Alpine Day On eBay: ’63 and ’66 Sunbeams


When I saw the picture of this sad Alpine, I imagined it “shushing” me with the jack handle over it’s mouth. And then saying to me, “let me die here in peace”. I hope that doesn’t happen, as it’s for sale here on eBay with bidding at only $500 without a reserve. The sad-looking little Sunbeam resides in Ontario, California. There are certainly parts missing in the pictures, and the auction lists the grille, headlights, windshield and tailights as missing as well as the seats having been replaced by modern Acura items. I’m guessing there are plenty of other items missing too. The best thing about this car is the rust-free body. I’d like to see more pictures to confirm that, but if so, I’ve seen a lot of rusty but mechanically sound Alpines out there; look at this as a body that’s largely stripped already and a donor to one of those rusty cars. Any other spares are just bonuses. You couldn’t fix the typical Alpine fender/sill rust in a rusty car for the price. But this wasn’t the only Alpine listed today on eBay!


If you are interested in a later 1966 Alpine instead, or live in the Midwest, this one may be of more interest to you. It’s also for sale here on eBay at no reserve, with bidding currently at $1,200. This one is in Ames, Iowa and it also doesn’t show any visible rust in the pictures. Supposedly this one ran last year, and is certainly more complete than the first Alpine, but doesn’t have those cool period long fins. Which one would you choose of the two, and why? Tell us below in the comments.


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  1. kenzo

    With the first one the statement of “just add a 289 or 302” is so wrong. The seller has no idea of what he is talking about and has never seen a real Tiger. The body mods and frame and suspension mods to accept the v-8 were numerous. not impossible to build a clone but it is a ton of work to do it right.

  2. turretman1st

    what poor shape it has gotten into I had put a lot of work into to speedygonzolas in the late 80s traded her of if I remember right 1989.
    funny to see a car you owned here. I checked thru my paper work and vin matches.
    this was the last alpine I owned.
    there is also a possibility on the 66 also I went halves on a 66 with another sailor he was from iowa and he took it home on leave and damaged the rims on one side he said and did not bring it back he paid me my half.
    it is funny seeing these.

    • Jamie Palmer Jamie Staff

      @turretman1st — I repurchased a car last year that I sold 29 years before. Are you interested in doing the same thing?

  3. bcavileer

    Had a long fin one. They are cooler IMHO. Too much too bring back east here to make it worthwhile. Even had the hardtop. Good memories.

  4. turretman1st

    I WISH I COULD, but I have hand disabilities and cannot work on vehicles any more. I live in southern Colorado now. I do wonder if the cam is still there that I had in the engine IT WAS A SPECIAL ISCADARIAN GROUND CAM
    under 3000 rpm like normal over 3000 like having a v8 under the hood.
    I saw the photos and said that was mine , how many 63 alpines with wire wheels painted canary yellow out there the check the vin posted.
    I used to run the engine up to 9000 rpm regularly just had to change main bearings about every 3 months.
    I traded it main reason I thought I would end up killing myself WAS A LITTLE CRAZY WITH IT. iv had around 11 alpines 2 arrows and one 69alpineonly paid more than 200.00 one a 69 arrow with only 17000 miles I paid for that one with a new console tv cost me 600.00. and to this day still thinks it was the best car I ever owned. till the wife was rear ended.

    • Jamie Palmer Jamie Staff

      @turretman1st — I wish you could as well. I also wish I had your knowledge of Alpines! If you decide that you want to find one that doesn’t need the work and need any help finding one, let me know and I’ll be happy to help.

  5. jim s

    must be a surprise to click on the site and find a car you owned in the past.

  6. Richi

    Bought the little yellow devil and am restoring her to new condition. Sandblasting floor pan and inner arches etc..light surface rust, no major issues all around. Just a long gritty, grimy job ahead….did this to 3 wire wheeled MGBs back in early 80s, so I know what it takes. One day at a time, section by section.

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