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Almost All-Original: 1957 Ford F-100


The Ford F-Series truck may be one of the most iconic vehicles ever built. In fact, I can guarantee that every one of you saw at least one on our way to work this morning. They are all over the place. New ones, old ones, and everything in between are seen driving up country roads and down interstate highways across North America. Ford has been cranking out trucks since the very beginning and if even if you are not loyal to the brand, there is no denying that the Ford truck has impacted American culture. Everyone needs an old Ford around for hauling duty and if I were in the market, this is the one I would get… Well, maybe. Find it here on eBay in Cleveland, Ohio with bidding at $3,250 and only 7 hours to go.


This 1957 Ford F-100 is considered a light duty truck so it’s towing capacity isn’t as high as its big brothers, but surprisingly this one is fitted with a 292 Y-Block V8. That was the top engine option in ’59, but we couldn’t find any information about it being available in 1957. A quick vin decode revealed that this one was originally equipped with the 272. So, perhaps this one isn’t as original as the auction listing would lead us to believe. Still as a fun project/work truck, I think it is perfect. It runs and drives and has a nice worn-in look. You will just want to clarify if that engine has been swapped or if the size was just a typo before bidding.


The bed on this old truck looks surprising good for its age and purpose. There is proof of a respray or two back here and there are a few holes, but it still looks usable. Just be sure to treat any cancer so it doesn’t spread and be gentle on her when loading heavy items. The seller claims that the frame is all solid and that the rust spot in the floor has been patched up with a license plate. You might want to address that patch job or you could just leave it alone depending on your goals with the truck.


The interior is claimed to be all original too, but I’m guessing that someone sewed up a new cover for that bench. The floor mats and the rest of the surfaces do look pretty tattered so perhaps they were referring to everything but the seat? There isn’t much that can go wrong in here so we would just get some new mats and give everything a good cleaning. Some lap belts could also add a sense of safety if you plan on driving it off the farm too.


This F-100 is far from all-original. It has been resprayed at least once, the seat has been recovered, and the engine has possibly been swapped out. That doesn’t mean I don’t like it though. It just goes to show us that we should always do a little detective work before buying any used vehicle. It is always better to know what you are buying before you pay for it rather than after. I went into this expecting the truck to be just as presented, but ended up finding lots of conflicting details as I went. A quick conversation with the seller would most likely clear up any confusion. Besides, sometimes a well-used Ford truck is the best kind of truck anyway.


  1. Carlton Madden

    I always liked the ’57 as the first post ’53-’56 body style. Ford’s first fleet-side design is nice and I like that the grill, a one-year-only design, retains some of the aesthetics of the previous body style. The grills on the ’58 and ’59 trucks weren’t as elegant by comparison, in my opinion. Maybe my favorite year model Ford pickup. Wish I could dig one up around here.

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  2. PaulG

    The way the exhaust runs from one manifold across the front to the other is a design I had forgotten about, until seeing these pictures. Nice old truck!

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    • Brian

      These overhead crossover exhausts always seemed to rust through badly! I wonder if leaky valve covers help to keep the rust down on standard design manifold pipes?

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      • geomechs geomechs Member

        They all leaked after a spell. My greatest pet peeve is burning my forearms on those things.

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  3. Ronnie T.

    It also has a non-stock dual master cylinder.

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    • Jesse Mortensen Jesse Staff

      Now, that is one modification I’m alright with. It is nice knowing you have a little backup if one of the hoses blow!

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    • joe leonard

      The dual master cylinders are stock one is for brakes the other is for the clutch i had one F250 223 6cyl 3 speed HD with a leece neville alternator and a bostrom air ride seat and engine governor with 11 inch clutch

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  4. paul

    Yes I see your point Jesse, but this isn’t a 67 Ferrari 275 GTB, that said so at some point in it’s life it got a motor change into something that was almost period correct & as far as the paint, that to, if it was done, it was done a very long time ago.The point being as far as the paint if the body was bad do to rust it would have way more visible problems after all this time. It is an old Ford truck & it is what it is & won’t bring a fortune to buy. & yes to the dual master.

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  5. geomechs geomechs Member

    For me ’57-’60 is one of my favorite Ford styles, with ’57 and ’60 being my choice. When Ford started rounded everything off in ’61, I could never get enthusiastic about them. Of course I do like the ’66 models. This one could go to my place, swapped engine and all.

    I do admit that I’m rather skeptical in regards to the engine. The Y-blocks pretty much occupy the same hole whether they’re 239 or 312 CID. I may be speaking out of turn here but I thought that Ford went to a 4 stud flange on the carburetor long before ’57. This one looks like a 3 stud unit. I’ll have to follow that one up but if my hunch is correct, that could be a ’55 engine (maybe an early ’56) at the newest. Regardless, I still like the truck.

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  6. Dolphin Member

    I really want another diesel truck for hauling, but I could sure enjoy this vintage Ford pickup. For an auction that’s at only $3300 and ends in 3 hours, this looks like a great deal to get into a nice vintage truck. Not perfect, but who cares? The brakes have been upgraded, which is reassuring. I’d check it over, tidy up some things, and then drive it pretty much as-is.

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  7. jim s

    nice old truck. good catch on the master cyl. which is a nice improvement. as to the motor, i will leave it to others who know more about old ford V8s. looks like the same color as my early 80’s f100 had ( the motor in my truck was neither a V8 or inline 6 ). if you end up needing a bed for this truck Ford made/used them long after they switched to a newer cab design. someone is going to have fun driving this.

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  8. Bigles

    I have a 55 F100, patched my cross-over several times with a beer can and two hose clamps like pictured.
    The pipe was a good part number at NAPA !!! When installed and the noisy exhaust leaks stopped you could really hear the lifters and rockers in the Y block!
    Here in Alabama that pipe is known as the “whoop around ” pipe.

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  9. Bob Mccaskill

    This is the first vehicle i ever drove,my dad had one with a six banger and a three on the tree.I loved that old truck..Im gonna see if i can get this bought.it’ll bring back a piece of dad for me..thanx guys for posting it..

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  10. Dolphin Member

    Sold for $3,901

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    • Alan (Michigan)

      That money appears to be well-spent to me!

      This truck would be welcome anywhere vintage rides are the drawing card.
      The Woodward Cruise is just a week away. This Ford would more than fit in!

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  11. Jim Lewis

    Looks like it also has electric windshield wipers, which is a big improvement in anyone’s book.

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