just one owner in its 52 years on Planet Earth and that everything is original. No VIN is supplied to verify its authenticity, however. The dark green paint has been subjected to the elements for some time and earlier repair work – perhaps for rust – looks to have been done on the passenger side rear quarter given red primer over body filler. It has either a dark green or black vinyl top, but most of it has peeled away and rust has taken over.

The interior was beige at one time and looks as well worn of the rest of the car. And the floorboards look rusty. No mention is made if the car runs or what it might take to get it running again, so it’s best to assume the worse. So, bring a trailer and make it go away for the seller. If this car were restored, it could be a $50,000 automobile, but what will it take to get there in terms of time, money, and patience?

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  1. Dirty Harry

    I bought my older brother a ’69 Chevelle 2 Dr, dark blue, 4 speed; had aftermarket slotted wheels, raised white letter tires in ’75 from high school classmate’s dad that ran a used car lot. I paid $1200, and my brother never paid me back. Don’t know what happened to that car.

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    • ErnieSC

      Approaching 74, I learned Years ago – If a Friend or Relative needs/wants Money and you’re able and willing to provide it – Just consider it a GIFT! That way, when they Never pay it back, you don’t have to get/be upset as they don’t owe you anything!

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  2. Barzini

    The posting has already been removed by the seller.

  3. Joe Anusiewicz

    That one is in tough shape. It needs it ALL. Probably a 325 or maybe a 350 horse NO OPTION car…. Asking 375/ heavy option money for a rust bucket.

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  4. Steve Clinton

    Removed by the seller…he must have been embarrassed at those horrible photos.

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    • Steve R

      I’m sure he was embarrassed all the way to the bank.

      Steve R

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  5. Steve Clinton

    Discovered while sneaking Sally through the alley.

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  6. james malone Member

    Is that an Edelbrock carburetor? I thought it should be a Q-Jet.

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    • Chris M.

      Yes it is an Edelbrock but if you can just imagine some parts do get changed out over 52 years.

  7. Bobby L Patterson

    Hello all you Chevy guy’s, can anyone tell me how to know if the 1969 chevelle I’m getting ready to purchase is a real SS, without the build sheet?

  8. Richard A Member

    $9500 for any 1969 SS 396 Chevelle is a great price, do some research

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  9. george mattar

    You can do all the research you want. Legit L89 cars don’t even crack $80,000 restored. And this is no L89. You will have at least $50,000 in restoring this car correctly. Been there, done that. On the flip side, this is my favorite year Chevelle. Good luck to the guy with deep pockets who took on this project.

  10. Chris M.

    Yes it is an Edelbrock but if you can just imagine some parts do get changed out over 52 years.

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